Folding chairs for recreation: features, models and selection

The modern market is filled today with various furniture, the range of which is more than big. There are many companies that engage in design, manufacturing and sale of furnishing items.

A very popular view is a folding chair for recreation. In this article we will talk about such versions, consider models for home and rest in nature.

Features, pros and cons

In order to relax, relax after a hard work day can be entered on the sofa or on the bed.

However, many consumers choose exactly the folding chair for recreation.

This is quite justified by a number of advantages of this attribute, which, in turn, are features.

  • The product is easy and can be transferred independently.
  • Compactness is one of the main advantages of the folding product. Due to the fact that the chair is developing, it can be stored in any convenient place, easy to transport – it is placed in the car trunk.
  • Reliable and strong design.
  • Original design – you can choose a product that ideally comes under the interior of any room.
  • Universality – it can be installed both in the house and on the street.
  • Low cost.

The only disadvantage that was marked by users is the fact that such a chair is impossible to complement the footboard.


Assortment of folding chairs is very large and varied.

It can be divided into two types: those that are installed in the house, and intended for rest in nature.

Let’s talk about each of them.

For home

Home Chair created specifically for recreation and relaxation. It can be in the form of a chair with armrests or a small rocking chair. Often they buy a round product in the form of a bag, which is characterized by its softness, lack of frame and the ability to instantly take the shape of the human body. It is difficult to call folding, but the lack of a certain form allows you to attribute this model to this category.

For rest in nature

This is a universal chair. It can be installed in the country, take with you on nature or fishing. It is characterized by ease, compactness and structural strength. Most models have armrests and built-in cup holders.

Design frame – these are aluminum tubes or aviation steel.

As a sheat, a robust fabric of different colors is used.

Materials and design

For the manufacture of folding structures, the manufacturer uses exceptionally high-quality and reliable material, which plus does not cause allergic reactions and resistant to mechanical damage.

Folding chairs frame can be:

  • Wooden – In most cases, it is made of wood from wood and armrests, but you can find models whose frame is fully wooden;
  • Metal – A dural or aluminum is used as a metal, the frame of this type is lightweight, stable and durable;
  • Plastic – This design is significantly inferior to the previous two in terms of strength and reliability, this option is considered to be budget.

Given the fact that the greatest load in the folding object of furniture falls on tightness, then use the most durable fabrics:

  • tarpaulin – for the material is characterized by high strength, stability for loads and deformations;
  • jacquard – the fabric is rather durable, beautiful and practically not deformed;
  • nylon – very durable and reliable material, which even after deformations returns to the primary form;
  • Ecocient – moisture resistant, durable and pleasant to the touch fabric.

Most folding seats are made with a soft lining, which can be used:

  • sheet polyurethane foam;
  • Plastic viscous foam;
  • Sintepon;
  • Fireber.

    The most budget option is furniture with filler in the form of a synthet board, but plastic viscous foam is quite expensive.

    As for the design, it is diverse. Manufacturers try to produce a variety of models that could continue to become a worthy element of a room with special repair.

    Tips for choosing

    Choosing this attribute of furniture, It is necessary to take into account several factors:

    • place of use of the chair – in the house or in nature;
    • design features;
    • cost and manufacturer;
    • manufacturing material;
    • Designer decoration.

    The main thing is that the body is convenient and comfortable: “Sowing” on it should bring pleasure and excellent relaxation.

    Overview of folding tourist chairs in the video below.

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