Fillers for the chair-bag: what is it and what happens?

The chair-bag belongs to the frameless object of the furniture. Its design is simple and understandable – the bag, inside of which the filler is located. But it is precisely what it is filled, sometimes depends – whether the chair will be a favorite holiday destination or will remain empty without.

Types of artificial materials

The chair-bag can be attributed to orthopedic objects, as it perfectly repeats the form of our body, allows the muscles to optimally relax. In addition, complete relaxation soothes and stabilizes the nervous system. The useful properties of frameless furniture depend not only from orthopedic properties, but also from the quality of the filler.

It’s no secret that not all artificial materials are safe. Let us try to figure out which of them are health, and which cause harm:

Polystyrene foam

Foam material is filler actually for all factory furniture of domestic production. To obtain granules, polystyrene foams first melted to a liquid state, then passed through equipment (extruders), which gives material with plasticity and forms small balls of different density and sizes.

In the process of polystyrene production, it is possible to completely get rid of harmful substances, the material does not highlight toxins, this is confirmed by the presence of a certificate and testing conducted by experts. As a result, material with excellent characteristics is obtained:

  • has a high softness indicator;
  • almost does not give shrinkage;
  • hygienic;
  • no moisture is afraid;
  • Available, it is easy to find on sale;
  • It is inexpensive.

Primary products are suitable for filling furniture. If you use the recycling filler, the chair will quickly see under constant load. Purchasing binbeg, you should pay attention to its contents. Sometimes enterprising manufacturers for whole balls give out the secondary product or even worse – crushed foam. And the difference between these components is.

  • High-quality smooth balls are of no more than 1 cm. The filler of them has a certain softness and a bulk structure. The primary product does not support burning, not toxic, endowed with anti-grab properties. The bag of good raw materials takes the shape of the body of a sitting person, he causes a feeling of comfort. If the chair leave, it quickly restores its initial form.
  • Secondary raw materials are stuffed with furniture together with a crumb, left when crushing a solid product. This material has a different form and low quality, in the bags, he will last long.
  • The worst filling for binbeg is crushed foam. It does not have sufficient elasticity and strength. Such bags quickly lose their plasticity and are knocked off, they hardly restore the shape after squeezing, besides, they are able to maintain burning.

Choosing a filler or a bag itself, you should make sure that it is made from the primary high-quality polystyrene foam. You can choose other artificial materials for their frameless furniture, they are less common in production, but have many positive properties.


Furniture made in Asia most often contains polypropylene peas. The balls have greatly proven themselves as a filler, they are durable, have a good flowability, tightly hold the form, well absorb. In addition, this material is durable, it is not electrified, there is no smell, it can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees. But with the safety of polypropylene is not all right.

In our furniture industry, it is refused due to a toxic substance that is allocated during fire, in addition, the material is covered by fire, long does not go out for a long time.

Polyurethenian foam

Relatively new material, the so-called modernized foam. This is an environmentally friendly, elastic, hypoallergenic and inexpensive means, it misses the air well. Polyuretheni foam (PPU) is larger fractions than previous fillers, the product is very dense, so it is convenient for leather covers, since the fragments will be felt. For Binbeha PPU you will not call a good material.

He is fire hazardous, does not like sunlight, is short-lived, with everyday load heels quickly.


Soft air material is ideal as an additive to a more dense, which has elasticity and strength, for example, polystyrene foam. It is Hollofiber who gives a cozy softness of the product. But, filling the bag, you need to try to perfectly balance these two substances, otherwise it will lose elasticity, and the form after squeezing will not return. The material itself has good breathability, it is silent and soft, it does not cause allergies, does not collect ticks, does not absorb moisture and smells.

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Natural options

For those who are against any chemistry, but wishes to have their own binbeg, there is an alternative – natural filler. You can find it anywhere, starting with farms and ending with home cooking. The main rule – the material must be perfectly succeeded, without the content of fungi and mold. Furniture not having chemical components worthy of praise. But for objectivity should be prevented about the lack of natural components:

  • They can cause allergies;
  • contain down jackets;
  • Well absorb moisture, so on the terrace and in other open places it is not recommended to leave a bag for a long time;
  • to get up to 20 liters of the natural component is not always possible;
  • Natural material is short-lived, it is destroyed and spoiled, requires replacement;
  • The form of natural content keeps worse than artificial components and in elasticity is also lagging behind.

Who did not scare the accompanying minuses, can choose for Binbega one of the materials that will be discussed below.


To create a binsbe use grain fillers – peas, rice, beans and other legumes. Bulk material repeats the human body shape, it is pleasant in contact and allows you to relax. But the rapid recovery of the shape from it does not have to wait, and to gain cultural food products a whole bag is expensive.

Continuing a culinary topic, separately it can be said about the buckwheat, the feeling of contact with its filler is even more pleasant, especially if the bag is “charged” not with grains, and husk.


The material is hard, keeps the shape of the chair, although you won’t call it comfortable. Score a full bag of horse hair is quite problematic. You can use the thread as a filler, they are softer, but to buy them in large quantities, you will have to spend well.

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Feather and Pooh

Such a binbell can afford only rural residents who keep ducks or geese in their farm. The raw materials succeed and accumulates gradually, stored in a dry place until the bag will be full and ready to make the chair. It should be borne in mind that The pen in natural form for the product is not suitable, it is removed from it and a solid rod, leaving only the fluff, which means that raw materials will need even more than expected. Pooh’s bag is incredibly soft, air and easy, well relaxes. But some people are experiencing allergies on the pen, besides, it contains dust ticks.

Over time, the Pooh is knocked down, dirty and requires special cleaning and restoration.


Wool-bag chairs belong to winter variants of frameless furniture. They are made of wool and fluff of rams. For a cover, it is better to use cloth, not the skin and its substitutes, then the binbeg will be very warm, even if the chair put on the ice floor, in any case it will be possible to warm up.


Fill the bag sawdust is easy, they can be inexpensive at the enterprise on primary processing of the forest (sawmill). Particularly available at the cost of chips of coniferous trees. Such material is impregnated with natural resins, the evaporation of which have a certain therapeutic effect on a person, soothe headache, stabilize some mental states. Before you shook the sawdust in the bag, you need to carefully go through their hands and remove sharp sinters that can break the fabric and make the body. Then the material should be well drying, so as not to give the possibilities to rotten bacteria to develop in the bag.

Ready Binbeg from sawdust will not be too durable. Unlike fluff and wool, broken, crumpled sawdust will have to be replaced by new.


Who does not suffer from allergies to flowers, can fill their binbeg hay – useful and completely free option. It is better for these purposes to use the July dissemination. The aroma of the summer meadows and the presence of medicinal plants will make an aromatherapy object from the mattress. It follows to harvest the raw material in dry weather, dry on drafts to the complete lubrication of the material, and only then load it into the bag, previously removing the hard parts. The chair will be convenient, but not durable, every season will have to turn anew.

How many fillers are needed in liters?

The filler uses in two cases: when they feed a new bag, and when the material replenishes from time. The number of fillings for both options will be different. In addition, each material exposes its quantitative content requirements. The most popular filler is polystyreneol, in its example, consider the size, weight and volume of the contents of the chairs of the chairs:

  • The product, weighing 6.5 kg and the size of 100×120 cm, will require the amount of product in the amount of 300-450 l;
  • for the product, weighing 5 kg and the size of 90×100 cm, you will need 280-320 l;
  • For the product, weighing 4 kg and the size of 80×90, see – 240-280 liters.
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On sale filler can be found in cellophane packages in an amount of 100 liters. This volume is enough to form a bag and future miss.

To fill one seat will be needed on average from 250 to 500 l of material. Its quantity depends on the composition, density and quality of the filler itself, the fabric cover, the sizes of the chair and the weight of the owner. For a user with great weight and binbeg must match.

As for the miss, you should know – the materials are condensed differently. This means that each bag is restored as needed (once in 2-6 months) and in the required quantity, an average of up to 50 l for one laying.

Natural filler is knocked down and sends more often artificial, but it does not concern the croup and grains of beans, which are more resistant to the squeezing process.

How to fill at home?

The chair bag can be purchased in the furniture store in the finished form. Those who love to do everything with their own hands may pick up safe quality fillers for the product, they are available. If there is no money or a lot of fantasy, it will help to realize it to help boil materials surrounding us in everyday life. Filler from domestic funds can be found in the kitchen and in any other room. The question is only in quantity, not every home hidden a bag of pea or torn paper. So, materials for the chair-pouf at home can be found as follows:

  • bulk cereals;
  • Dry herbs;
  • seeds;
  • pieces of ribbon paper;
  • trimming fabrics, batting and yarn;
  • cutting residues of foam rubber and syntheps;
  • animal wool;
  • Vata.

      Each of the listed materials is suitable for filling the bag, but will not be perfect. Less problems will create cereals, they will attract insects and rodents, but their bulk structure perfectly takes the shape of the body, and the density allows for a long time to serve without shrinkage.

      Hay and torn paper will have to replenish often, as they quickly come down. Wool will be fluffy and soft only first time, then turn into a lump. Trimming fabrics and yarn will be able to keep the form for a couple of months, but over time, such a filler sends and begins to cause inconvenience. Much more productive will “work” bags, if such fillers, like paper, fabric, yarn, cotton wool add foam rings. For some time it will help keep the volume.

      You need to study the filler well before you entrust my frameless furniture. It depends on the form of the product, durability and comfort, and in some cases also benefit to human health.

      About the fillers for the chair-bag see below.

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