Features of wine racks

Connoisseurs of good wine always have a pair of bottles of her beloved drink in case of a holiday or arrival of guests. But in order for the taste of wine has always been impeccable, alcohol needs to be properly stored. For this, and invented comfortable wine racks, which can now buy and tenants of apartments and owners of private houses.


Special rack for wine is an indispensable thing for connoisseurs of this noble drink. After all, using such a design, you can create good conditions for storing bottles even outside the cellar.

  1. Optimal temperature. This is one of the most important points affecting the taste of drink. Those who are well versed in alcohol know that every variety of wine requires a certain storage temperature. It usually ranges from 10 to 16 degrees. Compact wine rack can be placed indoors, where at any time of the year the temperature does not really change, then you can not worry about the safety of your stocks.
  2. Correct location. The taste of the drink can spoil air from entering the bottle. If you store the container in a horizontal position, this can be avoided. Therefore, the cabinet with comfortable shelves is a good place for wine bottles. There are also special racks equipped with air purification feature. Store drink in such a closet, you can not worry about the fact that the wine will absorb foreign smells.
  3. Good defense. Bottles on shelves shelving are protected from foreign factors. Since they are not subjected to shaking, at the bottom there will be no precipitate at the bottom. In addition, if you put the rack with bottles in the right place, then they will not get the sun rays. This will also save the pleasant and rich taste of alcohol.

In addition, all favorite drinks will always be at hand, and in the case of an unexpected visit, guests can be found to the table. And a beautiful rack may well become a decoration of the room.

An important role in this plan plays the appearance of the design, and the opportunity to immediately see the whole collection of wines.

Areas of use

Wine bottles storage furniture can be used in different ways. In the House of the collector, such a rack, of course, will be the place where he collects rare or especially liked specimens. You can sort the wine by year, sending older wines to the bottom shelves, and on the top – young. Also available option for cost sorting.

If a person is not particularly well versed in alcohol, then the shelves can be used simply for storing wine stocks. In this case, it is enough to simply allocate in a separate shelf different types of this drink and periodically replenish them.

Most often, such wine racks are used as part of a home bar.

And finally, Wine shelves must be purchased to those who are engaged in the production of wine. After all, home alcohol needs to give time so that it is ripe, and ensure the right conditions for this. For this, the wine closed in the bottle is folded on the shelves, periodically checked and moves from cell to the cell. At the last stage, the drinks are labeled and exhibited in a separate closet, where wine and waiting for its o’clock.

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Review of species

There are several types of alcohol racks. They differ in several basic parameters.

The main difference is in the appearance and layout of the shelves. Wine racks may be as follows.

  • Vertical. This is a very convenient option. On the shelves of the bottle can be stored in vertical and horizontal position. Narrow small racks are usually located next to the sofa, bar counter or wardrobe.

Some racks of this type are additionally equipped with special hooks and holders where wine glasses can be placed and all necessary accessories.

  • Horizontal. Such racks are ideal for wing storage. Shelves in front and rear usually equipped with low side. It does not give bottles to fall, even if the rack someone will randomly. Usually such racks are open and made from different types of wood. But metallic or glass options are found.

  • Diagonal. Racks with diagonal or cross shelves have one big advantage – bottles on them are well fixed and do not roll. And therefore they definitely do not break. In such racks, you can safely store a rather large collection of wine for a long time. Tara in them is constantly in a horizontal position. It is among such racks that are often rare designer models.

The number of shelves is different. There are models in which only 1 cell is given under one bottle, and there are those in which several fault tanks are stored together.

  • Modular. Such racks can be bought with beginners who have not yet figured out how it is more convenient to store bottles. They are also suitable and lovers of original furniture. Such racks consist of several compartments in which the shelves are located both horizontally and vertically or under the tilt.

Also wine racks are outdoor, wall or built-in. You can choose to store your collection any option.

By material

Depending on which material was used, wine racks for the house are also divided into several types.


Real connoisseurs of good wine choose exactly storage. This material has a lot of advantages. He is natural and environmentally friendly. Most often, breeds such as nuts, oaks or Karelian birch are used for the manufacture of wood racks. After all, it is they who differ in high quality and moisture resistance. These wood breeds are tested by time and are used to create cabinets and racks for storing elite alcohol for many years.

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The second plus material is that wood is available at a price and easy to handle. Therefore, ready-made wine racks are obtained beautiful and often decorated with various original patterns.

Wooden racks are perfectly suitable for almost any style and look at the living rooms equally well in the living rooms, and in the cellars or domestic bar complexes.


Racks from this material are not used so often. But it is quite possible to find good options from metal among the goods presented on the market. Beautiful looks of vintage products decorated with forged details.

Plastic and glass racks are much less common. They are not particularly durable and look not as attractive as massive wood products.

Glass racks usually choose those who want to simply expose their own collection of wine. After all, in this storage of the bottle can be viewed from all sides. But plastic shelves are a budget option for beginner collectors. Also a small rack of high-quality plastic can be put in the country where the family comes only from time to time.

For decorating structures is sometimes used fabric and leather. Also often racks are decorated with original signs or stickers with signatures.

From the entire proposed manifold of furniture, the racks need to choose, focusing on their taste, the size of the room and the number of bottles that are planned to be stored in the collection.

How to locate?

Racks for wine bottles can be safely bought in the apartment and in a private house. In the first case, you will have to do without low and narrow models that do not occupy a lot of space. They can be installed in the living room or corridor. If possible, wine rack can also be made part of a small home bar.

Regardless what is the size of the room, it can always be equipped with a small area for recreation. There perfectly fit and the rack with a collection of favorite varieties of wine. It can also be used to divide the space of one small room into several zones.

The easiest way to find a place for wine rack in a private house. In this case, it can be equipped with a small wine cellar. To do this, you need to choose a cold and raw basement and equip it with equipment that will be responsible for supporting the perfect temperature regime.

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It is very important that the moisture level was not elevated in the cellar. After all, it is, as well as the presence of mold in the room where alcohol is stored, can change the taste of drink for the worse. The basement should have a good ventilation system. If you manage to create such conditions, you can buy beautiful wine racks to the cellar. There must be several, under various types of alcohol. The layout of the cellar and the number of racks and cabinets depends only on the preferences of the houses of the house.

Also for storage of wine is suitable. After all, it is very often either not used, or is a place to store old things. The main advantage of the attic as a place for storage of wine is that there are no windows, and therefore the sun’s rays will not harm the drink.

But it is possible to place your wine collection there only if the room is clean, well ventilated and not very stuffy.

The rack can be located in one of the rooms at home. If it is a two-story, for the shelves you can find a place under the stairs. Other Good Places Storage Wine Collection – Living Room, Cabinet or Small Home Bar. The main thing is to maintain in this room the correct temperature regime and not allow the bottles of direct sunlight.

Not recommended for a long time to store wine in the kitchen or in the bathroom. In these rooms there are often increased humidity, the temperature changes dramatically, which uniquely can spoil the taste of a noble drink.

To the rack with the collection of wine fit well into the interior of the room, it is necessary to think about the point in the stage of choosing about what style it must be completed. So, For a room in a modern minimalist apartment, it is better to choose a simple glass or metal design without any extra details. Well, if the rack is supplemented with fasteners for glasses, so that everything you need for a holiday was collected in one place.

Living room in Provence will look only better if it appears an elegant wooden rack with french wine. And for a home bar, stylized under ancient, it is worth finding some kind of vintage bar rack made of valuable wood with original carvings. If there is time and desire, you can even independently affect its restoration so that the furniture perfectly combined with the rest of the interior details.

As you can see, for wine racks, the place can be found in any room. The main thing is to have a good taste and be able to work properly with space.

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