Features of the dry cleaning of furniture: Review of methods and recommendations of specialists

Each owner wants to the upholstered furniture in his apartment look beautiful and worthy, and also served for many years. But to achieve this, you will have to make a lot of effort, because regardless of the type of upholstery, such furniture will need regular and correct cleaning. What means for this will be needed and how to organize the process itself, let’s talk below.


Any type of furniture, whether it is a sofa, chair or pouf, sooner or later contaminated. These can be a variety of types of dirt, the most frequent – stains from food, drinks, creams and urine. It is especially aggravated by the situation in apartments with young children and domestic animals that can leave someone’s spot. In such cases, the owner has a choice: use the services of an exit company, which will conduct professional cleaning, or resort to cleaning furniture independently, at home.


Exit Dry cleaning of furniture – This is the best choice for those who cannot or do not know how to clean the pollution.

Consider the advantages of such a decision:

  • Cleaning company will be able to effectively and quickly clear any type of dirt;
  • After cleaning, the furniture will look almost like new, even the most difficult stains will be removed;
  • In addition to cleaning, specialists are able to remove an unpleasant smell, as well as to disinfect furniture, having delivering tenants from pathogenic microorganisms.

    Nevertheless, several minuses of companies with departure to the house should be identified:

    • If cleaning is needed urgently (for example, guests will come in the evening), then you can not have time to agree with the specialists;
    • For dry cleaning services will have to pay. The cost will depend on the qualification of the wizard, equipment and applied cleaning products.

    Sometimes cleaning companies arrange shares, which allows you to significantly save. Despite the lower price, they fulfill their work as high quality, because they care about their reputation.

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    At home

    Cleaning at home implies self-removal of stains. Pros of this decision:

    • You can proceed to cleaning at any time convenient for you, no need to wait;
    • It is possible to choose a good cleaning agent that will not harm health, and in which you will be completely sure;
    • No need to spend money for services of cleaning companies or professional firms.

    Among the minuses:

    • We will have to find out in advance what kind of means you need to clean up the upholstery, otherwise you can easily spoil it;
    • Not all stains really bring independently;
    • There will have to spend time on cleaning, and the result of labor will not always be satisfying, especially if you used to do this before.

    Types of cleaning and necessary tools

    Any cleaning of upholstered furniture begins with the acquisition of the necessary equipment. It can be both domestic and professional. The first type is practically in every home: they include the usual bucket, soft rags, vacuum cleaners, brushes, detergents, steam generators.

    Professional equipment is less common in everyday life, as used mainly by cleaning companies. However, and on this issue will dwell a little more detail.

    Professional funds include:

    • Overall cleaning vacuum cleaners;
    • special hair dryers for drying upholstery;
    • Small electrical brushes that allow remove dirt even from the most difficult places;
    • Extractor – a special vacuum cleaner that cleans the surface of the foam.

    All these products are quite expensive, if they are rare, in everyday life, then the acquisition will not pay off. And it is often not recommended to apply them, because along with beautiful and fast cleaning upholstery, upholstered furniture will quickly wear out.

    Now that with the necessary tools are increasingly or less clear, consider which types of cleaning are available to the owners today.


    Dry sofa cleaning is a good option for regular cleaning, as well as in the case of small contaminants.

    • The simplest solution is simple Sleep sofa. It will help get rid of dust, hair, animal wool particles. Some use and knocked for carpets, but it is not always justified. If the upholstery material is gentle, it is easy to damage it.

    • The second version of dry cleaning is Application of special powder, also often used foam. The means using the brush is evenly distributed by upholstery, then the required time is waiting (it is indicated in the instructions). After that, it will remain just walking on the furniture with a vacuum cleaner.


    Wet cleaning should be chosen if the furniture is heavily polluted and just a vacuum cleaner here can no longer do. Mandatory also need brushes, cleaning, rags or sponges.

    Let’s see how to carry out this type of cleaning.

    1. Sofa vacuum (exception – upholstered furniture from velvet and velor).
    2. Hoping a sponge, well fifth and dirt.
    3. Apply detergent (for this it is better to apply a rigid brush).
    4. After the remedy has worked, remove it with a sponge.
    5. Final action – drying sofa with a vacuum cleaner or special machine.

    Sofa cleaning equipment at home you can see in the following video.

    In addition, you can always use a steam cleaner.

    1. Upholstery of vacuuming and treated with a steam cleaner.
    2. Fall asleep selected detergent and distribute up to the upholstery.
    3. Wait for the specified time and the sponge remove the detergent.
    4. Vacuuming and dried.

    If the covers on the sofa or the chair are removable, it will additionally facilitate the work. Such products can be not dried by artificially: in the summer they can dry perfectly on the balcony, and in winter – in the conditions of heated apartment. But to expose direct sunlight them still should not.

    Consider fabric features

    Performing cleaning upholstered furniture, you should always take into account the type of fabric. Otherwise, you can forever spoil the material. It is worth considering what specialists about different types of fabrics say.


    Velur is soft, beautiful and incredibly pleasant to the touch fabric. However, she quickly accumulates dust and dirt. Vex Velur is not recommended, as this can lead to the fears of villi and subsequent thinning of the material, they may appear on it.

    Dry cleaning of this tissue involves the use of gentle powder or foam, which are applied to a velor sofa with a soft sponge, and remove a clean napkin. For wet cleaning, liquid soaps are used, you can children, and water.


    Furniture with an upholstery from FLOK has already managed to estimate hundreds of pet owners, because such a material is perfectly opposed to trails and hooks from sharp cohesives. Nevertheless, Flock absorbs dirt in such a way that it almost tightly sticks to Vesinkam, and therefore removal of stains here – a difficult task.

    Such sofas can be hit and vacuuming, it will not be harm, it is also recommended to apply a wet rigid brush that effectively collects dust and hair. Wet cleaning implies the use of a soap solution, which is then washed away, and the sofa is dried with dry napkins or microfiber. You can not use acetone, gasoline, chlorine-containing agents, as well as roll down the spots.


    Tapestry is durable, very durable material, but it can over time can wear out and absorb many odors. In addition, such a upholstery with constant use is gloring and sues what it looks unpleasant. Best here, of course, order professional cleaning. But if there is no such possibility, Take into account several recommendations:

    • regularly clean the furniture with a vacuum cleaner or dry brush;
    • Do not use alkali-based tools;
    • When wet cleaning, apply only foam on the upholstery, but not soap liquid.

    In addition, tapestry in its structure has threads that can be painted not very high-quality dyes, as a result of which in the process of wet cleaning the drawing can “swim”. To avoid such a misfortune, select the most imperceptible place and read it well with a wet light cloth. If color spots appear on it, better about cleaning and selection of funds to consult with professionals.


    Soft, exquisite, dear fabric, resembling suede, – all this about Alcantar. Sofas from such a material look luxuriously, effectively complement the interior of the house. In addition, the material has a special impregnation, so the stains on it appear less frequently than on other tissues. Nevertheless, Nobody canceled care of Alcantar.

    If we talk about dry cleaning, then it will be enough to use a conventional vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. You can dissolve a little salt in water, wet the gauze and wrap the brush – such a trick will make cleaning even more efficient. Clean the upholstery strictly in one direction.

    You can also use soft wet rags, which you also need to move in one direction. Removable covers are erased in soap solution, but manually. In no case cannot be used for cleaning bleach and chlorine. After washing, the covers are not pressed, but they are dried without the impact of the sun.


    This is a rather capricious material on which any stains and dirt are perfectly noticeable. Externally, the velvet is very similar to the velor, the only difference is that his vile is shorter, and it consists of natural fibers. To brush such an upholstery at home, you need to take into account several rules:

    • You can not use stains: when you try to remove a separate spot around it, an outline will appear, which will look worse than the stot itself;
    • If the pollution is strong, you can try to derive them a weak solution of vinegar;
    • Dry cleaning is carried out with a brush of medium stiffness, following strictly in the direction of the veil;
    • Velvet can be effectively cleaned by a steam cleaner.


    Leather furniture looks elegant, fashionable and stylish. But the way it will look completely depends on you. To remove dust, wool, hair, you can use a soft damp cloth. Also, if there are minor spots or fatty traces, a soap solution will help. It does not take place from time to time to use and vacuum cleaner. Stains from pens, markers, drinks, varnish well removed with alcohol.

    IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with wet cleaning, spend a test, losing a wet rag. The fact is that there are skin types to which contact with water is contraindicated.

    If you ignore this question, then the upholstery will darken and deteriorate, and nothing can be done with it. In the event that your sofa “reacted” in this way, it is better not to experiment and call specialists.

    What are the pollution of home cleaning?

    Fortunately, you can confidently say that today even At home, it is quite realistic to remove almost any stain. These include the following types of pollution:

    • Food: stains from milk, oil, sauce, cheese and other food;
    • not containing fat: juices, wine, beer, water, berries and fruits, lemonads and other drinks;
    • Protein: Meat, Blood, Fish, Eggs;
    • Spots from leaving: creams, mousses, masks and other similar cosmetics.

    Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that when trying to bring the spot first you need to focus on the type of upholstery. For example, spots from perfumery, besides, having a strong smell, it is impossible to withdraw from some types of upholstery, the same concerns stains from urine.

    Let’s give a few additional advice:

    • For furniture, it is impossible to use solid stains in the form of pencils and tablets, only liquid;
    • Before applying the cleaning agent, always test the test on a low-speed area;
    • Do not try to destroy the stain from meat, fish or blood hot water;
    • Fat stains can be dangerous: fresh pollution can be deleted by themselves, but with old it is better to contact the cleaning company.

    Required funds and stages of work at home

    Cleansing upholstery of upholstered furniture should follow a specific algorithm, then high-quality cleaning will be achieved.

    Remove dust

    This is the initial and easiest cleaning stage. Sofas with a surface of solid material can be simply supplied, but Soft fabrics cleaned a little different:

    1. Take a large cut of the fabric and moisten in water.
    2. Cover your furniture and walk around it for carpets.
    3. Remove the fabric.

    Depending on the contamination, the fabric can be changed several times, while achieving the full getting rid of dust. This method is good because the dust will not fly into the air, settling on the surrounding items and in your lungs.

    Get rid of solid pollution

    If there were solid contaminants on the surface of the sofa, then after the initial cleaning they will become much softer. Squeezing softened dirt can be knife (reverse side of the blade), but it is worth it extremely gently, and then only with solid upholsters. It is worth noting that pollution can not immediately. Do not fall in the spirit to speed up the process, you can use a soap solution and a brush or mix the peroxide with the ammonia.

    Important: For darous and soft tissues only soap solution and subsequent drying with napkins.

    Total cleaning

    When the first two stages are passed, you can proceed to more serious surface cleaning. It lies in applying a cleaning agent, waiting until it works, and its subsequent cleaning. You can apply the following types of funds.

    • Foam. Comfortable, favorite to many. Well removes dirt, quickly applied, easily removed by a vacuum cleaner. Usually produced in the form of aerosol springs, not very economically spent.
    • Powders and liquids. Here you can use several options. The first is specially designed to furniture, which, of course, is better. Second – ordinary washing powder or dishwashing liquid. Do not forget that the furniture after that you need to thoroughly rinse with a damp cloth, otherwise the traces will remain from the powder.
    • Stainwriter. This is a good remedy that helps get rid of fresh and old spots. But if the stain is a hardwood, not every tool can cope with it.

      In addition, you can try do without chemistry. To do this, prepare the following composition:

      • In 500 g of warm water dissolve seven tablespoons of vinegar.
      • Add a couple of soda spoons and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

      The resulting tool cleans the spots well, but again, remember that you need to pre-test the test on the invisible piece of furniture.

      Display stains

      Before starting to display a stain, you should clearly remember where it came from.

      • Simple mud spots Easy to wash with water and soap, the same applies to tea.
      • Coffee spots You can also wash off with soap, but if the contamination has eaten, another method applies. In 7 parts of the water, one part of the ammonia dissolves, a little soapy chip is added there. This solution removes the coffee.
      • To remove stains from juices and lemonade, In the glass of water you need to stir a spoonful of vinegar.
      • Fat, as well as wine and berry stains Easy to remove with soda. For this, 1 part of the soda is stirred in 3 parts of water, and after drying the mixture of vacuum.
      • If have been seen spots from wax, then they can be removed iron. Put the napkin or paper on the dirt, and then swing them.
      • Blood stains need to wash off exclusively cold water.

      If you do not remember, from where it was exactly the stain that appeared, we recommend that you use one of the following recipes.

      • Lemon acid. In half liters of water, add a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of acid and liquid for washing dishes. The mixture is withstanding 5 minutes.
      • Aspirin. A pair of tablets sweep the mortar, add some water. To achieve the effect is enough.
      • Nasharyar. We take ordinary shampoo, pour a teaspoon of the ammonia. So that the mixture has runoff, you will need 20 minutes.
      • Stain remover or stained soap. If there is no possibility or time to prepare a mixture, you can always use chemicals, the main thing is to accurately.

      Recommendations after cleaning

      The final stage of cleaning furniture is her Dried. The optimal option is to be dried by hand. First, the sofa is well blocked with dry napkins, then you can dry it with a hairdryer. Suitable both professional and ordinary model. However, hair dryer will need to be turned off from time to time to cool, as the drying will take some time. Mode should not be the most powerful.

      When the sofa will dry up, his vacuum. Thus come with flock, leather, tapestry and other dense materials. Gentle tissue vacuuming can not, they should be combined with a soft brush along the pile to return an attractive look. In no case comb in a circle.

      Complex cases

      Complex cases include, first of all, “rare” spots, which in domestic conditions are rarely found. This, for example, traces of gasoline, aggressive chemistry, resin and other similar substances. Regardless of the type of fabric, independently such stains can not be output, it is advisable to contact the specialists. The same advice can be given by those who have elite, expensive furniture. If you definitely do not know what it is for a stain or is afraid to damage the upholstery, better call professionals. This in any case will be cheaper than buying a new sofa.

      It is quite difficult to withdraw and stains from urine, especially cat. The fact is that in feline urine there are special substances, and even drying out, the furniture will have such a smell that it will be impossible to be in the room. Here you can try such an action algorithm.

      1. If the cat has just made a pozhitsa, a good wet with napkins, you can fall asleep it with pellets from a cat tray (do not try with wet rags, you will only distribute urine to a large area).
      2. When the stain will dry, we apply a solution of three parts of water and one – vinegar.
      3. As soon as the vinegar is completely driving, pour the contamination with soda. IMPORTANT: Vinegar must fully dry, otherwise the reaction with soda will do not have your efforts.
      4. Immediately, as soon as the soda poured, use hydrogen peroxide. To do this, we take a pulverizer, pour a bottle of peroxide there, add half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquids, as well as 100 g of water. All this is applied to soda, which should immediately foam.
      5. We leave the soda and the peroxide on three hours, and then remove.

      With the baby urine everything is much easier, and the smell of it is much less. One part of the water mixes with the same amount of lemon juice and applied on a stain. You can also spray the surface with soda, and then spending.

      Precautions and safety

      Removing any contamination, it is important to observe Safety technique. Consider several key rules.

      • Always wear rubber mittens, it will help protect the skin from irritation. In addition, it is recommended to wear and mask so that harmful substances do not fall on the nasal mucosa and mouth.
      • Do not allow children and pets at the cleaning of furniture, discover the windows during cleaning.
      • Remember that sofas can not be cleaned too hot water, undiluted compositions, aggressive substances. Any remedy is applied to the sponge, not to the furniture itself. Bright upholstery are cleaned with white rags in order to avoid staining.

      About the peculiarities of professional dry cleaning you will learn by looking at the following video.

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