Features of tables from ash and their review

Wood ash will be the best solution for the manufacture of tables both in classic and in modern style. This tree has a unique property – every year it looks better, and as the color gains, it becomes a patina, so it looks rather stylish. In addition, the furniture from ash never comes out of fashion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ashive Wood – Fresh material of light shades, which is able to unprepared to change the atmosphere for the better. However, it, like all other types of wood, has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Let’s start with positive characteristics.

  • Wood ash has a rectangular structure. Due to this, the material acquires additional density, strength, stability to deformities and damage. These qualities are particularly relevant for tables and countertops, since there are heavy loads during operation.
  • Alternation of dark and light fibers makes material exclusively decorative. With high-quality processing in its external characteristics, it is not inferior to even the most expensive breeds of mahogany. And the use of a variety of kernel allows you to change the shade of furniture.
  • In the course of processing ash solums. As a result, the tree acquires high strength, it is not exposed to deformation, which will certainly occur in cases when the tree sucked poor quality.
  • From ash, you can make tables of various shapes and sizes. This causes the versatility of the material and the possibility of its use in the premises of various styles.
  • Environmental Safety. Ash tree does not contain harmful substances, does not highlight volatile toxins and radiation. On the contrary, the wood of this variety has a property to improve the microclimate indoors and have a beneficial effect on human health.
  • For a long period of use. With gentle handling, the furniture from the ash will serve for many years.
  • Tabletop from ash can be polished, grind and fill. This consists of a huge advantage of material in comparison with laminate and stone.
  • Ash is used for the manufacture of kitchen countertops, as it has pronounced antimicrobial characteristics.
  • The tree is characterized by resistance to rotting and fungal infections, requiring minimal care.

    If we talk about minuses, then their little.

    • High cost of furniture. If we compare ash’s wood with cheaper solutions, then the difference will be somewhat impressive. However, it is fully compensated by durability and high quality products.
    • In the wood of ash there are no tanning components. This means that the tree reacts poorly to the excess of humidity – when contacting dampness can crack. To avoid damage, furniture are covered with special protective impregnations.

    Ash is deformed by contact with aggressive cleaning agents, so wash such tables should be with great accuracy.

    What happens?

    There is a wide variety of tables, but we will consider the most common types.

    • Kitchen. Enjoy popular due to their spectacular mind and antibacterial characteristics. The surface of such tables can be covered with paint, but most often it is lacquered to keep the natural beauty of wood ash.

    • Journal. Such models are installed mainly in the living rooms. They have a compact size, a small height so that it can be convenient to put books on them, newspapers or to do needlework. Stylity of execution of such tables depends on the overall interior design.

    • Coffee. These little tables have small sizes. They are distinguished by mobility – if you wish, they can always be transferred from one place to another, that is, put there, where it will be more convenient. Such options can be used in the premises of different functionality, they often put them even in bedrooms as an alternative to bedside tables.

    • Written. Classic solutions made of array ash. Similar models are equipped with several drawers for storing stationery, documents and other necessary accessories.

    • Transformers. This option combines two types of tables. In the folded form, it replaces the coffee table, but if necessary, turns out, turning into a full dining table.

    • Computer. It is made specifically for installing a computer, equipped with a compartment under the system unit and the retractable panel for the keyboard. Can be made in a classic style or have top shelves to accommodate office equipment or documents storage.

    • Solid drinking tables. Pose a layer of a thick trunk of ash. The edges are not aligned in it, but are left “as it” to create maximum authenticity. Tables made of array are often complemented by chrome-plated legs that give the product a stylish modern view.

    Comparison with other breeds

    In modern times, the ash is one of the most sought-after wood varieties, but it is ahead of a lot of oak. True, deservedly – wood from oak is valued for reliability, strength and external attractiveness. In professional processing, the oak table can be a real work of art.

    Ash is also very popular. He is a lighter oak and differs from him a kind of drawing. Usually it is used by supporters of ecosil in the interior.

      Pine tables – a budget option that will cost much cheaper than the first two. However, the quality of such furniture is quite satisfactory. Tables are strong, durable, they look beautiful, while sourcing a thin coniferous aroma, which creates a favorable microclimate and a warm atmosphere indoors.

      Beautiful examples

      Tables made of ash harmoniously fit into the interiors of various types. Most often, tables are made from white or alpine ash. They can be classic angular or round, large and compact. We offer you a small photo crying of the most interesting tabletops from the wood of ash.

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