Dresser under the TV: Features, varieties, tips on choosing

TV is an integral part of each modern home. It can be placed in any room: bedroom, living room, nursery or even in the kitchen. At the same time it is very important to choose a reliable chest of drawer under the TV. In addition, such a piece of furniture can also perform many additional functions.

Consider the features of the dresser for televisions, their varieties, as well as the rules of choice.


Dresser with TV boxes is a multifunctional design that not only serves as a support for a household device, but also acts as a storage system. Due to the presence of boxes in the dresser you can store clothes, books, technical accessories and much more.

A wide variety of similar furniture on the market is caused by its demand among modern buyers. Manufacturers strive to create beautiful and functional options that even taste even the most sophisticated buyers.

There are a large number of diverse types and models of dresser. In this regard, when choosing it is very difficult to navigate and choose the optimal model that will meet all your functional needs, as well as possess aesthetically attractive appearance.


Today there are a large number of chest of drawers on the TV. Consider the most popular varieties of such furniture.


    Such dressers consist of a large number of separate details. In fact, they are peculiar designers. Standing such models are an order of magnitude more expensive than standard furniture.

      The main advantage of the modular chest is the possibility of its maximum individualization. Thus, the object of furniture will meet all your needs.


      These models are considered standard, and they are most common among buyers. There are such chests about inexpensively, and therefore they can acquire representatives of all social and economic layers.


        Such dressers are attached to the wall and do not rely on the floor. They look stylish and modern. In its size Hinged dressers can match the dimensions of the TV or placed along the whole wall.


          Such models of furniture under the TV will become excellent support for thin plasma household devices. At the same time, they can have less functions than other varieties.

          And also structures may vary in shape (direct, corner, oval and others), designs (sliding doors, drawers, folding doors). The dressers can be both independent objects of furniture, as well as enter, for example, in the furniture wall.

          You can create a single furniture ensemble not only in one room, but in the entire apartment.


          For the manufacture of drawers under the TV use various materials.

          • Quite often furniture under the TV is made of wood. This material is environmentally friendly and safe. In addition, the tree is very reliable and durable, so the piece of furniture will serve for many years. As for the shortcomings of this option, then among them can be distinguished by a large mass (respectively, difficulties in transportation) and high cost.

          • Popular materials for the manufacture of furniture are also Chapels and stoves from fine fractions.

          In order for these materials outwardly looks attractive, they are treated in advance with various chemical compositions.

          • Plastic dressers give the interior additional ease. In addition, the material can be painted in a variety of shades, which adds a certain highlight to the general design. Often plastic dressers possess glossy glitter.

          • Glass – This is a modern and stylish choice, but at the same time, the material is distinguished by increased fragility.

          Glass furniture is not recommended to install in apartments where little children or pets live.

          • Metal furniture will not fit into any interior, but it is distinguished by a high level of reliability and strength.

          Considering that modern domestic students can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials, when choosing, focus on strength, as well as the appearance of the furniture.


          Dressers for TVs can have the most different dimensions. Depending on the size of the room, TV and your individual preferences you can find high, long, low, narrow, large, wide models.

          Traditional classification of dresser includes 4 main categories.

          • Long. Such models in length reach an indicator up to 3 m. In this case, the height and depth may be in the range from 0.4 to 0.5 m.
          • High. The length of the high chest is in the range from 90 cm to 120 cm. The depth does not have more than 50 cm.
          • Narrow. Narrow furniture under the TV has a length of about 70 cm, and the average height value is 80 cm. The depth of the chest is quite small and is about 40 cm.
          • Low. The height of such chests cannot exceed 35 cm, the length is at least 80 cm, and the depth is 35 cm.

                        The size of the furniture is not only about what the area of ​​the room in which the chest of drawers will be. Depending on the size, the functionality and capacity of the chest. This factor is the most important when choosing a furniture subject.


                        Today, the furniture market presents dressers under TV, which correspond to the most different design styles. Among them can be allocated:

                        • The design of neutral colors in the classic style;
                        • white minimalistic furniture;
                        • classic in modern design;
                        • Baroque style;
                        • Dressers for children’s rooms with animated characters;
                        • Furniture with prints that will fit into an eclectic style;
                        • Loft style and t d.

                        The design of the chest must match the overall design of the room. It can also become an accent element of the interior.


                        The dressers under the TV are products, the manufacture of which is engaged in a large number of manufacturers (both domestic and foreign). Consider some of them.

                          • ARTEBONA. The company is located in Minsk. A distinctive feature of the company is the production of furniture from environmentally friendly and safe materials. Furniture set “Amber” will fit the TV.

                          • IKEA. The world-famous company that is engaged in the production of furniture for various purposes. Products are distinguished by light shades, clear and straight lines, as well as minimalistic design.

                          • Furniture can be used to install TV Italian Factory Devina Nais, Tiferno, Malerba.

                          • “Our Furniture”. Vental NK-3 model uses specially popular among buyers, as it has a rather democratic price, and in the design there is a volume storage system.

                          • Angel Cerda. Spanish factory produces premium-class designer furniture.

                          Choose furniture manufactured companies that are widely known in our country or distributed worldwide.

                          Tips for choosing

                          Dresser under the TV is an expensive purchase. Accordingly, the choice of furniture that will take the honorable place in your bedroom, hall or living room, you need to approach especially carefully.

                          • Price. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the cost of the furniture. Quality dressers made of natural materials cannot cost cheap. On the other hand, budget options include plastic dressers.

                              One way or another, but when you choose, you should navigate your material opportunities.

                              • Manufacturer. If you want to be confident that you get a qualitative object of furniture, which will serve you for many years, you should give preference to proven and well-known manufacturers. Little-known firms and trademarks in the production process may not be guided by international standards, accordingly, it is impossible to be confident in the quality and reliability of such chest of drawers.

                                • Material of manufacture. From the material from which the chest of furniture is made, not only the reliability of the object of furniture itself, but also how efficiently the chest can support TV.

                                  If you do the wrong choice, you can lose not only the object of furniture, but also a household device.

                                  • Design. Internal design is an essential factor to pay attention to when choosing a chest. So, the piece of furniture can have several shelves or boxes, close by means of sliding doors or have an open design.

                                    You should decide in advance what kind of functional role will be made by the chest, and then choose the most appropriate design.

                                    • The size. Depending on the space area you have, you can choose compact or large-sized model of drawers.

                                      It should be borne in mind that in a large room, small furniture will look as bad as big – in a small.

                                      • Design. When choosing a chest of TV, it is important to consider models that fit well into the already existing interior of your room. It concerns both style and color palette.

                                        • Form. The modern furniture market shows the models of various forms: straight, angular, oval and similar. In this regard, you can choose furniture based on your taste preferences.

                                        If you buy the furniture when buying furniture, you will be guided by the factors described above, then you will acquire a quality dresser that will bring positive emotions to you and your family, and will also fully fulfill your functions.

                                        Beautiful examples in the interior

                                        Consider some beautiful examples of the location of the chest of drawers under the TV in various interiors.

                                        • This dresser has a combined design: there is both closed boxes and an open system. The TV itself stands on a special glass stand.

                                        This option will perfectly fit into the modern High-Tech style interior.

                                        • White minimalistic chest is suitable for almost any interior. It will fit both in the living room and in the bedroom or in a nursery room.

                                        • Beautiful wooden largest chest of drawers perfectly suitable for living room. You can note the presence of a large number of boxes that can perform the function of storage.

                                        • The modular dresser consists of a large base of the oblong shape, which relies with the TV, as well as 2 bedside tables, symmetrically located on different sides.

                                        Dresser under TV is a beautiful and functional object of furniture, which will fit well into any room and in any interior solution. The main thing is to properly approach his choice and take into account all possible nuances.

                                        Overview of the Tube Dresser for TV See next video.

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