Designer chairs for kitchen: species and tips for choosing

Having made a good repair in the kitchen, it is logical to complete it with a beautiful setting. Standard dining group is impressive today. DIAMITAL IMAGE OF THE CUTTING CAN GET ONLY Designer Things. Chairs – an important piece of furniture, without them people of Western culture can not do, we do not have to sit on the floor. Chairs have not only functional, but also aesthetic meaning. At the entrance to the kitchen, an extravagant furniture group will definitely pay attention.

Requirements for kitchen furniture

The kitchen is not a residential premises and needs special furniture, Therefore, it has its own specific requirements:

  • Chairs should be moisture-resistant;
  • non-profit;
  • easy to succumb to cleaning even with the use of household chemicals;
  • they need to have durable, wear-resistant qualities, as they are subjected to daily enhanced load;
  • Seats should choose convenient, functional;
  • safe;
  • Designs must have beautiful, original forms.

It will be about the design versions, they can be confused, taking into account the listed requirements. But sometimes the hosts sacrifice practicality in favor of uniqueness, sophistication or stylistic necessity. Such a solution is justified if the dining area is from a working distance from a sufficient distance.

How to equip the room?

In most cases, chairs are included with the dining table. This is especially true for designer models to which it will not be possible to choose an identical table.

Before buying a dining group, you should carefully calculate the prepared area. The kit does not only have to enter the designated borders, but also freely function in the conditions of extended chairs, do not interfere with the passage in the kitchen.

A large room can take any options for the furniture for the dining area, even “spread” chairs, right up to the seats. And for small territories, you need to try to very much, so that the chairs are comfortable, ergonomic, compact and stylish. Perhaps you will have to be content with models with singles of stools and with almost conventional backs. In all non-standard kitchens, there may be chairs-transformers that fold and remove after eating.

For close premises, designers have developed a collection of furniture from transparent plastic, glass, as well as openwork air versions, which pass through the light and surrounding space through themselves, visually keeping the volume of the room.


Constructively design chairs have an infinite number of options, but All of them are divided into main kitchen categories:

  • dining;
  • bar;
  • Stools.

Dining Furniture may have massive or compact forms, high or low backs, equipped with armrests by type of chairs, decompose and fold when there is a need. In addition, chairs belong to a tight, medium and soft category. Hard furniture has no upholstery. Models of average rigidity are endowed with a small gasket foam. Soft options are equipped with comfortable fillers. Their quality is easy to check – when pressed, they must take initial shape.

Chairs are also divided by materials from which they are made. For kitchen interiors, modern high-quality plastic, wood, MDF, glass are often used.

Beautiful models

A variety of designer furniture for the kitchen makes it possible to choose it to any stylized interior. Using catalogs, you can make the perfect selection of the model of the chair in color, texture and configuration. Consider the most interesting manifestations of designer thought.

  • Unique dining group. Glass countertop is located on solid legs imitating lush bubones. The backs of the chairs are made in the form of letters relating to the names of their owners. Furniture wears a non-standard concretized character and is one of its kind.

  • Unusual extravagant model suitable for ultra-modern interiors.

  • Dining groups in the style of minimalism, modern, high-tech and other modern destinations. In one interior, the chairs are made in the form of text “checkboxes”. In another embodiment, the slender, elegant, extravagant backs resemble the majestic sitting figures in Thractions in some secret mystical society.

  • Amazing dining chairs design, depicting a wave. They are produced by one smooth curve of the line, as if they are drawn by a single wave of hand. This collection has a different color palette, but especially interesting black and white options.

  • Chair created in a patchwork manner (stacked s). Such furniture will be perfectly combined with a patchwork kitchen tile and suitable for retrostille or directions Provence, Shebbi-Chic.

  • Designer Bar Chairs Collections.

  • For the dining area it is not necessary to select monotonous products. They can be different forms or structurally the same, but diverse in color. Such furniture creates bright accents in monochrome kitchen.

  • Small rooms will fit the composition of chairs from glass or transparent plastic, they skip light and retain the volume of the room. For the same purposes, it may be necessary to need products with empty backs, designated only in lines.

  • Strict laconic collection of stools of a streamlined, almost cosmic form created for interiors of urban styles.

If you have the opportunity, it is better to purchase a design collection of chairs for your kitchen, they will create an unusual, exceptional holiday atmosphere.

How to choose the right chairs for the kitchen and dining area, see the following video.

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