Covers on stools: What are and how to choose?

Highlighting your home, many complement it with various decoration subjects or unusual textiles. Beautiful curtains, bright fellow times and napkins will complement the selected style and make a room with a cozy. Case on the stool acquired in the store or made by your own hands will certainly be the right thing, and also such a decorative product will decorate the room. Consider what types of similar products exist, what features are how to choose the desired model.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The kitchen is a place for cooking and making food. To maintain purity in this room, considerable efforts are made. Covers for kitchen stools will help protect furniture from pollution, and will also be used as decor.

Considering that the seats on stiff tops, and it is difficult for them to relax truly, it is better to lay a soft bedspread on the surface. Soft filling cover will be the perfect option. Such products will not move from the surface, while they can be removed if desired.

On sale you can find many types of capes on stools and chairs.

They are made of various materials, they are performed in different techniques. Such products are able to support the style that is inherent in the room.

Covers on stools perform not only decorative, but also a protective function.

The advantage of these products is as follows:

  • They instantly transform the setting and refresh it;
  • Textiles protects the seat from scratches (including the paws of pets);
  • You can quickly change the case, replacing the flower gamut in the room.

    An independent manufacture of such products will make it possible to raise the mood, realize creative ideas. Handmade products lately very popular, In addition, the price of them will be significantly lower than the stores, because they can be sewed from old flaps, use pieces of matter or leather, yarn residues and various decorative elements.

    The disadvantage of such covers can only be some complexity in caring for similar products due to the features of the selected material.


    Covers on the stool can be of different species. They can freely lay down to the seat either be tightly fortified on them. Such products are universal, they are released for seats round and square forms. Their fixation is carried out using various devices.

    The cape on the stool can be recorded:

    • on strings;
    • on ribbons;
    • With the help of loops;
    • These can be products on rubber bands.

      Seat capes can be purchased in the store or sew yourself. These can be products associated with dense yarn or sewn. Typically, materials are chosen for the kitchen, which are resistant to temperature drops, to moisture impacts. In this case, the ideal option will be the choice of leather goods or leather. Leather covers are easy to clean, besides, they look very presentable.

      There are various varieties of cutting forms of cape for kitchen furniture.

      • For furniture, which is used constantly, more often use tightly seated options from textiles. Such models will fit well to the seat, which allows the cover to keep on the surface and not move.
      • Free Croes are more suitable for the front cases, so expensive fabric are more often choosing for them.
      • Drapery Cide Cases. Such products will cover the old furniture, as well as add comfort when used.

        Most popular materials for such products are considered to be several types.

        • Gabardine. He has an increased density. Considering that artificial materials will quickly scatter and get dirty, it is better to give preference to such a solid material.
        • COLOR SATOR. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch material that has an attractive shine.
        • Lycra cases have a pretty presentable species. In addition, this material is unpretentious in care.
        • Brocade. Watch products look very rich, but for the kitchen they are not quite suitable, as it is difficult to clean the material on their own.

        For the kitchen, the cape from the spandex is suitable, because this material will not absorb and skip moisture.


        To add a special color and coziness to the kitchen room, many give preference to the articles made manually. Create unusual capes on stools can be using a hook or needles. Skillful craftswomen will firm or contact the product for individual orders. Warm capes related manually will ensure comfort, and will become a decorative element of the kitchen or a country house. Optionally, you can order not only a knitted kit, putting on stools, but also like tacks and even bare.

        Make a convenient and original case from the patchworks that are found in every home. Products in the style of Patchwork will allow you to decorate the room with exclusive products made with your own hands. It is only worth showing fantasy or inspired by the models already created to make a soft case for kitchen chairs.

        Even the ordinary kitchen stool can be transformed, putting on it new “clothes”.

        To independently sew a product from the flavors of the fabric, you must prepare:

        • trimming fabrics of different colors;
        • scissors and ruler;
        • piece of chalk;
        • Material for lining from below;
        • Pins for fixing the product;
        • batting.

        Work start with cutting of flaps of fabric the same height, for example, 6 cm. The length of the lobs can be different, from 10 to 20 cm.

        Then you should measure the length and width of the seat and cut down the slice of batting. All sliced ​​stripes should be sewn into one large ribbon. Starting from the corner you need to apply stripes, smoothing them and cut off. When all strips are fixed, you need to collect the product. The lining fabric is laying on the lower row, the interface is placed in the middle, and the patchwork material is put on top. The product is fixed with pins and smoothed. At the constituent stage, the case is connected on the junction with ribbons.


        Capes on the stool can be purchased in the store. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a large range of similar goods.

        Especially popular covers on stool covers Turkish brand Venera.

        The company produces products sets in the amount of 2, 4 and 6 pieces. These include:

        • square capes on a stool with ruffles;
        • Round rolling covers;
        • sets from square-shaped covers without flirt;
        • Covers on round-shaped stools without flirt.

        The depth of seats has a size of 40-70 cm, the width of the landing places is 40-70 cm.

        Product color can be chosen based on personal preferences. Manufacturers produce case in milk color, chocolate tones, terracotta, gray, as well as mustard, vanilla, bordeaux and others. If you wish, you can choose the most successful color of the product, it advantageously underlining the main tone in the room or contrasting with it.

        Russian manufacturers are also engaged in the release of similar products for the house. So, steel favorites Covers from CHELTRAL and Brooklyn collections. In assortment Companies “Medezhda” Capes on a stool round and square shape with a pillow. The product of the square shape has parameters 33 by 33 cm. The diameter of the soft cape is 34 cm.

        How to choose?

        Choosing a cuisine case, take into account what size and shape has a stool. Whether a cape on a round or square kitchen chair, it is important that the product fit to the interior to the interior and emphasized the selected style.

        It is better that the selected model harmonized with textiles located in the room. So, the color of the cape must approach the color of the curtain, tablecloths or paintings hanging on the wall. Gentle and cream shades always stay in priority. Such tones will benefitly emphasize the interior, make a light room, which is relevant for small rooms.

        For kitchen performed in the style of Provence, Capes from thin, natural fabrics of bright shades are suitable. Often to maintain such a style pick up a cloth with a small floral print, an embroidery is used.

        For Country Style Select models made of cotton or flax. Covers of fabric in a cage from wool beneficially emphasized the rustic style. As well as for this style, knitted options with a textured pattern will be appropriate.

        For high-tech or minimalism style It is better to choose the capes, stitched from a monophonic simple fabric without various rocks and decorations. Metallic tissue fabric will be an excellent choice for adherents of such styles.

        If there are children in the house, then covers for kitchen stools, you can decorate with bright appliqués or patterns. Cute Ryushi and bright ribbons will decorate the chair and turn it into the throne for a little princess.

        Capes on a stool for daily use and for a celebration should be different. For a celebration, it is better to choose products with rushes, bows and draperies. For daily use, direct cut products will be suitable without an unnecessary decor.

        About how to sew a simple casing for the tokewhet, look next.

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