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    Regardless of the size of the room and the design stylistics, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of furniture. Modern buyers choose practical, stylish and profitable products. In each house, there is a wardrobe, most often it is installed in the bedroom. In this case, choose a product for clothing and storage of bed linen.

    In the living room you can find a bookcase that performs aesthetic and functional role. Corner cabinets are chosen to save space indoors. It is stylish, spacious and compact furniture. Next, the article will discuss the corner cabinets from the IKEA brand and the place of their products in the interior.


    Specialists from the design and design of residential premises note that angular cabinets are the best solution for small residential areas. Furniture of this type is also ideal for rooms with non-standard layout.

    Considering the popularity of cabinets of this type, IKEA has developed a wide range of cabinets that occupy a minimum of space complement the interior and in the same time are spacious.

    Outdoor and hinged corner-type cabinets help maximizely distribute the territory, especially if we are talking about the design of small apartments. Special design has its own individual characteristics.

    Among the wide range of products from a popular brand, you can find a huge variety of cabinets that differ in color, size, the type of placement and other characteristics. As for angular models, they can have a different shape and color, from the classic color scheme to non-standard color solutions that perfectly fit into modern and extraordinary decorates.

    Additional customer opportunities are company strategy. For example, if you are not the first year you purchase products from IKEA, then the main distinguishing feature of the furniture is the possibility of complementing the model with new elements. In this connection, the buyer has the ability to combine various departments and change the design at will.

    Corner cabinets can be used in all rooms of the residential building: bedroom, kitchen, hallway, hall, living room. Depending on the size of the room and material capabilities, the buyer chooses the size of the product and the material from which the cabinet is made. The goods from the IKEA catalog can be made both from natural and artificial materials, however, most of the products are made of plastic, fiberboard and other similar raw materials.


    By method of placement, all cabinets can be divided into two types: standing (installation in any part of the room) and built-in (accommodation in the wall of the room). Corner models from IKEA brand are divided into purposes:

    • Kitchen. As a rule, these are suspended cabinets, the main purpose of which – storage of dishes and other accessories.
    • Bedroom. Wardrobe, clothes linen, bedding and other.
    • Living room. The living room products can be used both to preserve useful things and books, figurines, photos and other decorative elements. In this case, you need to choose a model with glass doors through which products will be visible.

    Given the high popularity of compact furniture, IKEA employees have developed a wide range of corner cabinets. Special attention specialists paid bedroom furniture. So that in this room it was pleasant, and the dream was fruitful and full, the furniture should complement the interior.

    For the convenience of customers, the cabinets are complemented by backlight, at the expense of which to find the right thing in the dark will simply, at the same time, it will not be necessary to include light and wake the rest of the residents at home.

    Also, do not forget that the company’s employees took care of the capacity of cabinets. The products were equipped with shelves, compartments, special elements for hangers and other similar elements. Due to them, even the smallest cabinet can be multifunctional.

    To choose from customers a company offers models of corner cabinets by the doors of various types. You can find models, both with swing and sliding doors. The second option is most often found in the corner wardrobes, which are comfortable and spacious mini-dressing rooms. Swing doors have small lockers or suspended structures.


    Corner cabinets offered by a popular company combine practicality, beauty, originality, convenience and affordable price. Given the wide variety of stylistics, designers created many models that are suitable for different styles, from the well-known classics to a bold avant-garde. The real masters of their case thought all to the smallest detail to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customers.


    Among the enormous variety of corner-type cabinets is especially popular as a model called Pax. This is a stylish white cabinet, which is ideal for registration of compact residential premises. This model can be placed in the bedroom or children’s room. Furniture in bright colors Creates in the room the atmosphere of freshness, filling the space light.

    The main parts of the cabinet, including the shelves, are made of chipboard and coated with melamine film. Rear wall consists of fiberboard. The wardrobe can be divided into such components: four shelves, frame and angular module.

    More information about the products and materials used in the manufacture, you can learn from official representatives of IKEA products or on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer’s company provides a warranty on a closet for up to 10 years. To organize internally space inside the product, in addition to the model, the company provides special internal elements.

    Thanks to the adjustable legs, the cabinet will be reliably standing even on uneven semi. The minimum number of workers required for assembly – two people. The corner cabinet is attached to the wall due to the wall fastener, which comes in the kit.

    To clean the product, it is necessary to periodically clean the dry cloth, as well as use the detergent.


    So that the atmosphere of pacification, calm and relaxation rear in the bedroom, the room should not be lit by a large number of things and bulky furniture. For this zone in the apartment it is recommended to choose furniture in bright and soft shades.

    White or beige closet for books, clothes and other things perfect for classic stylistics: Baroque, Classicism, Rococo. Models in bright colors, preferably monophonic – perfect selection for modern styles, such as minimalism, high-tech, art deco and others.


    Corner wardrobe choose customers who prefer compact and functional furniture. The name “coupe” Furniture of the above type received due to the special weth of the opening of doors, which are revealed like a compartment. This parameter is better than the rest suitable for small rooms, where every meter.

    How to order and how to care?

    The cabinet from the above brand can be purchased via the Internet by visiting the official website, or by passing to the store. Stationary shopping points offering products from IKEA in almost every major city.

    After placing the order, the furniture is brought to the specified address in a disassembled form. The assembly of the corner cabinet is carried out directly on the spot, when the buyer.

    The installation process after delivery helps bring the wardrobe in integrity and safety without damaging the design during transportation.

    In addition, this principle will save the surface from the formation of dents and scratches, because transporting individual elements is much easier than the finished product. Also, the buyer has the ability to collect furniture if desired independently.

    Available cost of goods, delivery and assembly played an important role in the development of the popularity of the IKEA brand.

    Regardless of the quality of furniture, you need to adhere to certain rules that will extend the service life for years. The first thing to remember is – never overload the shelves. If their depth is 58 centimeters, then the maximum weight should be 20 kilograms. If the depth is less, for example, 35 centimeters, then the load should not exceed 12 kilograms. Before using furniture, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions for the closet and stick to it


    IKEA has tremendous popularity worldwide. Given this indicator, it is not surprising that the products manufactured by this brand are actively discussed on the Internet. Customers who personally appreciated the furniture are divided by their impressions, advise and help with choosing.

    About 90% of all reviews that belong to IKEA cabinets are positive. Both experienced customers and those who recently made the first purchase in the brand store of the above brand report that the furniture meets quality standards. Corner cabinets perform their main purpose – capacity when saving space in the room.

    The company adheres to a reasonable pricing policy, due to which goods from the company are available to most. Despite low prices, compared with the cost of furniture from other well-known manufacturers, products have a long service life and a stylish appearance.

    About how the storage system “Pax” looks like, you will see in the following video.

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