Corner cabinet: species and characteristics

Corner type of cabinets is popular in different interior styles. Similar products are selected for different rooms and can perform many features. Furniture stores offer a huge number of corner models, so it is important to read in advance with all the characteristics and the rules for choosing such cabinets.

Features, pros and cons

Corner Chiffonier has unique characteristics, among which there are descriptions of both positive and negative qualities. The pluses of angular structures include:

  • Capacity. Cabinets can have many sections that are convenient for storing a large number of things. Even in compact angular structures, it will well fit all the most necessary for home or office.

  • Such compilations have elegant and beautiful forms. Their silhouette gives the elegance to the whole interior of the room, beautifies the shortcomings and masks the error of the planning.
  • Convenient device and the form of an angular cabinet allows you to create a whole dressing room in the room. The product will be convenient not only for storing clothes, but also to create a private zone for dressing.

  • Chiffiode of this type is used in different rooms. It is installed in almost all types of premises – bedrooms, children’s rooms, corridors, offices. Depending on the purpose of the room, the appropriate product design is easily selected.
  • Many decor options. You can create exclusive models of corner cabinets according to your own project or use designer ideas. For decor used a wide range of shapes and materials.

Despite the lot of advantages, angular products possess some minuses:

  • Corner Chiffonier is not suitable for all types of planning. He will not look at a narrow room or corridor. The most preferred form of the room is square or rectangular.
  • Not in all models of this type, you can create a variety of compartments. Small structures do not accommodate a lot of shelves for various things, mostly they are designed to accommodate outerwear or clothes on her shoulders.

Models and varieties

Among the angular chiffoniers, you can find a variety of models for every taste and wallet. There are the following types of classifications.

By number of doors:

  • Singled The cabinet is a five-stranded product with one swollen door. It is used in small rooms and has a discreet design. One-door Chiffonier is often supplied with a mirror that takes the entire area of ​​the door.
  • Bivalve The cabinet may also have a pentagonal or shape of a trapezium. Two-rolled Chiffonier happens not only with swing, but also sliding doors. Often a two-door cabinet forms an angle due to the shelves of the open facade attached to the side.

  • Three-growing Corner products have a concave form. The two compartments are on the sides, and one – in the middle part. The middle compartment is used for textile storage and large things. The angular part of the closets with three doors is often supplied with a mirror. Sometimes three-door cabinet has a M-shaped.

According to the design features, such types are distinguished:

  • Cabinet represents a solid construction that does not reach the ceiling level. The closed facade of the main part of the cabinet, in the package of which includes from the bar, complement the open shelves.

The design with an angular element can often be selected, which can be a drawing, a mirror and another decor. Special view of body models will be models on legs.

  • Wardrobe wardrobe or wardrobe is very popular for clothing storage. It has a radius or five-stranded shape, it can include designs with two rods, special lingerie and even special compartments for household appliances and shoes.

  • Shellage cabinet – Great place for books, small items and accessories. It is a symmetric or M-shaped design consisting of horizontal shelves. An open facade of the product allows the original interior originally.
  • Hardware Chiffiofier may be in the form of a strict g-shaped design or wardrobe. In the first type there are many sections for various clothes. In the wardrobe, too, there may be a variety of compartments, but in most cases they are small.

  • Modular angular cabinet has many different components and options for their combinations. In addition to the department for things, you can enable bookshelves, dressers, bedside tables and even tables.

  • Built-in Chiffonier It is a diagonal or radial sliding doors height from the floor to the ceiling, which are separated from the chiffonier part of the space in the corner of the room. Usually such a design is a two-rolled ware.
  • Folding cabinet used in kitchen headset. This compartment is very functional – when opening the door does not take up a lot of space, and the angular department of the headset is quite spacious for kitchen accessories. Most often such design has a lower compartment headset.

According to the location:

  • Most angular products are located on the floor. Large cabinets stand on the floor with the entire surface or have elegant legs at the base. If we consider the kitchen outdoor model, then it is worth noting the presence of a rotating mechanism for storing and drying dishes.

  • Wall cabinets are installed in the corner of the kitchen or bathroom. The mounted cabinet may have a rotating mechanism by which it is convenient to get kitchen utensils and dishes. In the bathroom on the wall, a shallow suspension cabinet is usually hung, because the room itself is oversized.

By configuration:

  • The cabinet “Gorka”, popular for living rooms, has a difference in the height of its elements. Sometimes the left and right compartment have the same dimensions and configuration, and sometimes in the angular cabinet includes versatile compartments, differ in height and form.
  • Asymmetric type of product – this is a convex-concave structures that most often require a large area for installation. Asymmetrical Chiffiode is better installed in the room without deficiencies.

  • Convex products have sliding seed-circuit doors.
  • The radial version admits not only convex, but also concave forms of doors. Sometimes both of these elements are found in the structure of curved cabinets.
  • Straight design has a clear angle of 90 degrees on an angular joint. Such cabinets give the interior of severity and conciseness.

Options for configuration

The composition of corner cabinets may include a series of compartments, useful and convenient to store frequently used things. Corner structures combine several pieces of furniture, saving place in the room. The most popular settings include:

  • Ergonomic combination of angular design with a writing desk. One of the sides of the angular chiffiophiera with an open facade goes into an angular table that will be a comfortable piece of furniture in a schoolboy room. The cabinet contains compartment with shelves for storing books, sometimes the product is a more massive design with drawers and sections for clothes. The table is concluded in the angular part of the product between its sides.

  • The continuation of one of the sides of the angular bonder can be a chest of a dresser, which is part of the modular system and completely coincides with the style and color with Chiffiode. The chest of drawers is chosen in the bedroom. A combination of a cabinet with a more compact chest is suitable for the corridor.
  • For kitchen structures Popular model design with retractable section. The door mechanism opens up standard, while the shelves themselves are put forward on an arcuate trajectory. Often, such cabinets are equipped with a dryer for dishes.

  • One of the parts of the angular cabinet often is a compartment with a rack for outerwear, sometimes it is divided into 2 parts.
  • To make the model compact, create special mechanisms for doors. Similar option is the corner wardrobe with the door of “Harmoshka”. It develops several times when opening and unlike swing structures in the open position does not take up much space.


An important distinguishing feature of the corner wardrobe is the form in which he is embodied. The designs of various types are created, but the most popular forms of products are the following:

  • Semicircular Corner cabinet very compact. He perfectly fits into any angle of the room and does not look cumbersome. Often, such a product is represented in the form of a whole wardrobe with a zone for dressing up. The model rarely contains many compartments, it consists of sections for storing basic things – outerwear, linen and textiles.
  • Mr Chiffonier is a straight concave product, the sides of which have different lengths. Most often, they are equipped with two departments with rods, while compartments with shelves are located on the sides. M-shaped cabinet is equipped with the side of the shelves with an open facade.

  • Round The corner cabinet has a radius design, its doors are located semicircle. Often dot lamps are mounted in the upper part of the products. The equipment of such a model can be modest and combine a couple of compartments for clothes and hats, and may be quite spacious and even to perform the role of mini-dressing room. Rounded structures look more overall than semicircular.
  • Products may have a trapezoid form. Often exactly similar models are used as a wardrobe. At the expense of additional angles, space is created inside the product. Overall models can be fascinated by a rather large number of compartments that contain many things. There is also such a closet form as an asymmetric trapezium, it has larger sizes.

  • Triangular ChiffiFieres look very compact in the angular part of the room. Cabinet models are small and commonly used in office space and small hallways. Diagonal models, triangular in cross section, look especially compact and well suited to fill the space between the doors and windows on adjacent walls.
  • Five-lane Products are often as part of modular designs. They are easy to combine with chests, couches and tables. Side models compartments have an open facade and equipped with shelves.

Types of facades

Like other models of chiffoniers, corner structures imply various designs and design of facades.

Closed types of facades are shelves or other compartments that are covered with doors. Open facades look like a row of shelves with free access to their contents.

In angular cabinets there are either fully closed facades or a combination of closed and open parts.

Fashionable trend is a glass facade for an angular bulletiner. Glass is mostly matte and can be taken into different colors. Such a reception is very unusual, because the outlines of the cabinet’s contents are peeping through the matte glass. Sometimes in textures from other materials inserts with glass.

Often the facades of the cabinet are decorated with prints and drawings. Also, patterns are supplied with glass surfaces or other textures.

How to choose?

To choose the right Corner Chiffonier, you need, first of all, remember its appointments and functions that it must perform in a particular room.

  • For children, you should select a wardrobe depending on the age of Chad. The smallest in the design you need to turn on the toy box. For a schoolboy, you can equip a special corner, combining the closet with the table and using convenient shelves of the open facade for storing school supplies. For the girl, the cabinet “Hill” is suitable, with a small trumpem and a mirror. For teenage room make shelving angular constructions.

  • For storage of things there are wrapping structures and roomy wardrobes. In the closets for such purposes, departments for shoes must be present, for outerwear, underwear and accessories.

Stylish models in a democratic price can be found among the products of Belarusian firms.

  • Direct or corner wardrobe for storing documents and papers should be compact and at the same time spacious. Modern offices welcome the availability of additional compartments for archives and folders.
  • Beautiful and unusual cabinets often arrive at the furniture market from Italy. Italian corner products are more expensive, but they will fit much better in many interior styles.

The most beautiful bulbies are elite designer models that will make any room of the original.


For each type of angular articles, there are standard parameters:

  • Wardrises have large dimensions, their height reaches 2 m 40 cm, depth and width are 1 m 10 cm.
  • A low and small-sized kitchen cabinet can have a length of 60 to 63 cm. The facade is usually not very big – from 29 to 38 cm. For low modular design with two facades, the minimum dimensions of 60 x 27 x 26.5 cm.
  • Triangular structures can have parties up to 150 cm, but sometimes there are mini-models, the depth of which is only 40 cm.

  • In the trapezoidal cabinet typically narrow side walls about 30-40 cm, but such structures are often quite high.
  • Not very high can be the height of the radius. It sometimes reaches only 1 m 80 cm.
  • Long structures sometimes reach 2.5 m in height, the length of their compartments on average 1 m 60 cm and 2 m 10 cm. Sometimes the design is lengthened with an open facade.


Among the palette for registration of angular chiffios can find the following colors:

  • Popular Tree Tints: Wenge, Milk Oak, Beech, Walnut, Cherry. To achieve a vintage effect sometimes use bleached material.
  • Synthetic materials are embodied in a richer range of colors. Black is combined with many colors, blue is used to create an accent on the doors, a light cabinet can be decorated with lilac-colored inserts. Acid tones and even gradient technology.


There are a number of basic materials, of which corner structures are most often created:

  • Presentable and expensive models are made from the organicle. Oak, Alder, Beech. Cheaper are pine patterns.
  • Popular materials include the wood component – MDF and chipboard. They are more budgetable, but offer no less variety of models.

  • Some shelves of cabinets are made of drywall. Products are made of lining or PVC film.
  • For registration of doors of cabinets, the rattan is sometimes used, such models are obtained interesting and unusual.
  • Furniture loops of angular structures are created from metal.


Not all designs have a standard species. Some have special items that perform important functions.

  • So that the doors and boxes of the cabinet for documents have not opened, it is advisable to hang the lock for the cabinet. It can be made of plastic and put on handles or metal with a special key.
  • If you decide to put a wardrobe along the wall curve or on the junction of the walls with an uneven surface, select the built-in designs and make them from the inside so that the rod is located on the area of ​​irregularity, lay the shelves better along the smooth surfaces.
  • To fully eliminate irregularities, you can draw on the wall that will be inside the cabinet, optical drawing. He finally smoothes the surface visually. Or bleach wallpaper with the same effect.
  • The size of the compartments can be changed, if you disassemble the horizontal shelves and increase the departments.

Design ideas

In each direction of the interior, the corner chiffonier must have specific features.

  • The classic style uses cabinets from natural wood of noble shades. They decorated with threads, gilding. Classic approves models on small legs.
  • Wood products of the style of Provence with modest design and pastel colors can have small floral prints on the facades.

  • Corner Country Cabinet – Versted Under the Starin Product from Dark Or Lightwood.
  • For modern styles Modern, minimalism, High-tech are popular models from plastic or artificial materials with illuminated. For registration are used both restrained and bright colors, drawings and even photo printing.

Examples of accommodation in the interior

Corner Chiffonier is located in different rooms, and for each of them the designs of the corresponding forms and sizes are selected.

  • In one-room apartment or in a small room used single cabinets. They are intended to store outerwear and hats.
  • In offices You can meet diagonal designs with horizontal shelves, which are used for storing documents and office supplies. Such cabinets are usually located near the doors or windows.

  • In the bedroom Frequently located wardrobe, because it is in this room that it is customary to store most of the clothes.
  • In the gym Selected modular designs with special shelves for books and a TV compartment. The angular part is either a pentagonal or concave diagonal design. Cabinets in the living room have more shelves with an open facade than similar products in other rooms.

In the bedroom often installed cabinets with two or more sash. These can be g-shaped or radial designs. Very often, cabinets with mirror sash are installed in the room, there may be convex-concave models that look very original.

Corner closet partition has a rectangular or pentagonal shape. The location of such products is determined by the zonal separation of the room. Usually, such a layout is used in spacious rooms.

Corner Cabinet – An important detail of any home. If you take into account all the features when choosing a model, each room of your home will acquire a beautiful and elegant appearance

Overview of an interesting corner cabinet Look in the following video.

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