Corner buffets: varieties, materials and design

Despite fashion trends and changing furniture manufacturing technologies, there are eternal values ​​in design. More and more owners of apartments want to beautifully keep their table silver, spectacular sets, beautiful dishes. Regardless of the size of the area, the buffet is becoming more sought after, especially since quite a lot of compact models are presented in furniture stores. One of the most successful designs in this sense – an angular buffet or a server.


The corner buffet is a classic storage area of ​​dishes that can not replace the kitchen headset, but only complements it. In traditional execution, such furniture consists of two parts:

  • bottom closed with deaf doors;
  • Top, equipped with glass doors.

    The form of an angular side can be intricate or laconic, a radius narrow buffet is very common. The main plus of such furniture is compactness and the ability to fill the emptore corner. In addition, she has other advantages:

    • comes the interior originality;
    • very comfortable in use;
    • respectable and stylish looks subject to the corresponding interior.

    There are disadvantages:

    • very relative capacity;
    • successfully will fit far from every style;
    • must stand separately, therefore requires a dedicated place;
    • High-quality product is expensive.

    Despite the fact that the main purpose of the buffet is decorative, it can be stored and spectacular to demonstrate dishes, beautiful little things, textiles. Similar cabinets are different.

    • Buffet. Functional, with closed sections at the bottom may be two- or three-core, with a tabletop and without it. In the upper part there may be a glazing or open shelves.

    • Sideboard. Consists of two parts – the top is glazed, and the bottom is equipped with drawers of the drawer.
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    • Showcase. Different from the two previous options with a large number of open space. Actually showcase all glazed.


    Corner buffets for the kitchen, dining room or living room can be made from a variety of materials. Of course, most of these wardrobes are made of wood of different breeds. TYou can often find furniture from chipboard or MDF. Luxury buffets and servants are made only from a wood array: pines, cherries, ash, oak, walnut. The most expensive and status models are made of more valuable rocks, such as mahogany.

    The price varies depending on the value of the breed, as well as the design of the product. When the material is selected, this indicator is most often assessed as durability. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the oak and other elite varieties. If the price matters, you can stay on practical products from birch, pines – their price is more democratic.

    Woodworking products today are quite wide, especially MDF and chipboard. Looks such products presentable and beautiful, and it’s an order of magnitude cheaper. In addition, the models are well tolerated the temperature differences and elevated humidity level.

    In addition to wood, quite a lot of glass is involved in the design. Glass top is made of shockproof, hardened species.

    You can meet non-standard metal products. Such a housing is most often made to order for modern interiors.

    Color spectrum

    Most buffet models are made in tree shades. The most relevant tones:

    • whisk oak;

    • Dark cherry;

    • Red tree;

    • nut;

    • Wenge.

    Besides, You can find a white or black buffet, two-color models. For example, white top and gray or brown bottom. Transparent glass of the upper sections can be replaced by bright stained glass windows. When choosing a color, you must first of all focus on the overall composition and stylistics of the room.

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    Buffet, as a design element, should not contradict a common furniture ensemble, but on the contrary, to organically fit into the interior, create a single whole with him. Corner models will harmoniously look in different style directions.

    • Baroque. In this rich and luxurious interior it will be appropriate to be a buffet with an intricate and abundant carved ornament. Also in the decor there are stone, mosaic glass.

    • Classic. In such design, the buffet looks especially organic, preferred models made of natural wood of neutral colors. Decorative Details: Carving, Overhead Elements.

    • Provence. Color only white, with an antique effect, model elegant, not bulky. The upper part can be decorated with colored glass.

    • Country. Color range – only shades of natural wood, mainly dark. Simple models, laconic, comfortable.

    • Rustic. Buffet in such an interior is chosen rough-brutal, the decorative finish is missing.

    • Minimalism. In a rigorous simple interior, the buffet of MDF, concise, without delights and decorative elements will fit.

    • Loft. Successfully look a bulky wardrobe with an artificial effects effect.

    It is not necessary to include a buffet in the interior of the following stylistic directions:

    • high tech;
    • futurism;
    • techno.


    Despite the fact that the decorative value of the buffet is very significant, it is necessary to take care of the functional filling. As sections for storage can be used: lattices, shelves, drawers of drawers, closed sections. You can store in buffets not only cutlery and dishes, but also textiles, many useful little things. You can organize a buffet filling in different ways, for example, to equip it with the following details:

    • railing systems from hooks and tubes – if the dishes are stored in the hidden sections, they are ideal for;
    • dryer – if the buffet is located in the kitchen, this item is definitely useful;
    • trays and lattices of metal and plastic, which are hidden below and allow distribution cutlery, dishes;
    • rubberized substrates that will not allow to slide dishes;
    • Drawers of drawers for textile storage.

    The upper showcase part is equipped with coams for decorative items on open or closed shelves.

    Where to put?

    The corner wardrobe for the dishes is most often placed in the kitchen and in the dining room are not too large. In addition to these rooms, the corner buffet will organically fit into the interior of the living room, a small cabinet.

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      In the kitchen, in the dining room

      Performs the feature of the additional section for storing and demonstrating dishes.

        In the living room

        It is important to competently equip the open zone, since the lounge buffet plays the role more decorative, aesthetic.

          In the office

          Can be used as a bar with appropriate drinks, glasses of different types.

          Needless to consider room planning. Bulky models require more space, and light small designs will stand in any free corner. Do not put a buffet across the windows, it will reduce the amount of natural light. But the location opposite the door of the buffet with the mirror walls will increase the space.

          Beautiful examples in the interior

          Compact white buffet perfectly fit into the concise, calm interior of the living room, dining area.

          Buffet under the antique perfectly complement any vintage design.

          In the living room in such furniture can be stored not only dishes and souvenirs, but also books.

          Luxury interiors require appropriate level and design furniture.

            In the rustic interiors, this piece of furniture is appropriate in simple, rough performance.

            Overview of the angular buffet in the video below.

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