Computer chairs: types, best models and rules of choice

Today there is a computer in every home. To work for him, people have to buy a lot of necessary components. And we are talking not only about columns, printer or keyboard with mouse. Camping space next to computer equipment, it is important to accommodate a high-quality and comfortable chair there. In today’s article we learn what kinds of these products exist and how they need to be correctly choosing.


Many people underestimate the role of a computer chair – it is wrong. It is from the choice of this design that will depend on how convenient will place place for work or games. Besides, The level of convenience of the computer chair affects user performance, eye health and spine. Properly selected model will certainly reduce fatigue, reduce the loads that are served on the back, as well as neck muscles.

It is especially important to select high-quality and most comfortable computer chairs for home. This is because Many people come from work, spend a lot of free time at PCs: browsing movies, TV series or play computer games.

Simple chairs for such a pastime are not suitable – they turn out to be completely inconvenient. When sitting on them, soon begin the neck and back – there is nothing good.

If you use standard chairs for a long time on conventional legs, sitting at a computer, soon it will lead to bad consequences. If you do not have the opportunity to regularly visit a professional masseur to remove fatigue from the spine, it is recommended to select a high-quality computer chair and for recreation, and for work.

The modern market is on the choice of consumers. Different models of computer seats. Pick up a comfortable, high-quality and well-collected option is not difficult. Modern chairs are not only comfortable, but also attractive. So, office options are more often made by solid and expensive in appearance. Game varieties are more often performed with bright inserts in the sports style. And the first, and the second types are presented in a wide range.


You can find a lot of options with additional features, for example, with a footrest, massage or the ability to give the design. Lying position. We will understand more, what types of designs under consideration exist and what features they possess.


Computer chairs are divided into 2 categories in accordance with their appointment. Highlight office and gamers (game) models. Many people buy for both work and for home office-type armchairs. These varieties have a cross, which is supplied with double high mobility rollers. Similar models are divided into several subspecies.

  • For personnel. This category includes cheap model office chairs. They have a minimum set of possible settings, often complemented by low back. With the basic functions of the product for personnel, they are not bad, although long (6-7 hours) sit on them is not too convenient – it starts to get tired and root.

  • For executives. Most often, computer chairs of this category differ in massive, solid and expensive appearance. They always come in a set with armrests and a wide back. It provides a richer set of settings, so in the use of armchairs for managers turn out to be more convenient. In such an armchair you can see more than 8 hours, without feeling fatigue or pain in the back.

However, such models are usually quite expensive.

  • Anatomical or orthopedic. These models are equipped with a corset back and divided into several zones. Almost all models of the specified type are not equipped with a lumbar roller, the head restraint does not include. As a result, the user succeeds in achieving the optimal position of the back. According to the assurances of owners of such chairs, they can be given 10-12 hours without any negative consequences. They usually provide a flexible seat.

To a separate category should be attributedGamers chairs. These models differ in appointment from office – similar designs are designed for a rather long session of the user in front of the computer. Game chairs are developed in such a way as to sit on them, a person could comfortably spend time on the game.

Gamers in most cases are equipped with plenty of adjustments. Regulated armrests and backs, pillow under the lower back and other additional components may be present in them. Today, models are popular in which a convenient footrest is provided. At the right moment, she, as if the regiment, is put forward, and the gamer can place legs on it. And there are also folding options that may take a completely suicide position.

Game models differ from office not only appointment and operating conditions, but also design. These differences are visible immediately. If office copies are manufactured with concise and solid, then gamers more often have a bright or futuristic appearance.


Computer seats of different types differ in their design. Consider what modern models are, and which device they have.

  • Today, gamers are popular with the form of “bucket”. They are specifically designed for a long pastime in front of the computer. These models are equipped with a high back with an orthopedically right structure. Often these options are complemented by footrest.

  • There are models without armrests. Options with such a design are not recommended to use for a long seating for computer equipment. At some point, the shoulders and hands on such a product will begin to get tired and root.

  • Not suitable for long work andRound computer chair. Typically, these products are complemented by a low back, the angle of inclination cannot be adjusted. They are equipped with a non-source seat, their height is extremely rarely adjustable.

  • Modern directorial chairs In their design, have an orthopedic back with the support of the loin and high-quality comfortable armrests. These are very convenient options, to sit on which you can with maximum comfort.

Almost all office chairs are provided Headrests.

Almost all computer chairs have such an element as Gazlift. This is a kind of shock absorber, with which you can change the level of the seat height.

Features of the design of a computer armchair depend on the device of a specific model. Different options consist of different functional additions.


Computer armchairs are made of diverse. So, in stores you can find many comfortable chairs having compact dimensions. Often such designs are cheap. For example, it can be models with such indicators:

  • 600 mm wide, a protrusion of 600 mm and a height of 890-985 mm;
  • width – 470 mm, protrusion – 400 mm, height – 860-990 mm;
  • width – 475 mm, protrusion – 420 mm, height – 895-995.

Compact models are ideal for users of the appropriate set. In addition, you can always highlight free space in a small room. There are also middle and large chairs. Such designs should be selected based on the purpose of buying them. For example, for the Cabinet of the Director, it makes sense to buy a massive, spacious chair, which is quite expensive.

If the chair is not bought for a cabinet, and for home, it is worth making sure that it will fit into the existing situation with its size. It makes no sense to buy too large model for a small room where many other objects are placed around it. It is necessary to ensure that the chair does not close access to the surrounding subjects, otherwise the user during the next turn risks something to demolish or split.

The standard height of computer seats is considered to be 65 cm. If you buy a model much higher, then the user may have certain difficulties when working at the computer. It is important to take into account my own growth, and the parameters that have a computer desk.

Load capacity

Load capacity from different models of computer chairs also varies. For sale there are designs designed for such loads:

  • 100 kg;
  • 105 kg;
  • 120 kg;
  • 125 kg;
  • 130 kg;
  • 131 kg;
  • 150 kg.

Of course, this is not all possible options for carrying computer chairs. You can find such products that are suitable for greater weight – up to 200-250 kg.

Materials manufacturing

Chairs designed to work at the computer are made from different materials. So, The gas lift system is a steel cylinder filled with inert gas. This element can be chrome or simple black. Crosses present in the design of the chairs must be high quality and reliable. They are Plastic or metal.

Cross and armrests are made from one material in most cases. Sometimes in the manufacture of crosses manufacturers resort to adding Wooden Lining (most often painted). Armrests are often equipped with special rubber lined to warn the scalp.

Rollers Chairs can be made of polyamide or polypropylene. Similar parts are designed for operation in the presence of standard flooring. There are rollers from polyurethane – this is the perfect solution for parquet or laminate.

So that the chair was soft, it provides a filler. The most popular options – Foam and polyurethane foam.

These materials have a lot in common, but polyurethane foam still turns out to be longer and wear-resistant. He keeps the form longer and is not remembered.

Modern computer chairs are manufactured not only with tissue, but also with leather upholstery. Popular and convenient options for the mesh back. Consider in more detail what options more often than others are used in the finish of the products under consideration.

  • JP series fabric. Modern synthetic material is characterized by high density. Looks attractive.
  • Fabric from the TW series. Material based on both woven and non-woven components are laid. Differs high breathability and beautiful appearance.
  • Leather. Expensive wear-resistant material for which it is easy to care. Looks expensive and solid.
  • Velours. Natural material that is not distinguished by high strength.
  • Flock. High-strength matter, convenient in operation. Characterized by high purgeness, pleasant from a tactile point of view.
  • Leatherette. Externally not different from natural material. The surface can pass the air, but does not like temperature differences.

Color and Design

Modern computer chairs differ in external execution. Designs may have such designer design options.

  • Gamers Frequently performed in sports style, there are and futuristic options like a bucket chair. Often, such structures are performed in one color and complemented by a bright insert. For example, it can be a black model, on the back and seat of which should be bright yellow or red.
  • Office products Most often differ in solid, business and concise design, devoid of motley inserts and colorful details.

If it is inexpensive models, they look restrained and just. If we are talking about expensive directorial options, then most often they are squeezed with monophonic skin, against the background of which luxuriously chromed fittings look.

In modern stores there are computer chairs performed in the following popular colors:

  • black – universal color, which is suitable for both gamers and workers;
  • grey – Gray chairs look strictly and nonsense;
  • blue – Attractive color, more often found in gamers;
  • green – It is also appropriate in game models, especially if acidic, but the dark green shade will be nice to look at the natural leather upholstery of the directory;
  • Yellow, orange, red – stylish and living paints, suitable for furnishings in modernist and modern styles;
  • pink – the best solution for a children’s or living room;
  • beige – universal classic color, suitable for almost any atmosphere;
  • Purple, Siren – spectacular and juicy colors that are particularly attractively looking in combination with chrome details.

What to take into account when choosing?

The chair for working at a computer needs to choose. Consider on the items that you need to pay attention to, looking for the perfect option.

  • Height of the chair. The height of the design should be optimal so that you can work comfortably at the computer. Sitting on the chair, your legs should not be resting in the table.
  • The degree of softness of the seat. Pay attention to this parameter. The seat should be soft, without sensations of sharp and hard details, otherwise it will not be comfortable.
  • Seat depth. Too deep model will be uncomfortable in the field. The optimal distance from the edge of the chair to the knee bending is 5 cm. This applies to those instances that are complemented by footrest.
  • Seat width. It is implied width between the handles of the product. She should be such that you can comfortably and easily accommodate and adjust your legs, if you are so more convenient. Small width will lead to the fact that you will sit on the design in an unnatural position – comfort in such conditions you do not feel.
  • Adjustable elements. Pay attention to which parts of the chair can be adjusted. If you buy a gamer model, it is desirable to select this option in which you can adjust to yourself and the back, and armrests, and other elements. In office versions, only the adjustment of the height of the armchair and the position of the back is most often provided. All listed items should be checked on the service life in the store.
  • Swing mechanism. It is not recommended to buy such models of computer chairs, in which only the back can swing in a fixed position. The best solution is the foundation that swings along with the back. In this case, the latter retains a rigidly fixed angle in relation to the seat.
  • Materials. Choose a reliable and high-quality armchair made of eco-friendly, practical and wear-resistant materials. From this will depend on the life of the product and its external appeal.
  • Load capacity. Consider the load on which the chair is calculated. If it plans to use a man with a lot of weight and large-scale complex, it is better to choose a reinforced version.

Before buying, carefully inspect the product for defects and damage. They should not be in no case. Check the operation of all the mechanisms – they must be working, work without creak, crunch and swinging.


Pick up a high-quality chair is not so hard. The main thing is to look closely to modern brand models that are found today in most stores. Consider a mini review of top manufacturers that produce beautiful and practical products for working at a computer.

  • Samurai. Modern chairs Samurai enjoyed in enviable demand, as they have minimalistic, but stylish design. You can find in demand instances with mesh backs and chrome armrests – they look such solutions are attractive.
  • Aerocool. The manufacturer releases spectacular gaming chairs. Products are distinguished by stylish design, high ergonomic. Chairs are offered in different color variations.
  • Tetchair. This company has for 20 years is a furniture supplier for home and office for the market in Russia. In the assortment there are gamers and office, and children’s chairs, and model for personnel or managers. The manufacturer offers both budgetary and expensive high quality models.
  • Walter Know. Large brand from Germany. Main specialization: production of high-quality upholstered furniture. In the range of the brand you can find solid computer chairs, which users leave predominantly positive feedback.


We will analyze several basic rules of computer seats.

  • In most chairs, adjustment is provided Those or other elements (seat heights, backrest tilt). For example, to lower the design, you need to sit on it and raise a small pedal (usually located at the bottom of the seat). Do it sharply should not be like “fluff” on the seat. How to regulate those or other components, usually describes the instructions for the product.
  • To raise the seat of the chair, You need to build and press again on the lever, pulling it up. Still do not do sharp movements.
  • Do not forget that the chair at home must be brushing in a timely manner, depending on the material. Leather options are cleaned simply using a slightly moistened rag. Woven options can also be cleaned with a cloth, but before it is better to treat them with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Having bought a new armchair, do not rush to collect it right away (especially if it is leather). Give designs and accessories to fit to room temperature.
  • Do not put on the back all weight, To reject her to the side. Most models have a regulatory item, with which you can correctly change the position of this item correctly.

Possible malfunctions

                  The products under consideration are subject to the next breakdowns.

                  • Does not react to pressing the regulating pedal. The problem may arise due to the wear of the gas lift or the breakdown of the lever itself.
                  • No backrest is not fixed. To this often causes the wear of the permanent.
                  • Backlash in connection with the back. This is due to the problems associated with the backrest mechanism, or a curved fastening with permanent.
                  • Wheels from the Cross. The problem often arises due to disorders of the integrity of the hole in which the wheels are inserted.

                  In some cases, the user may disassemble the design itself and solve the problem. To do this, you need to stock up the suitable details that you want to replace. If you cannot cope yourself, you can call the masters or proceed easier – buy a new chair, especially if the breakdown is serious.

                  About how to choose a computer chair, look next.

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