Coffee tables in the style of “Loft” – the original choice for the interior

    Based on the Loft Stylistics, practical and simple furniture. Interior items of this direction also differ in the original appearance. In the industrial interior, even the most ordinary coffee table can be a key element. It is often made of girlfriend, creating a unique, stylish and practical design. What should be the coffee table in Loft style, will be discussed in this article.


    Loft style originated in America in the 40s of the last century. At that time, placing factories, factories, warehouses began to use as housing. Industrial foundation influenced the decor, becoming its main characteristic. Various elements such as pipes, ventilation, backups for walls and ceiling are not hidden, but on the contrary, they are presented to review.

    In the apartment decorated under the industrial direction, you can see the ceiling beams, rough bricks, wires and other parts. In order for these items to map stylishly, they are covered with paint and processed by other means that protect against mold, fungus and rust. Also for loft is characterized by conciseness and minimalism. The bias are made in favor of natural materials: array, stone, metal.

    Materials and colors

    Compact journal tables that are often installed in the living room, hall or bedroom, perform both aesthetic and functional task.

    This subject in the Loft decoration will differ from standard models of practicality and laconic simplicity, without excesses.

    Most often, natural wood and metal used for the manufacture of such furniture. The second material is used in the form of frames.

    Color color – neutral, natural and calm shades.

    Used both bright and dark tones:

    • grey;

    • White;

    • beige;

    • Brown;

    • black.

    This is the most basic gamma. If designers plan to use a table as an accent, it can be painted in a more colorful and rich color.

    So that this piece of furniture harmoniously complement the interior, the color of the model is selected under the tone of the floor covering or other elements in the interior.

    Table can be decorated with metal parts and paint under metal: bronze, gold, silver.


    The coffee table in the Loft style must correspond to the characteristics of this direction.

    The furniture must have such parameters:

    • practicality;
    • minimum or complete absence of decorative elements;
    • naturalness;
    • functionality;
    • ergonomics;
    • convenience;
    • Laconicity and restraint.

    Products “with history” perfectly fit into the industrial decor. Items with the effect of cracked paint and artificially aged create an imminent atmosphere in the room. If your hands got an old thing that meets the above characteristics, you can safely complement her loft style room.

    Given the popularity of this decorative direction, furniture stores offer a wide selection of coffee tables. Models differ in color, size, materials and other parameters. Whatever option you choose, the main thing is that it corresponds to the stylist. Some craftsmen make furniture items with their own hands or enjoy the service “to order”.

    In the following video, you can clearly consider how to make a table in the style of loft do it yourself.

    Original models

    Among the huge variety are highlighted the most popular models of coffee tables for industrial decoration.

    From pallets

    Indoor decorated in Loft Stylistics, it will be great to look at a table made of wooden pallets. This is a practical, original, stylish and at the same time favorable decision. For one table, you will need about 2-3 pallets. The price of one is approximately 150-200 rubles.

    Elements are processed by special means providing long service life, and also cleaned. Pallets are securely bonded at the expense of bolts, nails or screws. Wooden parts, if you wish, you can paint into any color or clear with transparent varnish. In the last version, the natural appearance of the array is preserved.

    This model is characterized by reliability, practicality and functionality. Thanks to the design of pallets, shelves are formed inside the table. They will definitely use books, magazines, jewelry, clothes and other items that are in every home.

    Having placing such a table next to the sofa or chair, the room will have a comfortable corner for rest alone with you or in the company of loved ones.

    Table Sundoo

    If you want to add a decor with a unique table, which will be the key element in the interior, pay attention to the Coffee Table. As mentioned above in the article, vintage and original things are valued in the Loft. The perfect option is to buy a wooden chest on the flea market and use it as furniture. In the closed form, it will turn out a convenient and stylish table. Also do not forget about the main purpose of this thing – storage of items.

    To give a product of greater expressiveness, the chest can be supplemented with wrought-iron elements, rude metal parts, as well as paint copper or bronze paint. The table in the chest format may look neat and sophisticated or brutally and severely. If desired, the swing cover can be turned into sliding by changing the opening mechanism.

    Furniture of this species can be ordered or find in the catalog of a large store of furniture items. To choose from customers model in various dimensions. The products can also be very different: from light gray and white to dark brown and black.

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