Cocoon Chair: Features, Types and Production

Cocoon Chair allows you to bring comfort to the dwelling and at the same time make it the original. This acquisition will allow you to create a peculiar corner of privacy, where the relaxing atmosphere always reigns. Consider the features of this object of furniture, a variety of species and production possibilities.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

This chair has a rounded shape and therefore received such an uncomplicated name. It is she who is the main feature of such furniture. The form can be insignificant to vary, but all standard models combines their half-closed design.

The undoubted advantages of such an armchair are the following features:

  • Decorativeness – It can be decorated with any room;
  • Comfortableness – You can choose a convenient posture, sit down or lie, hide the blanket, put the pillow under the back or head;
  • Isolation – The model is a partially closed space where you can be alone with your thoughts, to extract a magazine or wander through the sites in a laptop;
  • modernity – Cocoon Chair can become an interior element in such relevant styles as Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Eco, High Tech, Modern, Loft, Pop Art;
  • Universality – can be located in the living room, nursery, bedroom or on the street in the courtyard of a private house;
  • Exclusivity – This furniture looks unusual and gives the dwelling the highlight, adding a modern and interesting view.


  • Installation involves the use of tools, you need to own certain skills;
  • If it is a suspended model, then you will have to break the integrity of the ceiling surface, and if there is a stretch design, it will not be able to suspend it;
  • The lack of stationary instances with fasteners is that they can not just take and move, if you decide to change the interior;
  • The cost of cocoons is higher than the familiar models.


By type of installation, cocoons are divided into several types.


This “nest” is fixed to the ceiling with the help of carbines, chains or other mounts. Due to this, the chair can perform a function of a swing.

Deciding to remove the rocking chair without a rack or transfer it to another place, you will come across that the holes will remain on the ceiling.


Such cocoons are mobile, as they are equipped with a solid stable base in the form of a column, the cocoon is suspended on the top. As can be seen from the name, the design is installed on the floor, so the reliability of the model is higher than that of the previous. The seat on the leg can swing, like a suspension, you can rotate around your axis. The advantage is that it can be put in any place of the apartment where there is enough space, even on the balcony.

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Depending on the shape of the cocoon chairs there are several varieties.

With soft carcasse

Such a model is like a hammock, but less extended. It can be how to sit and lie.


The spherical option has a hard frame. It can be a single or rack. This is the perfect addition of interiors in modern styles.

A drop

Very cozy model on the type of swing with a small entrance. There are models equipped with doors, which are especially attractive for children.


This parameter depends on the price, convenience and durability of the product. The most durable of them – on a metal frame. Frameless armchairs less wear-resistant. Consider more Materials used for the manufacture of cocoons.


For the production of such models, steel and aluminum are commonly used. Wire cover with paint, which is not erased and is not washed off.

Forged products can have very beautiful ornaments.


This is a kind of tropical liana, which is distinguished by smoothness. It for a long time is used for the production of furniture, this material is not afraid of moisture and resistant to wear. To produce cocoons in an industrial scale, manufacturers began to apply artificial analogue of Lian.


Like Willholes, Line has become an economy for ekomlebeli. Durable breathable material is inferior to its analogue – Rotang. It is not so smooth and soft, so cushions are sure to such models.

Plastic and acrylic

Of these materials make solid chairs, similar to eggs. Furniture made of plastic and acrylic, as well as from the plexiglass, successfully complements the interiors in modern styles minimalism, high-tech and pop art.


Reiki from this natural material can keep a well bent.

Nylon or cotton cord

Piliable fibers take the shape of the body of the sitting, which gives special comfort. The strength of the models from the cord is lower than others, besides, they have to be periodically erased.


Big color variety allows you to make bright unusual cocoon chairs. For such furniture use tarpaulin, crying, jeans and other fabrics.


The most original copies bringing heat and comfort to the room. There are many knitting schemes, and the assortment of the thread is truly huge.


Macrame products combine beauty, simplicity and strength. They are often used as street variants of cocoons.


Standard egg-shaped models are of the size of the order of 120x95x75 cm. The dimensions of the chair are selected depending on several parameters.

  • Age category – for children or adults. Today manufacturers offer a huge number of children’s fancy design and colors.
  • Single or double. Large suspension models for two resemble a sofa and give the maximum comfort, in turn, single chairs are also good, because they allow you to retire and dismantle from all worries.
  • Availability of free space – an important factor for many buyers. Choose a chair depending on the size of the free space in the residential room.
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Choosing a cocoon chair, pay attention not only to the furniture model, but also on the manufacturer. Buying goods from proven firms, you will protect yourself from disappointments. Here are the models from famous brands that are popular with buyers.

Bubble Chair

The most transparent models of this brand are most well known, which allow the light to penetrate from all sides. And also the company produces stylish futuristic white models.

In the range of firms there are suspended bubbles, outdoor on the ground, ovoid. Prices for them are mostly starting from 50 thousand rubles.


Suspended swing chairs – fashionable subject of modern interior. Buy a wicker pendant chair in the form of a cocoon, a ball or eggs – a great option for a cozy holiday at home and in the country. The company produces all sorts of models in an acceptable price range from 12 to 20 thousand rubles.

Workshop “Mechka”

The company pleases its diversity of children’s models from textiles, because it is not just a chair, and also devices for a variety of new games. They resemble bright tents, include an additional decor, for example, in the form of owls or unicorn. This option is a dropped hammock with pillows, decorated with fruit.

Inexpensive products of this company will be the original element of the interior and fill the children’s room unforgettable impressions.


Models made of artificial rattan on a metal frame, are able to withstand up to 110 kg. Their durable and aesthetic products please the eye with a large variety of colors and have an acceptable price.

How to choose?

Before purchasing such an unusual subject of the interior, like a cocoon chair, you need to consider a number of nuances.

  • Maximum weight design. Usually, the seats accommodate the weight of up to 120 kg, but there are chairs with a greater or less norm.
  • Stylistics interior. Cocoons-eggs fit well into such styles like futurism and high-tech, braided – Provence, bright colored – pop art.
  • Room size. If the chair is put outdoors, in the yard or at the cottage, then this question is not important, but the tenants of apartments and small houses will have to calculate the free square.

How to enter a chair in the interior?

Read more about the combination of a cocoon chairs with different directions in design Talk in this section. Classic Convened interior items made of natural materials of natural colors. Wooden, wicker elements from rattan, neutral noble colors – all this will be elegant supplement style. High tech Complete Cocoon Chair from glass on a chrome-plated stand with metal slats. White, black, shades of gray – all this will fit into modern entourage. The shape of the ball or eggs looks futuristic and will look perfectly surrounded by a high-tech interior.

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Mediterranean style make friends with an or white rattling chair or white, but decorated weaving cage. Provence, Country combined with a cocoon chair without a frame, on a soft basis, from light matter. And maybe the chair on a wooden basis is suitable.

How to make it yourself?

For the manufacture of a cocoon chair at home, you will need only a few components.

  • Textile. If you are interested in a garden model for the street, then prepare moisture-proof material. Home option can be made of any furniture textile. Use two pieces of which half the size of the hoop size.
  • Hula Hup. Gymnastic hoops 70-100 cm made of metal withstand a larger load, which means they are suitable for the framework of the product. And the hoops from PVC pipe can be used, they are made by turning the rings from the cut parts of the polypropylene tube.
  • Prepare Sintepon, zipper, 2 carbine, rings and ropes 2×2,2 and 2×2.8 m.

For convenience, it is recommended to create a drawing that will allow you to calculate the correct sizes for all design elements.

For work, you will need a roulette or “centimeter”, scissors, threads with needles, sewing machine. We offer to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions:

  • Fold two cuts of fabric to face, and put in the center of Julakhup;
  • Circlave the hoop on the fabric, making a 30 cm circle with a diameter more;
  • One of the resulting circles, cut, enter to halves lightning and button;
  • Connect the round pieces face to face and push;
  • The hoop will wrap in a synthet and fasten it with threads;
  • Remove the resulting case, and insert a hulakhup there;
  • Note holes and do them;
  • Treat the edge of the edge;
  • Turn in the holes of the rope and connect the ends to the ropes in half;
  • Suspend a ready-made cocoon with fixtures;
  • Make simple pillows for comfortable seating in the chair.

Cocoon chairs are an interior decoration, as well as a good place for hobbies and rest. The range of output models is quite wide, and if you want to get an exclusive product, then just make it with your own hands.

Beautiful examples

  • Thanks to bright pillows, the look of the cocoon chairs can be transformed and become a bright accent of the interior.

  • The cozy colors of the suspension armchair is associated with a warm plaid pattern. Such a subject of interior will add comfort and will become a stylish addition to the design of the room.

  • Futuristic patterns of cocoons successfully fit into modern styles.

  • Wide chairs are welded a couple of or several children. This is a beautiful and convenient option for two or big families.

  • Cocoon, similar to half a chocolate egg or coconut, looks simple, but very stylish. Such a product will make the house even more comfortable, and the interior will add topical trends.

In the next video you will be waiting for a waving chairs with your own hands.

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