Choose upholstered furniture for the kitchen

In the arrangement of modern kitchen matters every element. When it comes to buying furniture, you have to choose between usual and soft. At the same time, soft furniture for the kitchen is characterized by special comfort and functionality. The material of this article will help to decide on the choice, will tell about the species of upholstered furniture for the kitchen, its features and nuances of choice.


Upholstered furniture purchased for kitchen arrangement includes different types of products. It includes corners, sofas, chairs, stools, banquets, as well as chairs. Products of each group have their own characteristics.

Depending on the manufacturing material and type of construction, they differ in operation and functionality.


Soft kitchen corners are copal shape benches with soft seats and backs. This is a frame furniture compact size having a standard height and width of the seats. It is designed to arrange oversized premises, accommodates several users. In most cases, the corners are equipped with an internal drawer located under the seat. The advantages of such furniture are capacity, saving space, color solutions. Corners are distinguished by form and design. They can be rounded, with side elements and without them.

Other designs are equipped with rollers, shelves, mini-racks, as well as pillows. Their foot supports differ in form and height. Such furniture is designed for 5-8 years of everyday operation. It can have a durability of different types, resistant to moisture and water. Other options are equipped with countertops located behind the backs. Sidewalls can have drawers of retractable or folding type.

Corners are symmetrical and asymmetric, with a large left or right corner.


Soft sofas for kitchen are straight, angular, erker, radius. Like corners, they are divided into options with armrests and without them, may have rigid and free fixation. Unlike corners, they are made not only from wood processing products, which makes them more durable. Similarity with corners is the presence of a compact bed. Unlike corners, kitchen sofas are characterized by greater design variability. They can pick them up for kitchen arrangement of any interior style. They differ in transformation mechanism, often have internal storage boxes for any things. In this case, the number of compartments varies due to the size of the designs themselves.

Soft sofas for the kitchen can have a sleeping place not only at 1, but also 2 users. Depending on their size, such furniture can be installed in the combined type rooms. Type of product performance can be straight, angular, radius, modular. The transformation mechanism is folding, retractable, lifting, eligible. Some modifications provide for posting a side.


Soft chairs, selected to arrange kitchens, are elements of creating in the room as a comfortable atmosphere. Like sofas, they are used to zoning space. They can be separated from different kitchen functional areas. This furniture has a soft seat and a back of different heights, produced with armrests and without them. Modifications are stationary and folding.

Options of the second type can be used to accommodate for the night of Friends. In the assembled form such furniture is compact and does not take up much space. Cuisine Arrangement Chairs are paired components with a sofa. In addition, they are bought to arrange recreation areas in spacious kitchens.

They are characterized by height and form of backs, have soft and hard armrests, different height of supports. Their disadvantage is the inappropriateness of individual products in small rooms. Advantages are a variety of design, shapes and colors. Soft chairs for the kitchen can decorate the interior of the spacious kitchen-living room, located in the erker or the center of the room.

Stools and chairs

Soft stools and chairs – indispensable elements of arrangement of many kitchens. They are put near the dining table, picking up in a single color scheme and design with a dining group. Based on the features of the style of the backrest, it can be trimmed with a total thickness and form of filling. Legs can have a different shape and height. They are straight, curved, combined.

The shape of chairs and stools is square and round. Depending on the design of the dining group, a chairs and stools can be included in the kitchen upholstered furniture. In this case, the number of elements is always pair.

Their manufacturing material always matches the sofa or corner raw.

Banquette and puffs

Banquettes for kitchens are compact benches that are distinguished by the presence or absence of backs and form. Laconic options are distinguished by the severity of the lines and the geometry of forms. In this case, most structures provide internal storage systems. The banquettes can have drawers and shelves, other of them are equipped with soft bedding and pillows for more comfortable seating.

Pufas for kitchens are bought less often, however, they are often convenient functional elements of the arrangement of these premises. Most of these models have an internal storage box for storing oversized things. The opening system is folded, the sizes of the puffs themselves are small, it is the furniture frame-type standard height.

Materials and colors

In the production of upholstered furniture for building kitchens use different raw materials. Budget products are made of plywood, chipboard and MDF. These materials do not differ in durability, such furniture serves no more than 7-9 years, subject to gentlement. Wood analogs are environmentally friendly, they are more practical and reliable. In addition to other raw materials, metal is used in production. From it performed supporting elements, backlats and transformation mechanisms. Filler products is polyurethane foam, synthetone, and in some structures spring block. As a upholstery material for soft kitchen furniture Trading stamps most often use artificial skin. Textile inserts are not so practical, the fabric passes water and is poorly cleaned.

Color solutions of products may be the most diverse. Today, popular shades are caustic, light gray, sandy, beige color. More practical colors are pistachio, brown, mocha, coffee, burgundy, mustard, swamp tone. In fashion soft kitchen furniture of sandy and granty.

How to choose?

The choice of upholstered furniture for the kitchen depends on a number of factors. Key of them are the area of ​​a particular room, its prospect and layout, the location of the headset, doors, window openings. For small cuisine, compact furniture is chosen, with its number of minimal. For example, it can be a set of corner with a small table. Furniture for a small room must be compact and laconic.

It will perfectly look at soft chairs or stools, banquettes, sofas-chairs or mini-sofas. The color of the products must be practical, but not too dark. Dark tones visually overload limited space. Form of products should be streamlined, upholstery material – practical.

For spacious kitchen room you can buy a convenient functional transformer. Models with a sleeping place and a box for linen can be supplemented by a pair of chairs selected in a single style and design with a sofa. You can take modular furniture in a large kitchen, choosing the most functional blocks with storage systems.

The color of the furniture must be combined with the background solution of the interior.

Beautiful examples

We offer 10 examples of successful selection of upholstered furniture to arrange kitchens of different square and planning.

  • Compact chairs for a round table as the elements of the zoning of the dining group.

  • Functional corner with sleeping place and pouquets, as a key accent kitchen interior.

  • Set of kitchen furniture, consisting of a compact corner and stools with soft seats.

  • Angular sofa with high backs as a means of zoning a room into two functional zones.

  • Selection of chairs decorated with cloth and carvings, for the design of the kitchen in the classic style.

  • Tree chairs with soft backs and seats selected for spacious English cuisine.

  • Corner with armrests and leather upholstery, selected for room furniture with open layout.

  • Upholstered furniture with original design in the interior of light kitchen, set in the form of a corner, stool and table.

  • Upholstered dusted furniture with chairs as an emphasis of the lining space.

  • Corner with soft seats, additional tabletop panel and built-in storage systems.

In the next video you will find a brief overview of the kitchen corner “Allure” with a sleeping place.

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