Choose garden swings with mosquito net

Wanting to hide and relax from urban fuss, more and more people acquire summer cottages with small houses. Owners try to constantly improve the infrastructure of their cottages, add various interior facilities for comfortable and interesting pastime. One such objects are swing with mosquito net.


Garden swings with an anti-mosquito net have a number of features that attract owners of private houses and summer residents.

  • Such furniture is a stylish garden interior item
  • This is the best place for calm family or friendly sites, for rest.
  • They can comfortably read the book or take a dream. When choosing certain models, the swing can serve as a full sleeping place.
  • Anti-mosquito protection will save from annoying mosquitoes, which is especially relevant in the summer season.

In addition to the clauses, each model will have their own chips and features.

Description of varieties

At least once a month in stores, you can observe the emergence of the latest models of country swing. Developers improve their design, add various elements. It can confuse inexperienced in these people. To begin with, it is worth understanding the varieties of swing.

There are folding and not folding options. Folding swings are suitable for the cottage for those who love to sleep or sleep outdoer. They are double (excellent choice for marital couples), 3 and 4-seater. At the same time, it is rare to see a swing-bed, calculated by more than 4 people, but if necessary, they can be made by special order. Triple models usually choose families with one or two children.

Currently gaining the popularity of hammock swing. Such a model greatly harmonizes with the surrounding interior and can accommodate two people.

If you want to spend time away from others, you can purchase models for one person.

To protect against adverse weather conditions, complete with swings is often a special raincoat, as well as an anti-mosquito net. And, of course, the swing differ in color. Many companies offer manufacturing for cottages to order. It may be gray, coral, khaki, magenta, burgundy: In general, any shades under the individual interior and the taste of buyers.

Criterias of choice

To the choice of street swing, you need to approach with responsibility, since they usually have a considerable cost. It is unlikely that someone wants to give such an amount for a thing that no one will use. To choose the perfect model, you need to think carefully and imagine.

  1. First, you need to decide on the size. To do this, decide what the maximum number of people should hold the swing or what weight to withstand. This criterion does not particularly affect the price of the model.
  2. Secondly, the shape of the legs. This item must be made to the list of criteria, since different surfaces for installation require the appropriate fastening shape. For example, on the lawn the most stable option will be a model with an arcuate shape of the legs. This is due to the large square of contact. In addition, they withstand greater weight. When installing swings on a solid surface, you can safely choose straight legs, which, besides much cheaper.
  3. Third, swing mattress. It has a huge impact on the level of comfort. Mattresses are made from different materials of upholstery and fillers, there are thick and thin. The thin mattress will allow the sitting literally to dissolve in a swing. Someone likes it, others will prefer to relax on the static surface. Fillers can be natural (coconut coir, sisal, natural latex) and artificial (felt, batting, foam rubber, syntheps, memorials and others). There are no requirements, you need to choose, thinking about your own preferences.
  4. Fourth, additional components. Not many will light up the desire to spend time on the search for suitable decor elements (for example, pillows, soft sidewalls). Basically, such components are included with the swings, but it is better to make sure of their availability, asking for consultants.

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