Choose a wooden children’s table

For two years, the kids grow up, and the time comes to buy a children’s table and chair for classes. They will be comfortable to draw, sculpt, collect puzzles and mosaic, read books. In addition to convenience, the place at the table will allow the child to focus on the classroom, he will have the right association for development. An important advantage will be the formation of a smooth posture in a child.

How to choose correctly?

There are some criteria for choosing which you need to know before buying.

  • Material from which the subject is made. Better, if it is an array of wood, plywood or an extreme case of chipboard. These options are most environmentally friendly and safe for health. Products from plastic, metal, materials combinations are also presented on the market. All of them are required to have quality certificates.

If you want for your child better, preferably the version of the wood.

  • Ease of construction. Kids will often move items, as they want to paint and in the corner of the room, and in the middle, and who else knows where. This factor will also be important for mom, as it is often to move and without that difficult item will be hard. So the table should be as easy as possible. To do this, choose nonsense wood, such as pine, birch.

  • Strength, table resistivity. Please note that the table does not swing from side to side, otherwise the child can drop it on himself.
  • Design Distribution Suitable for the Growth of the Child. The baby must be comfortable to sit at the table. It should not be touched strongly (if the table is low) or get up to see something on the table (if high).

There are approximate table height rates for some growth:

  • With the growth of a child, 80-90 cm will fit a table with a height of 35-40 cm;
  • at 90-100 cm – 40-45 cm;
  • 110-115 cm – 48-50 cm, respectively.

Currently, there are also varying options. This is a good alternative for preschool children.

  • Wooden furniture is covered with safe varnish or paint. The edges are usually fixed by a specialized ribbon to protect against chips.
  • It is better to choose an object with a tabletop in the form of a square or a rectangle, since the round of the child’s elbows often remain outside the table top, which leads to a worsening of the posture.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of tables from the wood array is:

  • Ecology, as the tree is the safest non-toxic material;
  • product strength;
  • Reliability of the whole design, which will not allow the table to disperse or burst under any load;
  • Aesthetic appearance that will delight the child and parents.

The cons of wooden furniture can be attributed to the fact that it is difficult to launder the old spots. Therefore, it is better to wipe the table more often. Special lining on a tabletop made of transparent polyurethane or colored with the image of the alphabet, the heroes of cartoons and other.


Currently, a lot of types of children’s tables are presented on the market. Conditionally, they can be divided into several groups.

  • Transformer. They are used from the moment the child begins to sit. First, such a chair is used to start dust, and then you can disassemble it and get a full-fledged “workplace”. Plus transformers lies in the fact that it can be used for a long time: from 6 months to 4-5 years. This is definitely economically.

  • Classic children’s table. This is a long-known and familiar table of square, rectangular or oval shape on three or four legs. Depending on the size for such a model, you can plant not one child. It is convenient if there are several children in the family about the same age or you often receive guests with kids.

  • Party tables. Such types of specialists recommend using from 4 years. The advantage of the table-party is adjustable in height and corner of the tilt tabletop. However, when choosing, it is necessary to focus on the reliability of this mechanism: whether there are limiters if the child can change the height independently, as firmly fixes the desired position. Models can be equipped with a compartment under the folding table, sideboxes or shelf-organizer from above. There are parties equipped with easel, holes for paints and cups and other attributes for drawing and developing the kid.

There are unusual tables. Now their great many.

  • In the form of a house for games. The tabletop serves as a roof, which is like the parties located at an angle of 30 degrees. Flomaster compartment is the so-called chimney pipe. Tables-houses are with a folding roof, which when fixing becomes a tabletop. There is a shelf for books.

  • Similarity Plumo for girls. Little fashionista love to imitate moms and look in the mirror, trying on different outfits and decorations. For such children, this is suitable for the details with numerous boxes for trifles.

  • If you have two weather children, you can buy Table Rocking. This is a rectangular table with fastening bears fixed. If this design is turned over, it turns out a double rocking chair.

There are other unusual models: a set of chair with a table, which in the assembled form resembles a school bus, in the form of an apple, which is perfect for a cottage house, a model, the table top which is covered with a special film for the opportunity to draw chalks on it instead of Easel, and others.

In most models, there is a place for storing books, pencils and other things.

It will help you avoid the problem of finding the necessary items around the house. The child will know that everything you need is in one “corner”.

Do it yourself

You can make a children’s table with your own hands. The following tools will be needed for work: Electrolovik, grinding machine or plans, skin, drill, shurtpers, roulette, pencil, self-tapping screw.

  • Select the material from which the table will be made. It can be birch, oak, pine, beech. Best choose beech, as it is easier to work with him, but it stands not. If you decide to make furniture from plywood or chipboard, then select panels without bitch and defects.

  • We make patterns of the main parts of the table: table top, legs – 4 pcs., Fountains on the bottom of the table – 4 pcs. Before this, it is better to draw an object indicating the size.
  • We carry patterns on a wooden sheet and cut out with an electrolovka. For table tops, you can use a furniture shield, and for legs and aprons Long bar. Next, we drink all the decorative elements (hearts, diamonds and others).

  • On the wrong side of the countertops, it is watched around the perimeter, retreating from the edge of 5-7 cm.
  • If the calculations were made correctly, the table is ready for the assembly. We connect all the elements first manually, and then fasten with screws. It is better to miss all the joints with the PVA glue, and under the screws put the washers so that the tree does not crack. You can use special metal corners that will make the table more sustainable and reliable.
  • All surfaces, glue the ends with the edge and cover with several layers of varnish. Between each layer, it is necessary to wait time to dry the surface. And the table is ready.


The table made by your own hands can be independently alarmed or buy with already finished painting.

One of the most popular models is a table with the true Russian drawing “Khokhloma” and “Gzhel”. The first base will be black, and the drawing is red-gold. In the second in white and blue colors. You can apply using a stencil.

The images of the heroes from cartoons, princesses, animals on the table top.

Monophonic tables of dark or light shades will look sophistication. Subsequently, they can also be decorated at their discretion.

Tables IKEA

IKEA manufactures monophonic furniture. It has a lot of positive properties: made of natural materials, easy, simple in assembly, concise, without sharp corners, relatively low cost.

Children’s wooden furniture is represented by two collections: “Critter” and “Sundvik”. The first is made of poplar, the second of pine. Both of them are covered with Morilka and Acrylic varnish.

Tables series “Sundvik” a little longer, so two children can accommodate. Can be selected with the opening lid, which has a spacious storage box for storage, or without. The mechanism has limiters to avoid slamming and injury.

Consumers celebrate only one minus from IKEA items – not solid coating. Because of this, with strokes with stiff objects there are small dents on the surface.

Despite these advantages from the tables of this company more, so they are so popular in our country. In addition, they are easy to enter in any interior.


Transformer tables are convenient to use for a child for quite a long time.

Classic models can enter almost any interior.

For first-graders, comfortable desks will be suitable, which will grow with the child.

The unusual model of the table house is able to sit down two children, they will be fun and not closely.

IKEA is a style, convenience and versatility for almost any room on style and direction.

On how to choose a wooden table and chairs for children, see the following video.

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