Choose a wardrobe in a children’s room for a boy

From early age, the child persistently reacts to the surrounding environment. Colors, sounds surrounding his emotional atmosphere at all remain unnoticed by him. And when the kid gets up on the legs and begins to know the world on his own, the parents face a difficult and serious task to help him in this.

Children’s space is a small world for a child. In his room, he takes the first steps, studies the surrounding items and things, learns a new skill for himself. In this article we will tell you how best, more convenient and more efficient to organize space in the baby boy. Let us especially in detail on choosing a closet for children.


Cabinet or at least a chest of drawers, no doubt, very necessary and practical things in any apartment. It is difficult to imagine the living space of the modern house without this object of furniture. Of course, the cabinet is necessary in the children’s room:

  • The kid has its own things and clothes and with age they will become more and more. In this case, the cabinet, the dresser, the wall shelf and the cabinet play a purely practical role, serve as a place of placement of items and things.
  • Psychologists recommend from the earliest childhood to teach a child to personal space and to the skills of these space to dispose, keep it in order and accuracy. Here, personal furniture in the child’s room will also perform a training, educational function. Laying out things, toys, clothing or books on the shelves, boxes, the child will learn accuracy, independence, responsibility. First, of course, with your help.

Child Nuances

So, we turn to the choice of the cabinet in the children’s room for the boy:

  • The first criterion for choosing with which we will face will be available with us Free space. In other words, the total area of ​​your child’s room. Obviously, having at the disposal a spacious room, parents are not so stronger in choosing. If the children’s space allows you to stay on classic cabinets with swing doors.
  • Appearance and design classic cabinets are very and very diverse, your fantasy is almost no limited. You can arrange a wardrobe in the form of an intricate castle or order an unusual and interesting design for a child.

  • Widely represented by I Price range models of this type. Such a wardrobe can be placed in any free wall. A large space and a lot of shelves inside will allow not to worry about the fact that the kid will “grow up” from the cabinet and the space in the closet will be insufficient for the child’s things. Even if the crumbs most of the shelves and boxes will be empty, quickly grown and expanding their interests, the child will gradually fill out free space toys and things.
  • Do not buy too high cabinet for baby, it is better to choose a wider model. In this case, the child will have free access to all shelves in his closet. It is more safe, because the need to use a stool or chair to reach the upper shelves will disappear. However, Adequate selection of height relevant for other models of children’s cabinets.

  • If the children’s room is not too spacious and there is a need to save space, you can consider Model of angular cabinet. The space of angles in the room is usually not too practical and is often not busy at all. The corner cabinet organically and gently fits into the furnishings of the room, saves space.
  • Practical and compact wardrobe. His difference is that the doors do not break out the outside (which may be uncomfortable if there is a bed or table nearby), but slide towards the built-in guides. Such a wardrobe will allow you to locate the furniture in the children’s more compact if there is a need.

Do not choose a wardrobe with mirror doors or with doors made of glass. For the children’s room, it is extremely impractical and even dangerous, because the children are very mobile, and during games they can smash the fragile material of the door by negligence.

Use in the interior

Children’s furniture kits fit well in the interior. Such kits combine several furniture items. Usually they include a desk, bed, wardrobe or cabinet. Furniture kits are performed in one style and color scheme, you can choose that design, which will fit better in the design of the children’s.

What is important, two beds are often installed in such sets. Beds are located in two tiers: one above the other. This is the perfect option for two children. Thus, you can save a place in the nursery without installing the second bed.

And for two boys, it will be interesting and fun to cut down and play pirates, climbing the second tier on a comfortable ladder.

Children with great interest perceive such not quite the usual location of furniture, use it in their games.

And one more option combining convenience and compactness: Cabinet on the podium. Such an unusual and interesting furniture model appeared relatively recently. The cabinet itself, and sometimes a closet and a desk, depending on the configuration, is located on the elevation, which is like a podium. And from the space of the podium under the cabinet put forward a bed that, after sleep, conveniently and easily, a child can push back, having freed himself a place for games.

If necessary, two beds can be moved from under the podium, which will be convenient for two children. The cabinet itself can be like with classic swing doors, and with the door-coupe.

If there is quite thick walls in the apartment or house, you can make a wardrobe built into a niche. True, this option will require some effort. To do this, in the wall you need to follow either through a hole or niche, depending on the thickness of the wall. The inner surfaces of the niche are plastering, sliced, shelves or rods are inserted inside for things and clothes. From the outside, such a wardrobe can be closed with decorative curtains, shirma or mounted in the opening of the walls of the door.

It is worth remembering about the color decoration and interesting for the child filling in children’s. Shallow children are very passionate about fairy tales and cartoons. It will be appropriate to try to arrange a kid’s room in the style of his beloved fairy tale, on the walls and furniture you can place his favorite heroes. Cabinets can be made in the form of bizarre houses for dwarves or fabulous huts.

Also boys of junior preschool age like castles or pirate ships. Young children usually have more specific inconsistencies. Boys 7-12 years old are fond of cars, airplanes, are interested in navigating, various sports.

Watching your child and learning his inclined and interests, it will be easier for you to deliver joy and arrange a room in his taste.

Excellent example of children’s room furniture for a boy Looking further.

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