Chairs in various interior styles

Modern manufacturers produce a huge number of different models of chairs. A rich assortment of this popular and indispensable furniture allows you to choose the appropriate option for the ensemble in any stylistic direction. Consider in more detail what distinguishing features and designer solutions have chairs of different styles.



Classic chairs are among the most popular and common. As a rule, such furniture has a massive, but good-quality appearance. In classic interiors, it is recommended to have a presentable model made of valuable wood species. It is desirable to select unpainted structures that demonstrate a unique natural hue and print.

Such high-quality and elegant furniture can have armrests, legs and a back, decorated with vensels of unsuccessful tones. Similar strokes are characteristic of classics. The framework of products must be as simple as possible. Best of all in classic interiors, designs with light trim.


This gentle and attractive style has recently been greatly popular. In our olive interior, it will be harmonious to look for snow-white or chairs of pastel shades made of natural wood. They can be supplemented with charming textile covers on the seat or on the entire surface of the furniture.

In the style of Provence, model with elegant high backs look good. However, it is worth to be careful in the selection of similar products, as they are recommended to put only in rooms with high ceiling.

Characteristic features of olive chairs from wood are:

  • massiveness;
  • Woven seats with floral prints or leather monotonic finish;
  • Simple and inconspicuous design, devoid of a large number of pompous decorative elements.


This is another interesting and popular style in which the priorities are genuine wood structures. The colors of the chairs can be any. In such ensembles, it will be great and weakly processed options, and models painted in saturated colors. For similar interiors, it is recommended to select furniture of simple and uncomplicated forms. In the style of Country, elegant specimens, complemented by carvings, relief ornaments or vensels will fit.

Upholstery “Rustic” chairs from the wood array should be simple and uncomplicated. If you want to bring any print or pattern to the interior, it is recommended to contact more laconic compositions. The ideal option will be the cell or strip.


In the interior made in the popular modern style, they will organically look high-quality chairs of various shapes and buildings. In addition, they can be made from both wood and durable metal and even cheap plastic. First of all, it all depends on the designer plan that you want to embody in the room.

For example, the following attractive models of chairs can be made to the modernist ensemble:

  • Copies from a solid tree of simple forms. It is not recommended to select designs decorated with carved elements. As for the upholstery, it should be neutral.
  • Also chairs in the interior of modernity can have attractive chrome-plated housings and saturated color of skin (natural or artificial).
  • For the modernist style, the nontrivial models of chairs of unusual forms will be appropriate. With the help of such options, you can revive the interior and make it memorable.

High tech

This style is very popular lately, as it is the most progressive. Specialists belong to him to the classics of modern youth. Chairs in such an ensemble must be technological and have simple forms.

It is not recommended in this modern style to apply furniture bright tones. It is better to give preference to black, white and silver paints. It is worth highlighting stylish chrome-plated metal chairs. Such furniture will definitely not be ignored in the interior of High-tech, as it has a characteristic shine.

Scandinavian style

In an attractive Scandinavian style it is worth using white or pastel chairs. As for the upholstery of furniture, then in such ensembles it is recommended to refer to qualitative materials of natural origin. For example, it can be wool, cotton or flax.

The shape of the chairs in the Scandinavian style should be simple and not weighted decorative inserts. The more concisely furniture, the better it will look in a similar interior. Permissible to use structures from different materials. Preferably, of course, products made of natural light wood, but you can use more budget options from plastic or painted metal.


The name of this stylistic direction speaks for itself. The minimalist interior will be organically looked as simple as possible and laconic stool design chairs. Colors can be the most different. It all depends on the color decoration and interior in general.


Gothic style can be attributed to gloomy luxury, as it is characterized by dark shades of furniture and finishes, as well as intricate carved details. In such interiors, there will be particularly impressive chairs from natural wood dark rocks. The material can also be artificially aged, as Gothic is echoing with a mysterious vintage style in the interior.

In the gothic ensemble, in no case cannot be placed bright and saturated cheap plastic chairs. The most suitable are wooden structures. They can be both matte and lacquered. For the Gothic interior, intricate chairs, which have perfectly correct forms and lines, supplemented by carved edging and pointed elements, which are most often present at high backs.


Shebbi-Chic style can be safely called the most original and extraordinary. Creative personalities are most often addicted to it, who wanted to bring in their housing notes of antiquity and avant-garde. For such ensembles, chairs and stools with artificially measured surfaces. It can be rubbed sections, plated paint, old faded images of colors or scratches on certain details.

In the interiors of Shebbi-Chic, it is not customary to use dark interior items. Chairs in such an ensemble must be painted in bright or pastel shades, bringing into the premises of heat and home coat. Such furniture is often used not only in urban apartments, but also in country houses.


Rustic style chairs can be called “ugly”, as they differ in a rough way. At first glance, it may seem that they are incomplete from simple boards or logs, just mined in the near forest. In many ways, such models repeat the rustic country style, as they do not carry neither droplets and luxury.

The surfaces of the wooden chairs in the style of Rustic are not grinding. There are also such cases when the material is not attached to a specific form. The main task of this unusual direction is an open demonstration of natural strokes of furniture (bitch, cracks or annual rings).

Fit directions

Consider some features inherent in fancy and luxurious furniture:

  • Ampir. In such an expensive interior, there will be organically chairs with heavy decorative elements, luxurious finish and gold-plated surfaces. Often, armrests of chairs in this version are decorated with large figures in the form of eagles, lions and other similar animals. Furniture must be made exclusively from the valuable tree of wood, and the upholstery consists of expensive and high-quality fabrics.

  • Baroque. Chairs in this stylistic direction are real works of furniture art. Today, the most successful and luxurious models produce brands from Italy. Chairs in such interiors are most often distinguished by a massive and good appearance, as well as an abundance of decorative elements that often completely cover the entire design.
  • Rococo. This rich style is quite capricious, as it cannot be used interior items with the right lines. For such ensembles, you should choose the most elegant and asymmetric chairs. From threads you can refuse to favor bronze linings or colored varnishes. In the color of the rococo style, the objects of pastel tones diluted with gold prevail.


Pompous and expensive is an antique style. For such an interior, you can choose the original chairs with nontrivial elements of the decor, striking. For example, it may be bulk relief ornaments, crocodile on the back of the chair or legs, made in the form of clawed lion paws. As a rule, the ancient interiors have blond shades, so chairs must be selected for such not dark tones. Stopping your choice on such an unusual style, it is worth considering that the purchase of furniture will cost him in a round sum.


Description of Japanese style chairs can remind you of another popular destination called “Eco”. In such interiors, unscrew items are used made of natural wood. As for Japanese chairs, they can both have legs and make a design without them. As a rule, the Japanese-style models are made in darker and dense colors. In one ensemble with low wooden tables of dark colors, such elements look especially stylish and solid.


The appearance of the furniture made in the American style is difficult to attribute to a certain direction, as it differs quite simple design, made in accordance with the requirements of many buyers. American chairs can be painted in absolutely any colors, however, black or dark blue copies occur a little less frequent, neutral or pastel models. Most often, such interior items have in rooms with snow-white trim. The main material in the production of American chairs is most often used wood, veneer or MDF.

How to choose?

Selecting the interior chairs in a particular style, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Material. Plastic furniture should be used only in extreme cases. Wooden and metal structures are most high-quality and durable.
  • Design quality. Pay attention to the fittings of the chair. All items must be kept as securely and tight. Any creak and step-down will indicate the low quality assembly quality.

  • Appearance. Before buying, inspect the furniture. Its surface must be in perfect condition (without scratches, chips and other defects).
  • Style. Of course, the chairs must be perfect to the style of style. Do not mix in one ensemble a lot of incompatible elements, otherwise the situation will be ridiculous.

About what tables and chairs are in different interiors, look in the following video.

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