Chair Pillow: Features, Sizes and Choice

Upholstered furniture is the most convenient tool for recreation, sleep or any other pastime. To leisure the most pleasant, it is important to acquire such furniture that will satisfy all your needs. Often the possibilities of the usual chair is not enough, it is difficult to transport it, it is not always possible to lie on it, because many give preference to the chair cushion. To properly choose this subject of furniture, you need to know its features and navigate size.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The chair cushion is a cross between a conventional chair and a pillow.

The popularity of this product is associated with its ease of use and maximum comfort.

The shape of the chair-pillow can be different, because everyone can choose the most successful option for a specific room and under a specific task.

Despite the differences, the device of any such product has its own characteristics.

  • The presence of an internal case – inside it is a filler, from the quality and structure of which the comfort depends on the use of the chair. The most common option is tiny latex balls that enable the chair to take any shape and withstand any load.
  • Presence of outdoor case – Its dimensions are slightly superior to the dimensions of the inner case. The material must be moisture-proof and durable to protect the content from any external influences.

Thinking about the purchase of the chair-pillows, it is worth assessing his advantages and disadvantages to choose to be justified. Among positive qualities should be noted:

  • ease of use;
  • the ability to make it yourself with minimal sewing skills;
  • low cost of the product;
  • quick transformation if necessary;
  • the ability to change the design with replaceable covers;
  • Comfort to use, especially for those who want to relax their back and relax;
  • convenience of transportation due to the small weight of the product;
  • The absence of sharp corners makes the chair-pillow absolutely safe for use;
  • Ability to use in different styles and in any room.

In order not to have any questions, it is important to discuss the negative sides of the chair-pillow, to which the following can be attributed:

  • The insecurity of the product from mechanical exposure – an animal or a small child may damage the external and inner case, which will result in the scattering of the content;
  • the need for frequent washing of covers, because the choice of fabric should be thought out;
  • Shrinking filler, which causes the need for its periodic addition to a chair-pillow.

The advantages of the chair-pillows are much more than flaws, because the purchase of such a product will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Having made the right choice, you can reduce the negative moments to a minimum or to exclude them at all, enjoying all the advantages of a comfortable stay.


In stores you can find quite a few options for airbags. Often they have a pear, spherical shape or non-standard: heart, pyramid, drop. To enter such soft chairs in the interior, you can choose interesting covers in the form of pumpkins, orange, basketball or soccer ball, washers, flower.

Another option is a bag-bag with armrests, which looks very similar to full-fledged upholstered furniture, but in fact it is a frameless fabric product.

Especially you can highlight Musical chair pillow, Inside which columns are built, allowing to reproduce the melody, creating a favorable atmosphere in the room, which makes it possible to fully relax due to vibrations and music.

Materials covers and fillers

The chair cushion can have different sizes and shapes, but the material from which it is done should be not only beautiful, but also durable to withstand the load and protect the internal content from mechanical exposure.

Among the main fabrics, which are recommended to use for sewing such a product, can be allocated:

  • velours – silky fabric with a large color scheme, is distinguished by poor resistance to pollution, because it is not recommended for children and hallway;

  • Scotchgard – the most comfortable cloth for the chair-pillows, as it has high density and durability of pollution;

  • jacquard – tissue with high density indicators, is distinguished by beauty and durability to pollution;

  • Shenille – durable and durable fabric, which is characterized by hypoallergenia, but it is a minus it is the impossibility of wet cleaning;

  • Flock – soft tissue, distinguished strength and resistance to pollution;

  • Artificial leather – Durable material, for which it is easy to care, from minuses It is worth allocating only his fear of mechanical damage;

  • Artificial suede – Durable, beautiful and practical fabric, which will decorate any seat cushion;

  • Genuine Leather – the most qualitative material in all aspects, but with a high cost;

  • velveteen – Practical fabric, the advantage of which is frantication of frinking, because the chair cushion will always look carefully;

  • Arpate – synthetic skin analog that, according to the characteristics, no worse than it, but significantly cheaper.

    Internal filling of the chair-pillow consists of small polystyrene balls, Which due to foaming keeps the form as long as possible and has depreciable qualities.

    In addition to balls, orthopedic foam rubber is often needed for such products to give a certain shape or make a chair more convenient.

    At the adherents of all natural in the chair, you can meet Beans, rubber sawdust, as well as other practical and eco-friendly components.


    The chair cushion can have a different size, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for specific conditions. To determine how much the product is big, just look at the marking, where the size is indicated:

    • M – 100×120 cm;
    • L – 120×140 cm;
    • XL – 140×180 cm;
    • XXL – 180×200 cm.

      If we are talking about miniature products, then marking in this case will be different:

      • L – 80×90 cm, with a weight of up to 4 kg and a volume of up to 0.3 m3;
      • XL – 90×100 cm, with a weight of up to 5 kg and a volume of up to 0.35 m3;
      • XXL – 100×110 cm, with weight up to 6 kg and up to 0.5 m3.

      For a specific room and for specific needs it can be purchased as a mini-chair and a giant, which allows you to maximize its potential.


      The color of the chair-pillows can be different, it is worth picking it under the style of the room and the color gamut of the rest of the furniture. For the children’s room you can pick up any bright shades:

      • pink;
      • Orange;
      • Violet;
      • blue;
      • Red;
      • yellow;
      • green.

        In the nursery, the principle of separation of color in sexual sign can be used, as well as take into account the favorite hue of the child. A bright and beautiful accessory will become a favorite place for the baby, a seating area, games, reading, watching TV, because the color decision it is worth thinking in advance.

        Picking up the color of the hall for the hall, it is worth considering the shade of walls and furniture or the carpet so that the new accessory will be binding to what is already in the room. For rooms where the sofa-pillow will often use, do not pick up light shades, as they quickly lose their appearance.

        For the bedroom it is better to choose a soft color gamut:

        • light pink;
        • turquoise;
        • mint;
        • soft brown tint and similar.

        The fabric can be both monophonic and have a print or drawing. Each room is individually as the tastes of people, because the color decision must comply with these criteria.


        The range of chairs and pillows in stores is now quite wide, so it is important to buy such a product, which is not necessary to doubt. Thanks to the selection of goods, a proven manufacturer can save themselves from poor-quality purchase. Among Russian brands it is worth allocating several.

        • Dreambag – A company that manufactures products under the order within three working days.

        • “Comfort Factory” – The company represents the buyer a large range of interesting goods, characterized by style and design from similar products of competitors;

        • Pufoff – A company that creates frameless furniture on its own technologies using only high-quality materials. The company has quality certificates and provides an annual guarantee for its products.

        If we talk about foreign brands, then companies can be allocated:

        • Sitting Bull;

        • Handmade;

        • Bean Bag Boys;

        • Comfort Research;

        • Cozy Sac and many others.

        The quality of the domestic and foreign product is not much different, but the price of the brought goods will be significantly higher, therefore it makes sense to buy products of domestic production.

        Tips for choosing

        To buy a good pillow chair on the floor, you need to properly choose this product to satisfy all your needs. Outdoor structures need to be estimated for a number of criteria:

        • Price – it must correspond to the quality of the goods;
        • Production material – covers and filler must be high quality and harmless;
        • The fortress of covers and seams – the inner case must be as strong as possible, and the seams are strong;
        • Filler – It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is located inside the chair-pillows, as far as the material is dense and safe;
        • The presence of additional elements of the design: handles and lightning;
        • product weight;
        • The size of the chair-pillows – it must correspond to the size of the room, harmoniously fit into it.

            The high-quality chair cushion will last long enough and will give a lot of positive emotions. Rest and spend time on it will be wondering both children and adults. The appearance of the chair-pillows can be the most diverse, it will help to decorate and add any room.

            See below.

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