Chair “Kentucky”

Many owners of their own land building various furniture designs for relaxing outdoors. The most convenient and simple option is the foldable furniture. Currently, the Garden Chairs “Kentucky” are popular, they can be built even with their own hands. Today we will talk about what is the design, and how to make it yourself.


The chair “Kentucky” is a folding chair-chaise lounge for rest. Kentukky furniture is distinguished by an unusual design, so it is often used for landscape decoration. Such a concise design consists of light wooden bars of the same sizes. They are bonded with each other with metal durable wires and studs.

Kentyksky chair consists of a comfortable backrest and seat. They are bonded between themselves the same bars, but shorter. All components of the design elements are addressed alternately in checker.

Installation of such a furniture design can be made even outdoors, as it will not require the use of technical equipment. The product is assembled from small wooden elements. Most often it is built from various residues after the construction of the house or bath, barn.

Drawings and sizes

If you are going to make such a chair, you can find on the Internet the finished circuit with the design. It will make it easier and speed up the process of creating such furniture. As a rule, on the sketch, all sizes are indicated, but there are standard. First, you must decide on the height of the back and with the depth of the seat of the design. After that, the lengths and diameter of the legs are calculated.

Most often, the seat consists of 6 bars, the length of each of them should be 375 mm. This part of the chair will need to complete two additional workpieces, the length of which will be 875 mm. These elements will continue to act as the rear legs. The back of the Kentucky chairs should consist of four folded details. Their length should be 787 mm. Also at the end there are two more brus 745 mm. More often they are complemented by another 2 elements of 1050 mm.

For connecting the seat and backs between themselves, special jumpers with a length of 228 mm are used. Total need 9 pieces. If necessary, you can make an enlarged version of Kentuccian furniture with a higher backrest and a large seat. Also, the extended design will also be. Externally, it will resemble the usual chaise longue. Its length on average is about 125 cm.

Tools and materials

Before proceeding with the manufacture of Kentucky’s chair, you should prepare all the necessary devices and materials:

  • wooden bar;
  • Reiki;
  • roulette;
  • Drill with special nozzles;
  • sandpaper;
  • Lobzik (hacksaw);
  • a hammer;
  • pliers;
  • pencil.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of material for the manufacture of such a furniture design.

  • Coniferous breeds. This basis is rarely used in the manufacture of “Kentucky”. After all, almost all conifer materials are straightforward, certain loads will lead to the formation of large chips on the surface.

  • Multilayer dense wood. This natural material will become an excellent option for the production of Kentucky’s chair. Most often, oak, nut and beech are used as such a basis. These breeds have the most dense structure. They can easily withstand even significant loads. In addition, the surface of such a tree has a beautiful and unusual pattern. Such materials in the manufacturing process is better covered with vessel.

  • Aspen. Such a tree is distinguished by special resistance to high humidity. With careful treatment, the aspen base can easily withstand straight solar rays. Over time, the chair will not dispel or break.

When choosing a material for the Kentucky chairs, some other moments must be taken into account. The tree will cost much cheaper if you purchase an array, and not painted wood. It can be quickly treated with their own hands with a circular saw or a grinder. Also when choosing a material, remember that external defects on the surface are undesirable. Surfaces Even with small bitch and other irregularities will not be able to serve for a long time.

The tree is considered a natural and environmentally friendly material, so it will be the best option for the manufacture of furniture for giving.

In addition, properly treated wood has a beautiful external design. It is pleased to be resistant to loads and to mechanical damage, it is practically not subjected to plastic deformations, when coating with special protective solutions becomes stable and to moisture.

How to make a chair do it yourself?

To make such a country chair, first it is worth cutting a bar on the workpiece of the desired size. After that, their edges are thoroughly grinding with sandpaper, the surface must be completely smooth, without defects. If you use a cheva for such a chair, it will quickly wear out, lose your appearance and collapse. Before the final assembly of the design on the material, the corresponding markup is applied to the pencil. Be sure to mark the places of drilling. They should be located at a distance of 30-35 millimeters from the edges.

You can immediately arrange sections, giving them the form of the semicircle, it will allow to provide a more accurate type of finished design. Assembly should be done on a flat surface. Start it with 2 short laying, 1 long bar. In total, two such complete rows should turn out, closed them at the end of two more short details. Then the formed workpiece is thoroughly aligned on one side. Between the positive components of the future seat, there are special connecting parts, while picking holes for lightweight stiletto or metal wire.

The first and last element of the connection must be located outside the furniture. Through the holes neatly stretch the wire, while the most tightly tight details of the workpiece. All edges need to be well fixed, for this, they use galvanized coating brackets, they are clogged with a hammer.

After that, you can proceed to the assembly of the back. For this First, middle and short parts are folded alternately, and then all this ends with a long wooden bar. All edges are aligned. Inside the holes that were combined in the edges of the upper part, skip fasteners. They are connected in such a way that they could normally stretch into a small distance, and so that the bars can be placed between them.

At the final stage, you should collect a back with a seat in one design. This is done using connecting wooden parts. All holes are combined with each other and skip fasteners through them, produce strong fixation. If you use in the process of making studs, then the edges are better fixed using nuts. To protect you can additionally take the pucks from indulgence.

At the final stage of production make finishing and paperwork. All surplus on the surface are removed by special construction scissors on wood or nippers. After that, the finishing processing of the edges of the finished design.

Grinding of a tree can be done using sandpaper or grinding machine. Garden furniture made with special protective varnish. If you wish, you can use decorative coating or building paint. The finished product is permissible to cover with a soft cloth and put a pillow there.

Read more about Kentucky Chair See in the video below.

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