Chair-drop: features, types and selection

The modern furniture market today is full of various exclusive offers. Original and very popular today is a drop chair, which received its name due to the form. The demand for such a piece of furniture is due to the original design and comfort. In this article we decided to talk about such a chair, determine its features, types, advantages and disadvantages. We will also give some useful seachers for choosing.


Today, the drop armor is produced in such varieties.

  • Frameless model, which is also called a chair bag. Variety and choice of frameless chairs more than big. They are very popular, soft, comfortable. But this kind of furniture is quite peculiar and comes far from all the styles of room design. The chair-bag is considered the perfect option for the children’s room, as it is completely safe.

  • Suspended. This is an elegant and beautiful addition of any room and the local area. You can install such a model both inside the house and outside – in the palication, garden. There are such types of pendant chairs-drops:
    • Swing – the basis of the product is a hard frame, inside which a large soft pillow or a ball with a special filler is placed as a seat, such a product is often called a cocoon, due to the elegant form it will become a highlight of any room;
    • Hammak is a tissue product, ideal for relaxing outdoors.

Pendant chairs-drops are distinguished by the fastening method, the type of material from which the frame is made, permissible load and design.


The design of the frameless product consists of 3 parts: an external case, internal case and filler. Each layer of the chair is made from different materials.

Exterior case – This is one of the main components. It is from what material is the case of a case, the life of the product is depended. It must be durable, durable and wear-resistant. In most cases, manufacturers use quite dense fabric, which is impregnated with special substances. Most often, as a material for an external case, apply:

  • velveteen;
  • Flock;
  • Oxford;
  • TermakAkard.

Internal case – Used flowing synthetic fabric, which does not prevent the movement of the granules – filler. Material must be characterized by strength, density and stability.

Filler must be safe, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic. Most models are filled with polystyrene balls. Also, the filler can be combined – granules and softening material are used, such as a synthetone or holofiber.

For the manufacture of hanging chairs, different materials are used, such as:

  • Natural and artificial rattan;
  • Plexiglas;
  • plastic;
  • acrylic;
  • textile.

Each of them is characterized by durability, reliability, durability and beautiful appearance.


As for the color decoration, then the choice is not limited to. Manufacturers make soft chairs bags absolutely any color. The most popular shades are:

  • black;
  • Red;
  • blue;
  • green.

Of course, everyone can choose exactly the color gamut of the chair, which is ideal for interior.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Drop Chair is one of the embodiments of furniture that is quite widely used in interior design. It has a number of advantages and features:

  • For the manufacture, the manufacturer uses high-quality and safe materials;
  • Very comfortable and comfortable for seating, due to flexibility and design features, it instantly takes the shape of the human body, if it comes to a soft frameless model;
  • There are no solid angles, so parents can be calm for children who play next to the product;
  • a wide range of both models and a color scheme, sizes;
  • The product is quite easy to care for – clean it can be cleaned with simple detergent and cleaning agents;
  • Almost all models are equipped with a replaceable case.

Of course, this furniture attribute is characterized by disadvantages that depend on the type of chair. For example, if you buy a suspended chair, then for its installation, you need a perfectly smooth surface to keep the stability of the rack – the design on which it is attached. But a soft frameless chair-bag will lose its shape over time, it will be necessary to fill it yourself with balls. This happens because under the influence of constant load filler is erased.

Tips for choosing

To make the right choice of chair-drop, You need to know several basic rules and take into account:

  • The material from which the inner and outer cover of the product or the frame of the suspended armchair is made;
  • type of filler;
  • Quality of seams;
  • the presence of additional functionality – lightning, handles, doors;
  • color design;
  • price;
  • manufacturer;
  • Product size and weight.

If you want to buy a suspension-drop charm from the rattan, then pay attention to:

  • Type of fastening of the product;
  • The quality of the metal frame – it is desirable that it is covered with powder paint;
  • type of soft pillow, it must be from wear-resistant fabric with moisture-resistant impregnation;
  • shape and texture of rattan strips;
  • Dimensions and comfort.

Taking into account these recommendations, you will definitely make the right choice, and the product perfectly fit into the interior of the room, so it will be an excellent addition to the place to relax on the street.

About how to make a drop chair with your own hands, see the following video.

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