Cabinet transformer with table: Features of choice

Few modern dwellings can boast abundance of space. Therefore, furniture with the possibility of transformation becomes a frequent element of residential premises. Frequent example of such an element of the situation are cabinets transformers with a table that serve as stylish and functional addition to any interior.

Pros and cons

Furniture-traffamer from his very appearance extremely quickly won the market. All because of its obvious superiority over ordinary furniture: it is more economical, it takes less space and allows you to contain all things in order. First of all, due to the combination of several functions, such a wardrobe will help save money, because instead of purchasing many things it is enough to buy only one subject. It will serve as a place to store clothes, dishes or books, and a mirror, and a working surface.

Such models are available for different premises. Most often among them – small-sized rooms, such as modest kitchens, bedrooms or even bathrooms.

Tabletop in this case is retractable or folding and appears if necessary.

For example, the stylish desk-bureau and the “two in one” cabinet in the bedroom declines in the mornings to apply makeup and bring them into order. Thus, you can save place and material resources, not acquiring a dressing table. This model has a great advantage over an ordinary dressing table, because no one will see its contents. This option is suitable for those who do not always contain cosmetic bubbles and tubes in order.

In addition, such a wardrobe can easily turn into a workplace. The tabletop can be combined with a wardrobe, but it is especially convenient when open shelves and a variety of drawers are arranged over it or around it, allowing you to store workers and training materials. Also, they can also be used to place memorabilia.

Retractable or folding countertop is also a very convenient option for narrow kitchen. It allows you to most effectively use the entire space. Everyone who loves to cook, dreams of a large workplace, but it is not always possible in the conditions of our apartments. However, the transformer table will always rescue, providing an additional work surface. And then it is easy to clean and remove it.

An additional advantage is a variety of models This object of furniture. They are produced absolutely in different styles and equipment, the countertop can be extended or folded, to be built into the furniture headset.

Such a wide range of options allows you to choose the appropriate model for any housing.


Cabinet combined with table – Excellent selection for many types of rooms. After all, it helps to save place in the room, and is also a stylish room decor.

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There are many types of such furniture objects:


This wardrobe is an object of the situation with the possibilities of modification: it can be a retractable countertop that is hidden in a secret drawer or a folding option. Such models may be angular or have a traditional design.

Also here refers such an extraordinary reception of the organization of the workspace, as a written table in the built-in lounge closet niche. Sliding flaps hide the countertop and chair and open when it is necessary. Separating cabinets transformers or modular headsets can have different types of sash. Most convenient sliding options, because they do not require additional space in the room.

There are options with ordinary sash, which can sometimes seem preferable because of their appearance.

In addition, they will be more organically look at the classic restrained interiors without a hint of modernity.

With racks

Since the cabinet with a transformer table can be destroyed not only for clothes, but also for other trifles, for example, for books, it is often produced with shelves. They can be open and closed or have a certain zoning. Open areas are intended for placing a nodule of beautiful things. They are also used in children’s books and toys.

The acquisition of closed cabinets of this type for children is inappropriate, because it may be difficult to use for kids, as well as to represent an additional source of danger. Closed shelves usually have the appointment of niches for linen and clothes, although it is not necessary. Some people do not like to keep their things in sight, especially if we are talking about the kitchen or living room, so they prefer such options.

Wall mounted

Wall-mounted cabinet table is attached to the wall for a certain height to serve as well as a workplace. This usually concerns writing desks. Countertop can be folding or retractable. Sometimes it is an expansion of a stationary workplace.

This option looks unusual and very convenient to everyday life.

    On the shelves you can position the necessary training materials and painting supplies, and on the wall opposite to withdraw an organizer.


    This wardrobe is also called “with a secret”. All because it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture with a major central department. However, the door of this department leans on durable metal fasteners, turning into a written table. On this tabletop, it is better not to impose a lot of books and textbooks, so it is considered the most preferable to work for the laptop.

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    This option is chosen by those who do not work so much at the desk to furnish it for this separate office or buy a massive expensive table. However, if such a need periodically occurs, the secret is ready to provide the workplace of the required size.

    The Bureau

    This object of the situation is a compact countertop with small superstructures. Usually this subject of the interior is performed in the Baroque or Rococo style, decorated with expensive wood, gilding and has elegant lines.

    Of course, modern modifications of this table combined with the cabinet are possible.


    Folding table is a spacious cabinet with drawers and folding flaps. This is a very convenient option for small apartments during the holidays, because in the unfavorable form, this table allows you to sit down a large number of guests and turn the living room or kitchen to the dining room. And after that it is easy to fold and remove it, it will take 30-60 cm of space, which is quite a bit.

    In his boxes it is convenient to fold the dishes that are not used every day, tablecloths, napkins and other similar little things. Modest dimensional-table dimensions allow it to store it even in the storage room or on the balcony, however, it can be used and every day, opening, for example, only one sash.


    Among the most preferred options for the wardrobe, of course, natural wood. This material has the highest hygienic properties. It is considered the most environmentally friendly. Some even claim that the tree has a common positive impact on the health and well-being of a person, making the conclusion that living in the interiors from natural materials can contribute to improving health and an increase in emotional background.

    In addition, it is a very aesthetic material that can take any colors and textures. But such products can be quite expensive. Therefore, many prefer preferences from chipboard. It is plates made of compressed sawdust, plated decorative layer.

    This option can be a good replacement of the tree, because it is quite environmentally friendly and durable.

    Finally, there are models from plastic. As a rule, they are used in a limited range of interiors, for example, in the style of Hi-tech. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the quality of this material so as not to purchase a toxic product. Do not chase as low cost, because such a product may sometimes disappoint.

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    Qualitative plastic or acrylic is safe for humans and unpretentious in use of the material, which is an important factor when choosing furniture.


    Modern cabinet tables can be any colors. Excellent look in the interior of white furniture items and models from light wood. They visually make the room spacious and add cheerfulness.

    Dark furniture suits calmly balanced people. It looks more expensive and status, which is why it is often placed in the receptions and cabinets. Black wood is perhaps the most eccentric option in the color decoration of the cabinet transformer. Such a color has a fiber of an ebony tree, which is very expensive, but the result is worth.

    In addition, it is the most durable wood from all known, which makes items made from it made on the century.

    How to choose furniture?

    When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material and the functionality of the product. It should serve for a long time, so it is worth making sure that the fasteners of the elements are reliable and request a quality certificate in the store.

    Stylistically, such a subject should not be knocked out of the situation, Therefore, its color and texture must be harmonized with the rest of the interior elements.

    Finally, the cabinet that is purchased to his own housing should like and cause positive emotions.

    Beautiful interiors

    Below is several examples of the competent use of such cabinets in the interior.

    A large wardrobe with a dark wood folder provides a cozy workplace for writing and reading.

    The light cabinet with the built-in retractable console perfectly complements the interior and is a very functional object of the situation.

    More information about transformer cabinets you will learn from the following video.

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