Bar designer chairs in the modern interior

Bar Chairs – Popular Element in Modern Kitchen Projects. Such a demand is dictated by household need – kitchen premises of typical buildings can not boast a large area. Therefore, when you need to save space on something, bar chairs come to revenue. They are high designs equipped with a back or without it, which will perfectly fit into the interior, will delight their original design and convenient functionality.


Bar chairs in the kitchen – an unusual solution for the room. Designers allocate the following Features of this interior object:

  • Availability / lack of relaxing elements. On some models there may be a back, there are no it (they look like high stools).
  • A small seat differing in two criteria:
    1. The degree of rigidity is tough, with upholstery, soft, without filler.
    2. Seat Shape – Round, Square, Rhombid, Oval.

  • Height – these chairs are significantly higher than the usual kitchen models.
  • The presence of support mechanisms of different modifications: legs connected by partition, a single support that resembles a column.
  • A variety of materials used (wood, metal, plastic) and their combinations.

Models and designers

There are many models and varieties of bar chairs, which at one time created talented and famous designers. The most popular of them:

  • “SERIES 7” – Collection developed by the Danish architect and designer A. Jacobsen more than 60 years ago. Distinctive features – elegance and gracefulness in aggregate with conciseness. Such a model will become an excellent addition to any kitchen.

  • A more modern concept has been proposed in 2006 NS. Gask. The secret of success is an unusual form in the form of a wave with clear geometric contrasts.

  • Japanese tire designers and Tomoko Azumi together with the company Lem Piston produce kitchen furniture with impeccable silhouette. Using genuine leather, Eastern aesthetics, high quality and representative appearance – the constituent success of these chairs.

  • Expressive and structurally unusual chairs created with. Jiannoni – Rhunt “BOMBO” Reminds interior items from the disco-bar of the 80s.

  • Norman Cherner (Cherner) offered a classic collection with smooth curved outlines similar to.

  • Designer P. Cortes draws with their creations with the carefree life of the night clubs of the 90s. Line “Jamaica” – This is a balance of playfulness and practicality based on a frame of metal tubes.

  • Chairs “FJORD” combine the freedom and sophistication, beauty and naturalness of Norway. The design consists of a weightless steel frame and leather seating, representing aesthetically attractive form.


For the production of chairs, three main material is used – metal, plastic and wood.

Natural and Environmentally Pure Material – Tree, will always be in demand for consumers. His main advantages: durability, durability, versatility (products fit in any interior), ease of decorating, the possibility of staining in various colors.

High cost – the only minus.

Metal – durable, resistant to wear and functional material. It is used alone or combined with wood, plastic. An important plus of metal chairs is the ability to regulate the height due to the design features. However, they are sufficiently heavy and they are difficult to move in the kitchen.

Plastics – financially available material. Chairs from it are durable, original, easy to care, but their service life will be less than the tree and metal.

Seat-pillows and backs made of fabric, leather, leatherette. They add comfort, perform a decorative function, bind objects of the kitchen headset into a single kit.

In order to combine the best properties of three materials in the object of furniture, combine them. Good Option – Metal Frame and Wood Seat. Ergonomics has a design that allows you to evenly distribute the load, due to which a long service life is ensured.

In addition, the combination of materials allows you to maximize the designer fantasy in decorating.

Tips for choosing

When buying Bar Chairs, designers advise paying attention to a number of moments:

  • Material, color gamut, style, upholstery. The choice depends on personal preferences, the design of the kitchen interior, financial capabilities.
  • Height. It can be adjustable and unregulated. When choosing, it is necessary to be guided by the height of the bar rack or table and the average growth of households;
  • Seat size. Depends on the parameters of family members and the amount of time, which is planned to be carried out on a chair.

Also, the seat must be comfortable, if necessary with equipped armrests.


High-tech involves simple, concise, metal or plastic chairs. From shades fit silver, gray, black, white. The same principles adhere to minimalism.

The classic allows wooden chairs with soft upholstery of textiles and leather. Colors calm and deep – the whole brown tint palette.

Cozy country emphasized wooden, metal, rathana models with wicker elements.

Loft – universal style, here any materials are suitable, depending on the applied technician in the kitchen interior.

Unusual Modern offers two chairs. If they are in the center of attention, it is better to choose a catchy, textured upholstery. If the chairs play the role of a secondary subject, it is worth stopping the choice of nonsense and elegant options.

Beautiful interiors

Create a stylish and modern interior with bar chairs easily, they fit perfectly in many styles, creating interesting sounds of kitchen heads.

Interesting model – Thin high legs and curved backs bring elegance and weightlessness. In these models, all three materials are used – plastic, wood, metal, which provides additional strength. Soft sand shade with transitions in brown makes a bright accent in the kitchen made in white color.

These bar chairs are made in the form of stools. They are solid, reliable, sustainable. Rough Materials – Metal and Tree make focus on strength, and ergonomic design allows you to save the kitchen space, raising stools under the table.

Original chairs for high-tech style. Metal and plastic emphasize the conceptuality of the interior, and the form in the form of a wave provides convenience of landing.

The model that is in great demand due to its practicality and appearance. Conventional chairs, only high. Tree and leather – Warely combination.

Overview of the most famous and comfortable bar chairs you can see in the following video.

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