Bar Chairs: What happens and how to choose?

Bar Chairs can be called interesting design elements in the kitchen interior, living room, home minibar. Refusal from the traditional zone of the canteen indoors is increasingly considered as a way to save free space. In apartments studios, country cottages, free-plan housing opportunity to replace the table with chairs bar counter look very attractive. That’s just the seating in such an interior element need perfectly special.

The semi-car kitchen chair and soft high on the wheels for the house, half a criste with a back on disk and other models – all these options can be harmoniously combined with modern minimalism and other interior styles.


    Bar chair – the object of the situation that allows a sitting person to stay with comfort. Initially, such furniture must have a deeper, comfortable landing than a chair. In addition, numerous models are produced, equipped with armrests for additional support. The classic bar landing provides a height in which the man’s breast turns out to be opposite the rack.

    From the distance from the floor to the seating all the bar chairs are 3 species.

    • Compact. The height of 60-70 cm is considered to be relevant for the bar chairs, combined with small racks. Usually their countertop is in short with a headcase in the kitchen.
    • High. With legs from 90-95 cm, they are relevant for bar racks in full-size format. Houses such models are rarely used.
    • Folding or transforming. Their height indicators can be varied, adjusting to the height of a person who will have to sit. This is a universal solution, you can usually choose from 2-3 positions.

    What happens?

    Among the popular varieties of bar chairs you can select the following.

    • Semi-trident. This includes models with a back tall up to 35 cm and armrests. They will provide a fairly comfortable landing for a short time.

    • High chair. White, red or black, soft, leather upholstery. Such a chair looks respectable, looks good with radius bar racks, wooden legs.

    • Wheels in wheels. Universal option, more similar to classic soft furniture for kitchen or living room. Can be used in a residential room if it is equipped with a minibar.

    • On legs. There may be 2, 3 or 4 depending on the design features. The more supports, the more stable chair.

    • On disk. This is the most popular furniture format for the bar. Such chairs are supplied with footrests, low backs, rounded or square seats.


    Among the popular materials used in the design of the bar chairs, you can meet natural and synthetic options. The design of the base is most often made of metal, wood or plastic. The frame may consist of polycarbonate. In this case, the model of the chair will be translucent, with overhead soft pillows or inserts. The wood array is well suited for decoring the setting in Country Stylistics, Scandi, Provence; Chrome steel – for the interior in the style of high-tech.

    Seat skin can also be quite diverse. In the budget version, a soft chair or semi-trident is made of fabric – cotton, flax, velor, silk. It looks interesting and more respectable upholstery from genuine leather and suede. Such armchairs are combined with marble bar racks, manufactured in classical design and in avant-garde design. If the budget is limited, an affordable substitute is used – eco.

    Rotan furniture looks interesting. It is used in commercial, and in private interiors, complement leather or textile soft inserts.

    Tips for choosing

    Choosing a bar armchair for the kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the following points.

    • Design features. Half-criste with a support on the elbow is truly convenient for long-term seating. Conduct time for a cup of coffee, you can talk with friends on the chair at all having no armrests.
    • Design. Modern design bureaus offer to consider a variety of exclusive solutions. You can choose a model of a chair with a car seat from the luxury brands of transport, select an option with a support from a barrel or wheel disk, to give preference to soft plush versions in retrostyle.
    • Materials. In High-tech interior, the chrome plated supports on the disk, metal details of armrests, natural or artificial leather look most interestingly. Wooden chairs on 4 or 3 legs with a soft upholstered backrest and seats look spectacular in classic or retrostile space design.
    • Interior style. Bar armchairs fit into aesthetics High-tech, loft, minimalism. In the Scandinavian interior, such a furniture format is most often found in the living room space. In the aesthetics of Country, it is customary to use wooden chairs from solid rocks with hard seats and false pillows.

    About how to choose the right bar chairs, look in the following video.

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