Banquette your own hands

Banquette – a bench with a soft seat, which is placed in the hallway, living room or bedroom. It is performed in a classic or futuristic style, it has different dimensions and shapes. Banquette can be made with your own hands, In this case, the furniture will be absolutely complying with the designer idea of ​​the apartment owner.

How to make a round blanket-pouf with a kareny tie?

Non-standard way to decorate furniture. Karetny tie. It allows you to create bulk surfaces with different drawings. The model decorated in this way is suitable for interiors in a neoclassical style or for modern designs.

The manufacture of a bokend-pouf is fairly easy, a novice wizard will not have problems. For repair work requires a standard set:

  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • a hammer;
  • Lobzik (the electrical fit is best);
  • saw;
  • nails and other fasteners;
  • glue;
  • construction stapler;
  • paint, varnish, brushes.

There will be a pencil, a ruler and roulette, with which the necessary parts will be marked and their location relative to each other. As materials use Paneur and cardboard tubes. For the plating the banquette, the fabric will be required, as well as the filler for the seat – for example, foam.

Creating a Bundle-Pouf with your own hands:

  • The tubes are cut into several parts – so that they were the same length. Then plywood circles are peeling, from which the base will be made. For these purposes, an electrolybiz is used or (if possible) a ribbon saw.

  • Tobs are attached to the base. First, the parts are located around the perimeter, then they fill the inside. When all the tubes are glued, they are wrapped with a layer of foam rubber.

  • The foundation is placed on the squares. At the corners of which through holes are drilled (you need a 10 mm drill).

  • Through the holes, the upholstery fabric, decorative buttons are sewn from the front side. The housing of the wedge must be fully covered outside. At the bottom of the fabric begins and attached to the plywood – with the help of a construction stapler or nails.

  • For the manufacture of curly legs, special equipment is already required – for example, a machine with numeric control. If it is not, you can order a detail in the store or buy in a construction store. The legs are painted and covered with varnish – for decoration and protection against rotting.

The legs are fixed with a drill and cut from the bottom side of the holes.

At the final stage, finishing works. Puff decorate decorative rivets, crystals that are attached to decorative nails of small diameter. Fasteners are used for additional fixation of the fabric: they are driven around the perimeter of the banquette every 15 mm.

A more detailed process of manufacturing a banquette can be viewed in the following video.

Master class on the manufacture of a soft model of wood

This furniture is based on a wooden frame that is tightened with a cloth and complement the seed with filler. The question of how to collect a banquette or other products, worries many. This is not so difficult to do, and the stages of work on different objects of furniture will be similar. First draws drawing of future furniture.

You can take the basis of an existing scheme or make a fully original, but the first option is suitable only to those who already have experience.

It is best to create a project in special programs on a computer. This will allow you to see the bulk model and understand how it will look in real life.

Sketchup application is suitable for this purpose.

For calculations, the real size of the banquette determine (based on the size of the room and the place where the piece of furniture is located). The drawing is required in order to clearly define the number of bars, consumables and fabrics that will be used to create furniture.

After the preparatory stage, repair work is carried out directly. Homemade banquettes are conventionally divided into two types:

  • First, they can be made it from scratch.
  • Secondly, it is possible to make them from unnecessary furniture.

An old coffee table is suitable for the last option. Low model with unscrewing legs are best.

Before work should be checked if it will withstand the human weight.

The procedure for such:

  • From the foam rubber or rectangle of the same size as the tabletop. On the edges of the material left 2.5 cm. Conventional scissors or a construction knife are suitable for cutting foam rubber.

If you use two layers of material, the banquette will be softer. The sides with the relief are located inside and sample.

  • From the table unscrewed legs and glued to the base of the foam. The dimensions of the parts must fully coincide, otherwise the base of the banquette will be uneven. The filler should be pressed as much as possible.

  • The next step will be cutting the second lining (for it, lavsan, phlizelin or thin foam rubber) are used). In size it must be more filler. Next, the details are glued.
  • When finishing, the banquette use a piece of fabric, cut with an allowance of about 2.5 cm. Upholstery is fastened with a construction staple or decorative nails. The fabric is stretched along the edges, diagonally and towards the corners: it should make as closely closely as possible.

The latter are fixed by the edges. The material is as smoothed as much as possible with a sewn or screwdriver; As a result, there should be no folds. For the bottom there is a drug-resistant fabric, which is also attached by brackets to the base. Before fastener, the edges of the material are sweeten.

How to upgrade and cover the skin model with back: Step-by-step instruction

The coffee table is not the only object of furniture, which can be given a new life. You can redo the old headset, more precisely, its part is a bench with a back. The updated banquette will fit into the new interior after repair or will be its basis.

First, the leatherette is selected for the trim, as well as a monophonic cloth for lining. The size is calculated depending on the furniture area (taking into account the fact that there should be a place for spaces). A set of tools will be similar to what is used for the manufacture of other types of furniture.

Creating a bench with a back:

  • Old furniture disassembled into parts, upholstered upholstery and filler. To remove the clips, you can use a flat screwdriver.

  • From the foam rubber parts for seats and backs. If the box is located inside, the lower part makes less on the half astimeter.

  • On the floor folded cloth for lining. It has a filler and wooden sidew. Materials are attached to the base with a stapler.

It is very important that the fabric is tightly stretched as much as possible.

  • Wooden frame can be painted or covered with mourn. First one layer is applied, after 12 hours – another. When working with a veneer mourn on the floor, gloves are put on the hands, because it is poorly laundered. At the final stage, the leathesum is inserted into the side and front backplanters, after which the parts are attached to the base.

  • The leatherette is nailed over the fabric around the perimeter of wooden parts. The edges of the upholstery are sweeping and neatly fixed from the inside.

  • If desired, the product is decorated with pillows. They can also be sewn independently by choosing the materials of the appropriate shade.

Pillows can be withstanding in classic style, and can be performed in the form of animals or objects.

About how to make original pillows with your own hands, tells the following video.

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