Artificial Rattan Chairs: Pros and Cons, Choice

Furniture – an indispensable satellite in the life of every person, without her it is impossible to present any residential premises. To create the most convenient and comfortable space, designers use not only sofas, tables and chairs, but also comfortable chairs. Manufacturers produce a large range of product data that differ in size, manufacturing material, color and price range.

New in the world of design are braided armchairs from artificial rattan, which are distinguished by their elegance, extravagant and practicality. In the catalog of various manufacturers you can see both classic models and suspended, in which you can relax with comfort, read books, work for a laptop and do the needlework.

Advantages and disadvantages

Artificial rattan (technical, polythrotang) is inexpensive, durable, lightweight and durable material, which is made of polymeric raw materials. The technology of manufacturing artificial rattan is to connect an artificial thread with a chipboard, cellulose and rubber, followed by its run through a special forming machine. The final stage is the processing of the threads obtained by a special locking solution. Artificial rattan armchair – a beautiful and durable product that will harmoniously fit into any interior and serves more than one year.

Like any furniture, synthetic rattan chairs have a number of positive and negative characteristics.


  • affordable price range;
  • long period of operation;
  • the same routine size;
  • wide range of;
  • availability;
  • the presence of an orthopedic effect;
  • relevance;
  • universal purpose;
  • high level of climatic fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation and high humidity;
  • elevated level of strength and elasticity;
  • low weight;
  • Lack of burrs;
  • ease of operation and care;
  • environmental Safety;
  • harmonious combination with different stylistic directions;
  • mobility.
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  • the presence of a syringe during operation;
  • the presence of a specific plastic odor;
  • complexity of mounting suspended structures;
  • bulkiness of portable options;
  • High cost of designer models.


Innovative technologies and modern equipment allowed manufacturers to produce various types of seats from synthetic rattan.

  • Classical – Traditional model that has a back, armrests and seat. Manufacturers produce both garden species on legs and suspended. This design will allow the body to take the most convenient position and relax. Classic products harmoniously fit into the interiors of various stylistic directions.

  • Swing – Wicker design, the form of which resembles a classic swing and has fasteners from two sides. Disadvantage – lack of handrails. This chair is suitable for interior in eco and loft styles.

  • Basket (nest) – an unusual model that does not have a classic back, and rest on a similar chair involves the placement of the body with a fitted leg. Distinctive feature – flat seat and low-sided. Holidays on the suspension model involves swaying and twisting around the axis.

  • Polusfer (ball) – model that externally resembles a cropped ball. The design does not provide back and armrests. Depending on the size, the product can simultaneously be used as one person and two.

For convenience and decorative design, the design must be complemented with soft pillows.

  • Egg – an unusual model, the bottom of which has a shape of the ball, and the top.

  • Cocoon – The most popular and convenient model, which has a wicker drop with an acute upper part. Manufacturers produce both closed models and open.
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Depending on the types of installation and the options for fastening the chair from artificial rattan are divided into types:

  • stationary;
  • ceiling;
  • on support.

Tips for choosing

In order to buy not disappointed, experts recommend paying special attention to choosing seats. High-quality furniture must have the following characteristics:

  • aluminum, steel or cast frame;
  • high degree of weaving tension;
  • Maximum density between threads;
  • the presence of auxiliary weaving;
  • Lack of cracks, mechanical damage and burrs;
  • presence of no more than one junction.

Consider the main criteria for which you need to rely on when buying a synthetic rattan chair.

  • Size (dimensions) – Important indicator, when determining which you need to know the height of the ceiling, the total area of ​​the room and the size of the placement. And also need to consider the weight and growth of the owner. Only the availability of complete information will allow optimally picking furniture.
  • Quality – important indicator that affects the environmental safety of the product. The seller must provide the Buyer all quality certificates and permits for goods.
  • Aesthetic appearance – indicator on which the decorativeness of the product depends. The purchased product should not be chips, cracks and mechanical damage.
  • Frame reliability and fastening type – Parameters on which the safety of the operation of the product depends.
  • Stiffness level – the indicator on which the period of using the chair depends. Low stiffness products are quickly losing the form and acquire mechanical damage.

The chair should not have repellent or impossible areas, spots, mechanical damage and indifference color.

If all of the above criteria comply with standards, then the final stage should be the definition of the level of convenience. The buyer must definitely sit in the chair and experience all the ergonomic advantages and disadvantages. If there is even a small discomfort, it is necessary to refuse to buy.

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Beautiful examples

Despite the novelty of the material and the unusual shape of artificial rattan chairs, designers many of their projects complement these products, which can become both an independent art object and part of a single composition.

  • For interior design in classic style designers, recommend paying attention to traditional stationary furniture with which you can equip the living area of ​​the country house. Complete composition will help a small braided table.

  • Aircraft chair – a win-win element of the decor of any summer recreation area, which creates a feeling of weightlessness and at the same time comfort. This element will definitely be a favorite place of rest and unity with nature for all family members, regardless of age, and soft pillows will help take the most comfortable body position.

  • Hide from the fuss and noise will help the cocoon chair. It is in it that can be retired even in the public room, enjoy reading the book, watching the film in the tablet. And his interesting design will make space stylish.

  • Arrange the garden chairs from the rattan will help to organize a recreation area on the green lawn, which will preserve their attractive appearance both under the groaning rays of the Sun and in the rain.

In the next video you will find the manufacture of furniture from artificial rattan.

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