All the subtleties of the selection of tables and stools

Apartment or house is impossible to imagine without tables and chairs in the interior. These furniture items are in each room. Modern furniture is able to bring not only practical benefit, but also serve as an addition to the design, decorate the setting of the room.


First of all, tables and chairs can be divided by their practical application to everyday life:

  • Furniture for kitchen and dining room. Tables and chairs designed for the most part for eating in the appropriate facilities of an apartment or house. It does not mean that such furniture should not be beautiful and stylish. Although you should remember convenience and practicality. Often for dining rooms are purchased tables complete with chairs. In this case, all furniture items will be in a single style. However, there are also combinations of styles. For example, a combination of wooden table and elegant chairs on a metal frame.

  • Furniture for rest. Tables and chairs for the living room, hall, bedroom should be comfortable and emphasize the style of that room in which they are. For these premises fit chairs with soft upholstery. Tables can be of different style and size, depending on the room design. Often in such premises are used small decorative coffee tables, or tables on elegant wrought-iron legs. Very popular table tops made of transparent or stained glass, or from colored glass mosaic.

  • Children’s furniture. Objects of furniture for the children’s room must be the corresponding size. The child should be convenient to use. Strict and elegant style here is also inappropriate. In addition, children’s furniture must be light and safe. Better to give preference to light tables and pvc chairs. Such furniture is strong enough, does not require much care.

Baby will not be lit and does not hurt during the game. In addition, furniture from PVC has the most diverse and interesting for the child shape and color.

  • Garden and country furniture. For the arrangement of the site near the house, modern wicker chairs and tables are the most appropriate. Preference is better to give artificial materials. Street furniture is exposed to the sun, moisture and temperature change. Natural materials are poorly preserved in such conditions, quickly lose their strength and beauty of the appearance.


In the modern furniture market, products are presented from a wide variety of materials. For the manufacture of tables and chairs most often apply:

    Natural wood

    Interior items and natural wood furniture never come out of fashion. This material is environmentally friendly, which is important for those who appreciate everything natural. Due to the manifold of wood breeds and various processing technologies, wood furniture items have a huge variety of styles, colors and shapes. And the flexibility of this material is from the tree makes it possible to implement the most bizarre ideas.

    The most inexpensive option are tables and pine chairs. It’s enough durable and light wood. Due to the processing of material, painting and coating with varnish Furniture from pine looks stylish and beautiful.

    More expensive and popular options for oak and beech. Tables made of beech and oak usually solid, bulky. Them put in large canteens or halls. Wood has predominantly dark color.

      This furniture is suitable for design rooms in a medieval or gothic style.

      Artificial materials

      Most tables and chairs from artificial materials have the cost lower than those manufactured from natural wood. Modern production technologies are able to give artificial materials to high strength and make their appearance quite beautiful and stylish. Often artificial furniture in appearance imitates natural wooden.

      The most common material for artificial tables and chairs is plastic. Furniture from PVC is performed in various styles, has a large scope of application. Often plastic tables and chairs are used in dining rooms and kitchens. As children’s furniture. Furniture from PVC is a good option for arranging garden sites or gazebo. Stylized tables and chairs from PVC can be decorated with living room design.


        Metal furniture is also quite popular. It may be wrought, elegant heavy furniture. Or lightweight chairs and tables on metal frame. It looks original and stylish a combination of metal legs and glass countertops. Wroughtable furniture suitable for rooms decorated in a strict classic style.

          Metal tables and chairs are well withstanding the impact of external factors, suitable for use on the site next to the house.

          Artificial Rattan

          Artificial rattan (technical) is similar to properties with polyvinyl chloride. This is an elastic artificial material from which ribbon, rods or profiles of various thicknesses, lengths, shapes and colors are made. The rods are tightly intertwined and folded into the piece of furniture. From artificial rattan Tables, chairs, chairs, stools and other types of small-sized furniture are made.

          Due to the resistance to external factors and strength, such furniture is often used in the garden or in a gazebo. Unlike metal or wood, technical products are very light. The use of various weaving technologies allows you to create elegant and interesting style options. Such furniture is suitable for dining room, stylish chairs can equip the living room or bedroom. Light table and stool fit well for the children’s room.

          Furniture items can be made with your own hands. One simple and affordable options is the manufacture of garden furniture from ordinary wooden pallets or, as they are also called, pallet. Durable pallet surface can serve as a good basis for table top.

          Pallets are sold new or after use. In any case, it is very inexpensive and affordable material. Featuring the pallet of the desired size, or adjusted the size of the future tabletop, unscrewing unnecessary parts, you can start the manufacture of a table or a small bench for the garden.

          First of all, the surface of the pallet you need to sand, cover with paint or varnish. Further, depending on your wishes and fantasies, the legs are attached to the pallet countertop. However, it can be rollers, then our product turn into a small stylized coffee table.

          The legs for the homemade table can also be made independently, for example, tooling out of wood. You can purchase ready-made metal or plastic legs of the desired size. If you have an old broken furniture, chairs or tables, you can remove legs or rollers with them.

          Carnate the legs to the tabletop – the pallet can be using a construction glue or self-tapping screw.

          Showing a fantasy, you can make a garden chair or a small bench for gazebo. In this case, pallets themselves can serve as the basis of the design.

          It will make a chair or chair more stable, and you will save you from the need to search and acquire additional materials.

          Read more about this in the following video.


          An important role in choosing a furniture model playing its size. This affects not only the appearance, but also on the comfort and convenience of using a table or chair. Furniture of the inappropriate size does not fulfill its functions and becomes useless and uncomfortable interior detail.

          Choosing furniture, first of all, decide how this model will be used in your home, in which room it will be, who will use this table or chairs.

          Having answered these questions, you can decide what height, length and width will be correct for each furniture item.

          For example, you need to pick up the kitchen table. The first thing about what is drawn is the dimensions of the room itself. The table should not take too much space, clutch the passage and interfere with the free movement in the kitchen.

          The second important moment, how many people will be at the same time lunch at this table. Feeding should be convenient, for each person at the table should have 60 centimeters of free space. Otherwise, the meal will turn into a solid pushing of elbows and overturning his and someone else’s dishes.

          Oval or round tables are more convenient to accommodate a large number of people. For a small company of 3-4 people will suit a square or rectangular table.

          The following parameter is the height of the table, the case, of course, is purely individual. In furniture factory manufacturing height, usually standard. According to GOST, it is 75 centimeters. Such a height is removed from the average growth of adult men and women. Naturally, this standard does not apply to journal and decorative tables.

          In any case, you can make the order of the furniture desired for you height, not even coinciding with standards.

          However, if a few people use a table in your dining room or living room, you can hardly please everything. Even members of one family are far from one growth, which is there to talk about the guests and their children.

          In this case, it will be more convenient to choose chairs of different heights, or have small pads for seating so that children can take advantage. Putting such a pillow on the seat of a chair or chairs, the child will be higher and it will be more convenient for him for while still high for him.

          For very small family members, you can purchase special children’s chairs with high legs.

          Similarly, the size of furniture for the living room, hall or bedroom is selected.


          Color range of tables and chairs infinitely diverse. This implies primarily from the variety of materials. Modern producers have mastered well and constantly improve the technology of processing and painting products, so that furniture items do not suffer from poor palette.

          The choice of color scheme set of table and chairs depends on the design of a particular room.

          • For bedrooms are suitable green, soothing tones. Also good will look and classic white.
          • The use of white in the living room visually facilitates objects, and the perception of the room will become more air. Well will look a glass transparent table in the center of the room.

          • Black colors look heavily, but very stylish. This is the perfect option for strict gothic style or classics.
          • For dining and kitchen, it is better not to choose too bright and exciting colors. Restrained light tones will fit well here, the shades of beige.


          Of course, such noticeable furniture items, like tables and chairs, should emphasize and supplement the style of the whole room. Inappropriate colors or shapes spoil the visual impression of the premises, they are reduced to no effort on its design.

          • Wooden furniture of natural shades is the “classic of the genre”. Such tables and chairs fit perfectly in almost any interior, and the material itself never goes out of fashion.
          • For premises in the Gothic style, metal tables and chairs with forged elegant legs will be suitable. Preference should be given to dark tones. Also in this style fit large oval or rectangular tables on the thick legs of an oak or an incision.

          • For modern premises, furniture of non-standard and free forms is suitable. Elegant or, on the contrary, coarse chairs on thick legs or a solid basis. The table can be performed in the form of any silhouette, or simply have non-standard intricate outlines.

          The color range of this style is very diverse, the choice depends on the interior of the particular room. Often preference is given to light or bright colors.

          • Direction Art Deco is distinguished by unusual and brave combinations of flowers, materials and styles. The same piece of furniture can be performed using intricate mixing of parts. Table or chair can consist of classic and bold modernist elements. In one subject, somewhat often combined, seemingly incompatible materials. Full freedom of ideas and bold solutions reign in this direction.

          Furniture in this style is better to purchase a set to preserve the general direction of registration. Art Deco products are suitable for bold and innovative design options.


          Furniture can be decorated with various elements of decor.

          Chairs can be the Viennese Carved Armrests. The surface of the table or stool can be laid, which gives them a classic and strict view. The upholstery of the chair can imitate natural animal skins, such as Zebra, Leopard, Tiger.


          Design tables and chairs gives greater freedom for fantasy. In recent years, stylish sets under the antiquity began to return. They are distinguished by elegant, usually carved decor elements, restrained natural colors.

          More free and brave design has modern furniture.

          How to choose?

          The choice of a specific model of furniture items depends on the individual wishes and financial capabilities. At the moment there is a wide selection of furniture for each price category. These are elite classic models, and models made of light artificial materials.

          In addition to the cost, it is worth remembering the features of the selected furniture. For use in the garden or indoors with high humidity and temperature drops, it is better to choose furniture from artificial and more durable materials.

          Furniture from wood needs leaving and periodic processing. It is most vulnerable to external factors.

          If there are small children in the house, you should avoid choosing tables with sharp corners and solid traumatic surfaces. For the children’s room, the most suitable will be lightweight tables and pvc chairs.

          For the kitchen, you should choose a table of durable material. Operation of the dining table involves frequent contact with hot objects, water and sharp cutlery. The most suitable options for the kitchen and dining room are tables with a metal table top or with a tabletop of hardened durable glass.

          The appearance of furniture items plays a special role for the hall or living room. Here are the most relevant to the table sets with chairs in a single style. If you often have guests, suitable for the placement of several people will be models oval or round.

          Chairs for the hall or living room better choose with backs and armrests. Such models are more convenient for recreation and pleasant conversation.

          Advantages and disadvantages of furniture

          Each material has its own positive and negative properties:

          • Wooden furniture is often unnecessary, wood is subject to corrosion, poorly tolerates contacts with moisture, requires special care and periodic processing with protective compositions.

          Plus, wood is her natural beautiful color, ecology, pleasant surface of the product.

            • Metal furniture is also severe, with the exception of models from lightweight profiles. Metal surfaces require rust protection.

            The positive properties of metal products are their strength, wear resistance.

              • Furniture from PVC and Tekhnorotang practically does not have pronounced deficiencies. Tables and chairs from these materials have a wide price category, most of the models are available at cost even to buyers with low incomes. Furniture from PVC and artificial rattan is lightweight, strong enough, well tolerate the effects of external factors, has many options forms, colors, styles and decorative design.

              Plastic furniture can be used both indoors and outdoor garden plots.

              Famous firms and reviews

              The most positive feedback gets Belarusian furniture and products of production Malaysia. Also in the Russian and European markets are popular with Italian manufacturers (Adrenalina, Baxter, Valderamobili).

              Beautiful examples and options

              • A classic and beautiful kitchen option is a square table and four chairs with backs, made in a single style.
              • A chair and a table will fit practical and stylish. The table can be with a mirror or glass countertop.

              • A set of wooden chairs and a classic oval table is suitable for decoration of the hall.
              • The small kitchen will be cozy, if there is a small semicircular table on metal legs and several elegant stools.
              • Oval Large table with a glass table top and wrought-iron legs on a wooden base will decorate the living room in the Gothic style.


              • Choosing tables and chairs for an apartment and at home, one should be guided by the interior of the premises, the presence of free space and the conditions of operation of furniture.
              • Even if you have chosen the big table, you should not arrange a lot of chairs next to him. The distance between the dining or living table should be at least 20 centimeters.
              • For premises with a small area do not choose bulky furniture. This will reduce the free space and visually overload the room.
              • For use in the garden or in an outdoor gazebo, it is better to choose furniture from artificial materials.
              • In the living room or dining room it is better to put sets of tables and chairs. It will help create a single interior design style.

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