All about white racks

White rack in the interior is not only a place to store things. This is an opportunity for expanding the useful space and a decorative element capable of complementing the design. White looks attractive in any styles, so products of such shades are popular.


Racks – an inexpensive kind of furniture, which will be profitable to look at any room.

The decorative component of a similar headset is practically no inferior to the full cabinets. In this case, the design allows, if necessary, update the appearance of the room.

Several options for appointing rack structures.

  • Zoning of premises. With the help of such furniture, you can implement various options for planning the room, dividing it, for example, into two functional zones.

White mobile racks are particularly popular in this case.

  • Storage of toys. Good option for bright children. Beautifully laid and placed toys make room cleaner and cozy.

  • Storage of books. Racks are often used to arrange libraries. Open shelves bonded between themselves through a solid framework, help to form an independent interior element.

  • Decorating the room. Shelving cabinets acting as decor have an original design and a large number of shelves to accommodate various items: flower pots, photo frames, figurines.

  • For storage of shoes and clothing. Such a solution will create a neat interior in the dressing room.

And the designs of the shelves are often used for dishes and techniques. For example, a headset with a horizontal plane is suitable for installing a TV.


Today, furniture market is represented by a large selection of racks of different shapes and sizes. Distinctive feature – this design of furniture. The rack is collected from horizontal shelves located between the main partitions of the facade. Most models have no rear wall, which allows you to save on materials and purchase a product at an affordable price. Consider popular types of similar furniture.

  • Embedded structures. Shelves mounted in the wall, if there is a niche.

Basically such structures create for the arrangement of kitchens, office and office space. Advantage – Compactness and Ergonomic.

  • Standard straight. This is a simple cabinet with the back wall, the door is missing. The design has autonomous points of support, which is its main advantage.

Such racks are performed open, all items are in free access and are not hidden from prying eyes.

  • Sliding. Such models are often used to zoning the room.

Plus sliding racks – the ability to change the view and position of the design.

  • Corner. Help competently equip space.

Are suitable for accommodating a large number of things – this is their difference from direct racks.

  • Suspended. Unusual performance makes it possible to use furniture as decor. Plus – low weight and attractive view.

And manufacturers produce models that some sections are equipped with doors. This option is suitable for those who do not want to buy a wardrobe and at the same time it does not want to leave things in love. Racks can be low, square, cascading, with drawers and without them.

There are many options for performing such furniture – it is only worth opening the manufacturer’s catalog.


Manufacturers produce different types of racks using all sorts of materials. Furniture can be:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • glass;
  • iron;
  • Plastic.

Also popular use racks from MDF, LDSP and chipboard.

Competently selected glass, wood, metal or other material will help create a unique rack, with which it will be possible to decorate the room, add the interior and organize effective storage of things.


White racks will find good in any interior, complementing space and making it more alive and cozy. It is worth considering several rooms in more detail where you can put such furniture.

Living room

The total room uses almost all family members, so the room requires the installation of functional and bulk furniture. To arrange the living room, it is recommended to give preference to sliding racks in which open and closed shelves are combined.

White or black and white headset will be spectacularly looked in any style.


In such rooms, it is better to put racks from collections, where the models are presented in the form of the letter “P”. This decision will give the opportunity to use useful space. The head of the bed usually put an alternative to the bedside tables in the form of small racks with two and three shelves. On the shelves of a practical design can be delivered:

  • magazines;
  • cosmetics;
  • Lamps.

Instead of a cabinet you can put a standard rack with a mirror.

Any interior cream or cream model racks made in classic design or Provence style.


An ideal place for bright open racks. Furniture tone is recommended to select the desktop color. If desired, you can give preference to racks with partially closed sections. Excellent option for both home and office.


Racks in children’s use to distinguish between functional zones. At the same time you can dilute white color with bright shades, staining individual shelves in non-standard colors or setting colored decor items. The design planned to put in the nursery should be:

  • easy;
  • durable;
  • relevant security requirements.

Shelves should not be made narrow and high, since otherwise the child may not reach the top. At the same time, the upper part of the design is better to fasten in case the child wants to scribble on the furniture. Doors of sections can be covered with a gloss.


The use of white racks in the kitchen will make it harmoniously distinguish between the working and dining area. The best option is a model with partially closed glass doors and low height sections. Such racks are suitable for storing dishes, spices and other kitchenware.

Regardless of the species, shape or sizes, any rack is able to make the design of the room stylish. To do this, it is enough to connect fantasy and competently approach the arrangement of the room. Better, of course, take advantage of the help of professionals.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Racks recently become increasingly popular. They are installed not only in residential premises, but also in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and even in offices. Furniture carries not only decorative and distinctive function, but also allows you to organize a convenient storage of different things – from decor items to underwear.

Below are photos of attractive white racks that have become decorated with various interiors.

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