All about transformer racks

A large number of different things are always kept in residential rooms. Currently, there are a wide variety of furniture structures that allow you to compact as much as possible and conveniently placed them. Increasingly popular with transformer racks. Today it will be about the features of such products and what materials they can be made from.


The transformer rack is a multifunctional furniture design that can be placed on a relatively small free space.

These furniture items can be used for various purposes.

If necessary, they can be completely folded, giving the most compact dimensions, and place in the storage room or Chulana.

Transformers racks have a neat and beautiful appearance. In addition, they are distinguished by an increased indicator of strength and reliability, regardless of which material they are made.

Usually, These racks have several different folding methods, they can be put in both vertical and horizontal positions. Many models of such racks are additionally equipped with a special mechanism that prevents accidental decomposition of furniture.

Similar transformer designs can be purchased in the store already in the finished form or make it yourself from handy tools and materials. In the second case, you can use the usual sheets of MDF or chipboard. But it is necessary to separately buy a special transformation mechanism.

Similar furniture items can be placed in any room. They will become the best option in a small children’s room and in a small kitchen. Even a child can also collect and disassemble the design. Efforts to do not need to apply.

These transformers can be produced with a variety of shelves and with different dimensions. The choice largely depends on the area of ​​the room in which the product will be located.

Review of species

Today in Furniture stores Buyers can see a rather big variety of such furniture. Separately, consider the most popular options among consumers.

  • Desk. This construction is the simplest variation of transformer racks. Many such models have special properties that allow you to read or write more correctly. When laying, such racks are converted to a comfortable design with a spacious worktop, shelves and drawers.

  • Computer desk. This variation is very similar to the previous. Such products may vary by type of their configuration and by their external design. Computer varieties allow you to freely accommodate various technical gadgets on the table top.

  • Dinner table. Such a shellage transformer during laying is converted to a spacious and convenient dining area, which can be easily used for a joint breakfast of several people. Such products are made mainly from materials that can be easily cleaned.

  • Wailed folding option. This transformer most often serves as desk shelves. Often on such products place various decorative items. These options are usually placed in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Wall samples are most often fixed on the surface with special magnets. As a rule, they can withstand loads on average up to 30-40 kilograms.


    Transformer racks can be made from a variety of materials.

    • Wood. This material is the most common option that is associated with its main technical parameters and properties. Various wood breeds have an excellent indicator of strength and durability. Also, many varieties of such material boasts a beautiful external design. Unusually in the interiors will look racks with natural drawings.

    • Metal. This material has elevated strength indicators. Such furniture items are often intended to place the most severe structures, as they can withstand significant weight loads and mechanical effects. Metal transformer racks can be produced in various designs, some models are perfect for classic styles, other samples will become the best option for modern design.

    • Glass. This material for the manufacture of transformer racks is careful processing and hardening. In this case, the glass foundation will have due level of strength and reliability. Such structures are predominantly used for premises decorated in modern styles. But it should be remembered that they are still much more fragile compared to previous options, and almost daily careful care is required.

    • Combined options. Such transformer racks are performed immediately from several different materials. They are distinguished by the most interesting and beautiful design. Similar structures can be placed in rooms made in different styles.

    Examples in the interior

      Often in bedrooms and living rooms have such racks made by their wood and metal frame. I wonder the models with unusual forms will look. If necessary, such storage systems can be converted to the most compact and neat design. They will be able to approach both classic and modern styles.

      In the interior of the dining room or living room, you can place small models of transformer racks consisting of several small shelves, which, if necessary, add up to the table. Interestingly, these structures with a bright wood shelves and with a frame of painted metal or plastics are interesting. Like the previous version, such furniture will be able to come true for any style.

      In the rooms decorated in modern design, you can post shelves-shelves. In this case, you can use models made in bright colors (red, blue, green, yellow). In the folded state on the shelves, you can place frames with photos, decorative elements, as well as pots with room flowers. If necessary, from the shelving, you can make a convenient and spacious writing desk.

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