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Cantine style is becoming increasingly popular. Many, making up the interior of their homes and apartments, give preference to him. In specialized stores you can find a huge number of furniture designs made in such a stylist. Today we will talk about the cabinets decorated in the Scandinavian style direction.


Scandinavian style involves in the interior the laconicity, simplicity and accuracy. Furniture in this design is distinguished by its restraint. In the manufacture does not use a large number of additional decorative parts. Scandinavian style cabinets are perfect for a relaxed modern interior.

To create them, as a rule, natural high-quality materials are used: predominantly this is a natural tree, first-grade plastic, glass. As a wooden basis, birch, alder, pine, chipboard, oak.

Separate elements can be made of metal.

This furniture is usually drawn up in calm and neutral colors (black, gray, white, beige, brown). Scandinavian style cabinets perfectly fit into the interiors with bright monophonic walls, with coatings in the form of brickwork, various types of parquet or laminate.

This furniture will be the most practical and convenient option. For such cabinets almost no need to care. They are distinguished by a high level of durability and quality.


Currently, in furniture stores, consumers will be able to meet a considerable variety of scandinavian style cabinets. So, depending on the type of construction, they can be divided into separate groups.

  • Closet. Such functional models are characterized by special simplicity of forms. They are considered the most spacious. Most often, the external facade of such cabinets is issued with several mirror surfaces. Such furniture not only perfectly fit into the modern interior, but will make the room space visually much more.

  • Built-in wardrobe. This furniture design is produced with sliding doors, it is practically no different from the standard wardrobe, but it is located in the room so that the furniture is built into a niche. Similar options allow you to significantly save place indoors. Built-in varieties will become the best option for hallways. Inside some of these models, not only additional shelves are provided, but also hangers.

  • Corner cupboard. This model also saves space in the room. In addition, this furniture makes it possible to use an angular space. Doors such cabinets can do using a solid mirror surface, a wooden base in light shades. Often such doors are framed around the perimeter with thin metal or plastic inserts.

In addition to these models, in stores you can meet the standard models of cabinets on legs. They will fit almost for any premises. Popular option today are whole furniture sections decorated in Scandinavian style. They, in addition to the main cabinet, can also include separate shelves with shelves, small stands. Such designs are the most functional. Cabinets can be produced both with one and two and more doors.

For storage of books, decorative items Better to purchase a low wardrobe with glass doors. Interesting options will also be models with open sections.

Today we produce whole dressing rooms in Scandinavian style. Such spacious furniture can consist of several separate rectangular cabinets with a variety of compartments and hangers.

Some such designs make up a set with small bedside tables or open shelves.

Design of facades

Many models of such cabinets make with monophonic facades. Most often for the production of natural wood in bright colors, high-quality plastic in black or white. At the same time, the surface itself can be both glossy and matte.

When creating the facade of bookcases, several materials often combine immediately. Doors can do with small inserts from glass or transparent plastics.

I wonder the models decorated with light wood with several inserts in the form of mirrors. At the same time, the opening knobs may not be available at all. To open such a wardrobe, you should click a bit.

An unusual option can serve as a furniture section in Scandinavian style. In this case, the cabinet can be made of a light wood breed, and racks and separate shelves, adjacent to the design, are made in black or dark brown gamma. Some models of this furniture make with small metal elements.

Beautiful examples

In the interior of the hallway, decorated in white and light gray shades, can fit a wardrobe made of light wood. The handles may be absent, the doors will in this case will be opened by pressing them.

The most convenient and functional option will be cabinets with multiple bottom drawers. If your home is a rather large entrance hall, there are two such structures made from the same material at once. In this case, one of the cabinets can be made with a large mirror on the facade. Such models are able to visually increase the space indoors.

Another interesting option for bedrooms and living rooms will be able to become monophonic white cabinets with folding doors. Such models do not take too much space. Often such designs are divided into several sections, inside have several compartments with shelves, hangers. This furniture is better placed in the room decorated in the same white or beige color.

About Scandinavian style rules See in video.

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