All about profile pipe racks

    Currently, there are a wide variety of storage systems, a popular option is racks. Such structures can be made from a variety of materials, but models made from the profile metal pipe are considered the most durable and reliable. Today we will talk about the features of such structures and about what kinds they can be.


    Racks made from the profile pipe are distinguished by a special level of strength, they can easily withstand the largest weight loads. Wherein Such products will not be deformed and collapsed even after a long time.

    Metal storage systems can be constructed even with their own hands, as such materials are quite simple in the installation. Metal is not subject to negative effects of sudden temperature differences.

    Processed profile pipes can withstand and enhanced dampness. Often they are pre-covered with special powder paint, which allows you to create an anti-corrosion layer on the surface, which also significantly increases the level of resistance and durability of such products.

    Application for the manufacture of metal profile pipe racks meets all basic fire safety requirements. After all, in contrast to wood, the metal will not ignite and burn.

    Such a square pipe rack will not require special care. For cleaning it will be quite moisturized rag. It can simply wipe all surfaces even without using special detergents (they are usually taken with strong pollution).

    Most often such models are placed in workshops and garages. They will enable to place all parts and tools in one place, freeing the free place in the room. Sometimes they are constructed for greenhouses. This will allow grown there more plants.

    Metal profile is necessarily processed by a protective composition that will not allow the formation on the surface of the metal rust, as well as some other additional solutions to extend the service life.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Similar storage systems from metal have many important advantages, select the most significant of them.

    • High reliability and strength indicator. These designs can easily withstand heavy loads, and at the same time they will not break and do not deform.
    • Wear resistance. Products from a metal profile, even with intensive permanent operation, can save all its properties and a neat appearance.
    • Convenience. In such storage systems, it is possible to post objects made from a variety of materials.
    • Sustainability. A properly treated metal profile will practically be subject to negative impact of temperature differences and excessive moisture.
    • Durability. Metal profile pipes will be able to live as long as possible even in rooms with a high degree of dampness, as well as in poorly heated rooms.
    • Mobility. Racks made for home use, if necessary, can be independently transferred or disassembled, without applying special efforts.
    • Attractive exterior design. Designs created from such material look most carefully and aesthetically. In addition, in contrast to wooden massive racks, they are not so bulky.

    Among the disadvantages of such metal structures, it is possible to highlight a higher cost compared to systems made from other materials. It can also be noted that the manufacture of products from a metal base will be a bit more complicated than wood systems.


    These metal storage systems may be of a variety of species. So, they can be divided into several groups depending on the design features of the product.

    • Collapsible shelving. Such a reliable design is considered quite simple. Collapsible models can be collected without attracting professionals. They must be made from specially processed profiles. All individual elements of the system are combined with each other using special fasteners, which, if necessary, almost one movement, you can delete and back to install, folding or folding them into one single design. Often, such samples are equipped with additional plug-in shelves, which come in one set with the main part. They can also be easily fixed independently. Similar types are mainly used on various shopping and warehouse objects, but sometimes they have them in economic buildings, garages.

    • Shelf rack. It is these models that are considered the most popular option. Such storage systems have a collapsible design. At the same time, they are equipped with durable side frames, as well as special cargo beams and additional elements. Racks of this type will be able to easily withstand a significant weight. For the manufacture of shelves themselves, plywood chipboard can be used, steel sheets with zinc coating.

    The estimated options are more often placed in supermarkets and warehouses. After all, they allow you to place a large number of items next to each other, while it will be saved open access. In such shelves, oversized loads are preferably laid out.

    • Frontal storage system. This design is universal, so it can be used in the premises of the most detailed destination. At the same time, loads can be stored for special wooden pallets. Sometimes special pallets are used. Such designs make it possible to use the work area to most effectively and conveniently post all items, there will always be open access to them.

    • Printed structures. Such storage systems do not have passes between rows. They are rarely used for home or garage, more often they are present on shopping or storage facilities and are used for storage of goods. Printed models create from vertical profile frames. They allow you to easily adjust the distance of the transverse beams, the height of which, if necessary, can be changed independently. As in the previous embodiment, the constituent elements of such racks are pallets, on which objects are placed.

    • Mobile racks. These variants consist of various front metal departments, firmly interconnected. Such models are equipped with special moving platforms. There are no openings between the rows.

    • Console storage systems. These metal racks will become the best option for the placement of products of considerable length. They provide quick access to subjects. Console samples can be easily done at home.

    • Corner models. These racks are installed in the angle of the room. In this case, free space will increase. In this case, the width, height and length of the shelves may be the most different. Such systems are often positioned in rooms, cabinets, they allow us to conveniently place and store documentation and books. As a rule, the angular versions do not differ in large dimensions and weight. They are pretty lungs, they just collect and mount.

    • Wounded structures. Such racks are located along the walls. They are often put in garages. They are considered the practical and most convenient option, the models allow us to use the space in the room as rationally. In addition, facilities are characterized by a more accurate and aesthetic external design, reliability. Products fully meet all safety requirements, they are as comfortable as possible.

    Such racks may differ from each other depending on the size of the profile pipes, of which they are made. Often they are made from such elements 20×20, 20×40, 40×40 millimeters (20×40 metal pipe is considered standard option).

    How to do?

    If you need a rack for a home, garage or workshop, then you can either purchase a ready-made design, or make it with your own hands at home, even without welding. All manufacturing technology includes several mandatory stages.


    To begin with, you should prepare everything you need for this device. So, it will be necessary to take the following tools and materials:

    • Bulgarian;
    • galvanized (you can use a special powder type paint);
    • nuts, bolts;
    • welding machine with electrodes;
    • Profiles and rollers.

    If you use wooden inserts and pallets for metal racks, you will need plywood, hacksaw, bar for end parts, nails, screwdriver and special paints with water-repellent properties.


    Before you directly proceed to the manufacturer, you need to form a detailed drawing of the future product. On the selected drawing, all sizes that need to be followed during the construction process. On paper it is better to immediately depict the bulk model of the future rack.


    Prepare the shelves to be used in the future storage system. The standard height of the shelving shelves is 50 cm, and the width is 80 cm. Wider surfaces will need to be recorded in the bottom of the design. Their optimal thickness is 5-7 cm.

    First going to the main frame department. To do this, you need to firmly fasten the brackets intended for the shelves on the metal profile. Racks can be fixed by conventional bolts. Sometimes make a welded homemade rack, in this case, instead of using bolts, you need to cook connections.

    The profile can be fixed on the wall surface with the help of self-tapping screws. This design is most stable as possible, as it will not stand separately in the room, and firmly locks in the wall.

    After that, the shelves are inserted into the resulting frame using brackets. On the sides, the struts of the cross-like species fix. Then check the level and degree of curvature of the rack.

    The finished design is necessarily covered with zinc composition, which will significantly extend the operational period of metal structures. Also at the final stage of manufacture, the surface is covered with primer and powder paint.

    About how racks from the profile pipe are created, see the following video.

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