All about pallet racks

Pallet racks are structures that allow you to store products, goods and any items that need to be stored in the room. They can be collected and disassembled if necessary.

Such designs allow you to organize and optimize space when placing goods located on pallets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the obvious advantages of pallet racks, you can allocate the main.

  • Wide sphere of use. The design is ideal for a warehouse of retail or wholesale trade, industrial enterprises, private territories, factories, factories and shops.
  • Varieties of stellage. Their quantity allows each client to choose the option that fits it. Parameters are selected depending on the area of ​​the room, the load that pallets must withstand, and the number of goods placed.
  • Ease of operation. The company can be organized both handmade and the use of equipment that interacts with cargoes. Pallet racks allow you to fully optimize the space and fill all the shelves. At the same time, it is possible to place products at different levels: this allows you to comply with storage conditions, based on the specific characteristics of the product. Moreover, pallets simplify inventory.

Using this type of construction there are disadvantages.

  • Pallet racks allow you to properly organize space, if the main goal is to accommodate goods in stock. If you need a large workspace, it is worth noting that pallets can take away up to half the area of ​​the room.
  • When assembling some racks, difficulties arise. Moreover, complex structures sometimes require the cost of their content.

Basic design elements

Pallet racks became one of the most sought-after ways to store goods, and a simple design is one of the reasons for their wide use. In most cases, the rack consists of certain elements.

  • Frame, which consists of a pair of racks interconnected using bolts. At the bottom of the racks attaches are attached. Frames are made different in height and depth: these parameters are selected depending on the size of the products, which will be stored in the warehouse of the organization.
  • Rack is made of steel. Its width and thickness of the metal depend on which loading capacity is needed by the shelving section.
  • Vertical profile – an element that conveys the construction force through the back. Its size, type of steel and thickness create an additional pressure that provides the required distribution in the marked point. To smooth out the unevenness of the floor, use metal plates.
  • Beams that are attached to the ram hook hooks. The burden of no more than 4,200 kilograms is assumed to the design level, but regardless of the carrying capacity on the beams appear bends under load. If you increase the height of the vertical profile, bends beams are less.

Description of species

Each warehouse has characteristics and goals that it must match. These aspects are important when choosing a type of rack for pallets. Types of design are different, but the most common of them are described below. Among them, everyone will find something for themselves.


This type of rack is used much more often than others. The design of this species refers to the collapsible type, the elements of which are held on bolts or special clips. The base is vertical frames and beams that are fixed to the racks with the help of hooks. The number of frontal shelving tiers is selected in accordance with the client preferences. Prefabricated pallets can be quickly disassembled and supplemented as needed: for example, to hold both in height and width.

Front rack can stand separately or at the wall. If it is located separately, it can be loaded from two sides, and this is convenient in cases where the products must be placed fast. Most often, individual structures have pairs to save space space. It is necessary to leave the free space between the racks so that for the work of employees or special equipment there was enough space.

It is worth noting that for pallet storage it is often used precisely technical means, and not manual work.

This design allows you to get constant access to a wide range. Such a rack can be installed in almost any room. The paint coating is characterized by quality, due to which the front racks can be indoors with low temperatures: for example, in the refrigerator.

The design of this species can be adapted for private requirements. Thus, you can double or three times to increase the size of the product, driving one rack with another. The capacity of the structure increases, but it will not work quickly. Moreover, to fill the rack, you will need to use special techniques.

Deep printed

Depth racks that are also called printed – this is an excellent replacement for increased frontal. Their main positive feature is a high level of optimization of warehouse space. Printed design consists of metal frames connected by horizontal beams with lodges. They establish trains for storing products. The deep rack is more compact, it retains a broad-rifted workspace.

Nevertheless, when using this species, as a rule, one-type of production is located, which has a long storage period and does not require sorting.


Mesonin is a mobile and multi-level construction that is going to quickly. It consists of additional levels that allow you to effectively use space. This is the main plus of mezzanine racks – it is possible to use the entire height of the warehouse. There are different types of mezzanines. The first is pallet mezzanine, which is based on the front-type system. As a rule, it is worth installing it if it is supposed to use special equipment when performing trucks. The second is the whole, and such a design should be assembled to those who plan to use manual labor in the process of work.

It is worth noting that regardless of what kind of rack is suitable for a particular organization, it is always necessary to focus on the weight that will have a load on the product. For heavy loads it is better to use reinforced designs.

It is necessary to mention such a category of warehouse structures as self-supporting racks. They quickly erected and are a combination of connected pallet structures. This is a single monolithic system, which is part of the building in which it is located. It is distinguished by stability and is able to carry large loads.

Tips for choosing

In most cases, the enterprise’s warehouse is organized, the success of his whole work depends on. Therefore, choosing pallet racks is correct. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, pay attention to important aspects.

  • For pallets, the capacity is important, so you should choose the desired size of the rack. In addition to the product that will be constantly stored in a warehouse, the rack must be able to accommodate additional goods.
  • Be sure to take into account the load, which will be on the rack located in stock products.
  • If the free workspace is of great importance, it is necessary to navigate and on such a parameter as the width of the pallet shelving. In this case, it is better to choose a design that does not take a lot of room space. This is suitable for a multi-tiered type of rack, which is characterized by compactness.
  • Parlet racks are held within accessibility, but when choosing it is worth navigating, rather, on the quality and rationality of the purchase than on its value.
  • Better if the mounting of the elements occurs with the help of hooks or bolts.
  • If the racks and shelves are galvanized, they will make the product more practical.
  • Internal changes in the rack configuration can be very useful during operation, so it is worth paying attention to the designs that assume this possibility.


Decide on the type of shelving and its characteristics is better at that stage when the design of the warehouse is only planned. It is worth a clearly representing which products will be stored in stock and understand its specificity: How long will the goods be stored, in what conditions, automated or handmade will be used indoors. Perhaps for convenience it will be necessary to combine different types of shelving structures.

Installation of pallet racks should be carried out by professionals who competently hold all stages of installation and will not allow annoying errors. In this case, the system will be safe and last long and high quality.

The rack must be assembled with the fulfillment of mandatory stages.

  1. Paul premises prepare for work.
  2. On the floor is marked design. It is done in accordance with the project, which is prepared in advance. Marked the distance that the rack will occupy.
  3. Installation of racks and ribs racks.
  4. Install and secure frame frames. Bolts or special clips are used to fix them.
  5. Install beams at the bottom of the rack.
  6. Fix the beams of other levels of construction. Installation is made from the lower elements to the top.
  7. All elements are aligned with special devices.
  8. Install the shelves and flooring, fix the support parts to the floor.
  9. If desired or need, additional design elements are installed.

        It is important to note that when assembling pallet racks do not need to use welding. All actions are carried out using bolts or special clips. This means that at any moment the design can be disassembled, to transport to another place and assemble back. Construction flooring is also replaced. They can be changed at any time to specialized flooring, which are selected due to the features of products, or just new.

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