All about mezzanine racks

Racks are in great demand, they have a lot of advantages, besides, they are presented in different variations. Mezzanine structures are installed at enterprises and warehouses, at home, when there is no sufficient space for storing various things. Thanks to this device, you can easily and competently organize the work of the warehouse. This equipment is applied in rooms with high ceilings. Racks can be in several versions, each of which has its own advantages and features. Your attention is offered features and a list of advantages of warehouse equipment.


Maisonists are popular technological warehouse equipment, which is used in large enterprises. The main advantages of the system are comfort, easy installation and mobility. This design can be quickly and conveniently composed, saving space. So you can increase the free area to store products and personal belongings.

It is safe to say that the racks of this type have become a real breakthrough in the field of warehouse.

They can store any products, and maintenance does not require great effort and costs. It is worth noting that for high mezzanines will not need a special technique, which is the advantage. The basis of the design is vertical columns with beams.

Wood, metal reinforcement rods and sheets are used for the manufacture of flooring. Therefore, the product is durable, reliable and will last for many years. From the beams and floorings create tiers that allow you to move in stock technician and employees. Material for manufacturing is chosen carefully and seriously, since the strength, quality and reliability of operation depend on it.

For the production of beams, various profile elements can be used, among which there are pipes, brands and T. D. The role of the frame is played by carrying components, they are connected by bolts. The main requirement for the design is stability and rigidity. For movement, manufacturers make staircases with railings to provide comfortable operation. There are racks with freight elevators, thanks to which the processing of cargo and the safety of goods improves. Lifting mechanisms are both stationary and mobile.

As for the sizes of racks, the designs are created by a height of at least 2-3 meters, and sometimes much more.

To exclude sliding, steps are made of perforated metal sheet, which provides good clutch with the surface. One of the requirements for mezzanins is the presence of enclosing handrails that can be equipped with a gate to deliver the load to the top with the help of elevators or lifting mechanisms.

Racks belong to the discharge of collapsible structures, which are characterized as technological equipment, so for their installation it is not assumed to have permitters. Regarding the technical characteristics, we can say what they depend on the type of product, its size, the load of each floor and T. D. However, the height cannot be greater than 15 m, and the carrier ability to exceed 28 tons. Taruses must withstand no less than 3 tons, and the maximum indicator of permissible weight per 1 kV.M – 1500 kg. Metal is processed by special compositions to ensure corrosion protection, as warehouse structures are often located in rooms where dampness can be low.

Maisonists have a mass of advantages, thanks to such structures it is possible to productively use the warehouse space, increasing the volume of stored goods. In addition, racks can be installed not only for the storage of goods, but also to equip offices and service personnel. Designs are amenable to light conversion, they can be adjusted under the weight and shape of stored goods.

Racks have ample opportunities, as they can move. On the upper floors it is easy to supply cargo, you can equip an automatic storage system, reduce staff labor costs in the presence of elevator and stairs. You can collect and disassemble such a design without special equipment and tools, such equipment is mobile. To work with a cargo at an altitude of about 3 m, the staff does not require auxiliary mechanisms. Mezzanine racks are presentable and neat.


Manufacturers offer different types of mezzanine structures, each of them has their own distinctive characteristics and features, but all of them have the above advantages and become an indispensable equipment on any warehouse.


This is a variant of the same type of standard design, which uses the Palet System of Attachment. The main advantage of such racks is the availability in price, as well as the ability to quickly process products without automation. Support beams are used for the design of the design, which are covered by stable and durable flooring.

The main task of mounted mezzanins is to expand the space for storing the cargo with the help of increasing or adding new tiers. Thus, the design will be a budget option for saving time and money.

Separately standing

Such racks are often used in large warehouses. This type of mezzanins refers to the category of complex structures that are made of durable steel, they are created in several floors, the number of tiers can reach four. Each individual regiment performs its task. For example, one part can serve for warehouse, the second – for office, and the third is used for the production department.

This type of mezzanine is often called a column, this is due to the fact that standing racks are characterized by power, stability and reliability. As for the configuration, it is quite simple, because it consists of flooring and columns. At the same time, additional elements can be used in the form of walls, lifts, elevators and railings with fencing, which provide not only comfortable operation, but also safety. Shelf racks are often performed by individual order according to the drawings and wishes of the buyer.


Floor structures consist of different warehouse equipment. The system can be equipped with pallets, console or shelving racks, so such structures are made exclusively by individual order.

The buyer can show all his fantasy and present requirements on the size of shelves, the presence of an elevator or other mechanism, stairs with railings and other devices to optimize the system.

Scope of application

Having studied the technical characteristics of mezzanine racks, it is safe to say that without such structures it is difficult to do enterprises and in warehouses due to a number of advantages. Therefore, it is not surprising that areas in which such systems are applied, quite a lot. Often the designs of this nature are installed in warehouses of various manufacturing enterprises, where it is required to quickly ship the product, which is on storage, and set orders.

This also includes food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Such production produce their goods in a small format, so it is not so easy to find certain positions, but to facilitate the process, you can install such designs.

Maisoners are perfectly coping with such a task and optimize work in a warehouse. Such technological equipment is applied in places where strict records are required, so two-storey racks are installed in libraries, archives and various educational institutions, although they may have more tiers.

Such systematization of products has already proven its consistency, besides, the workflow is accelerated, and the processing passes quite quickly, even manually. If there is a large assortment in stock, it will not do without installing mezzanins. On this design, you can put a load of small packing, pallets, tanks, boxes and various other containers.

Shipping goods that are on mezzanine racks is much easier and faster, moreover, it makes it easy to equip products.

How to choose?

Having studied the main advantages and operational characteristics of mezzanine structures, the question arises, how to choose to choose such systems to pay attention to find high-quality, durable and durable racks. No matter what type of equipment you are interested in, there are a number of factors for which you should always pay attention, only this can be done favorable investment.

To begin with, it is important to decide on the height of the racks, given the parameters of the room where such a system will be installed. About the dimensions of mezzanines, it all depends on what kind of cargo you are going to store there. Of course, it is necessary to choose only proven manufacturers whose products have already managed to deserve confidence and prove their quality. If we are talking about typical racks, it is important to pay attention to the date of their release. Mezonins must have certificates indicating their compliance with standards and requirements, also pay attention to the test term.

Many warehouse enterprises order the mezzanins according to individual parameters, so it is important to carry out the right measurements so that the system is perfectly fitted into space. Supplier of warehouse equipment must be technological lines for the production of products. If it is possible, you can go on production to make sure the manufacture of racks.

The constructive basis of any type of mezzanine equipment is the presence of high-quality and durable beams with parallel vertical columns. Make sure the equipment is made of reliable and sustainable material loads. It should be noted that well-known manufacturers always indicate the maximum indicator of the permissible load on each tier. The flooring can be made of grids, perforated metal sheets and wood, so it all depends on which item will be stored on the floors.

Any mezzanine design must be mobile and succumb to further perestroika framework, because it is a collapsible equipment.

One of the important components of the equipment are stairways that should provide not only affordable, but also safe movement. If you need to move a lot of goods between racks, pay attention to the structures equipped with elevators. Reliable are considered to be stairs from perforated steel, for safe operation, they must be equipped with a fence and railings to eliminate the possibility of falling employees.

The quality of mezzanines is indicated by the presence of an anti-corrosion coating, thanks to which the equipment can be installed even in cold and raw room, without worrying about the spurring of the metal structure. Such racks can be used even in adverse conditions, because they will remain durable and reliable.

Thus, when choosing mezzanins, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the room so that the system fit into size, as well as high-quality material manufacturing material and the availability of a certificate from the manufacturer. As for the configuration, it all depends on the customer’s personal wishes, because the system can be complemented with new tiers, shelves, elevators and lifting mechanisms, which greatly simplifies the process of operation and processing of goods.

Maisonen racks have become a profitable solution for storage facilities, with their help you can solve the problem of missing space and optimally use the place to store any goods. A wide selection of parameters, types and equipment equipment allows everyone to find something that meets his personal requirements.

It is safe to say that the design of reliable materials, which is made in compliance with all requirements, will serve many years, facilitating and speeding up all processes in the enterprise.

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