All about metal racks

Know everything about metal racks is useful not only to employees of warehouses and various commercial organizations, as often thinking. It is important to deal with the size of iron racks for the house, and with what manufacturers produce such products.

It will be necessary to pay attention to the usual steel and stainless steel models with shelves, as well as other options.


Metal rack can be met more often and more. Such products confidently oust purely wooden structures. Modern rack options can be a valuable acquisition not only for a warehouse or an industrial enterprise, but also for office, educational institution or shopping and exhibition complex. Characteristics of such products well thought out. Comparatives, it will be relatively easy to place a large number of necessary things in a limited volume.

Specific options may differ by:

  • the number of shelves;
  • features of the sectional structure;
  • length and height;
  • used materials;
  • portable load;
  • other properties, negotiated separately.


Simple iron or steel rack is not too good. Even in carefully controlled conditions, corrosion will still develop. Count on a long service life and special reliability does not have. The only plus of ferrous metal is a comparative cheapness. It can be used mainly for short-term projects. Galvanized or chrome-plated frame from the profile turns out to be more reliable. However, it is no longer necessary to talk about serious savings in this case. For wet places and other areas where corrosion activity is large and do nothing, it is impossible to do anything, it is preferable to stainless steel products.

There are such structures are not so expensive, while fully justify themselves from a practical point of view; produce their various companies. Aluminum racks are widely demanded. They are easier than their steel fellow. Some difference in the bearing capacity is fully compensated by this circumstance. Aluminum is also not subject to corrosion, unlike steel.

Collect storage systems of this kind is easy, and permissible load up to 150 kg per shelf is quite sufficient in most cases.

Do not discount with bills and racks with wooden composite elements. High-quality wood structures are quite reliable and stable. Special processing allows not to be afraid of any problems with fire or biological decomposition. Moreover, wooden structures can be made and do it yourself. Repair them much easier than all-metal complexes.

Glass racks (more precisely, with glass shelves and inserts) – because the framework again is performed from the good steel – quite comfortable. They can boast of the original design and environmental friendliness. Transparency makes such. Products An attractive solution for commercial and exhibition purposes.

Properly thoughtful design is quite convenient and reliable, serves a long time.



The use of mobile racks allows you to save space and improve the convenience of using warehouse space. Such structures are very often cut down if space is not enough. Moving takes place usually using a special platform. Thanks to mobility, access to each design point is greatly simplified.

On the croup

Such an option of racks refers to an advanced category. It imposes high requirements for premises, where used. Change the level of beams according to the required cargo is not difficult. Transport models on the hooks is also quite simple. Another important advantage is stability.


Models with shelves are good for the fact that at different levels you can add different parts of the cargo and its separate specimens. The separation of tiers is very convenient when loading and unloading. Usually by default, the open design consists of 3-4 shelves. More than their quantity is negotiated. You can buy similar products in many places.


Often on racks have to store enough heavy and sweaty items. This requires complication of structures and increasing their bearing capacity. Some of these models have shelves on the hooks. In many cases, galvanized racks are used.

Enhanced racks enjoy in production, warehouses, in the construction industry and transport terminals.


Such a decision is in demand when accumulating long and oversized cargo. They enjoy on wholesale warehouses and in various industries. On the console rack easy to place:

  • pipes;
  • Fiberboard;
  • Chipboard;
  • Rental from various types of metal;
  • household appliances;
  • logs and similar things.

In one-sided console systems with racks of supports in the form of the letter G, many interested consumers. Such designs are mounted tight to the wall. They are designed for a very high load. Bilateral complexes are manufactured in the form of the letter T. They can be serviced on both sides; Another important advantage is increased stability.


Such a name received structures for storing pallets and boxes. They represent frames, complemented by tracks with rollers. The tracks are installed necessarily under the tilt. Moving the cargo occurs under the action of gravity (where and the name). Therefore, it disappears the need to make their own physical strength or spend electricity.

Gravitational racks find application:

  • in the equipment of industrial refrigerators;
  • when storing spare parts for cars and electronic technology;
  • In places where commercial parties are completed.


This type of structures is suitable for the accumulation of pallets with loads of long and especially long-term storage. Pallets will be placed on the beams-lumps going along the whole tier. It is believed that this is a universal storage option. You can increase the rack in width, depth and height as needed. Some models are designed for solid load (sometimes even 10-20 tons per tier).

Often apply horizontal and vertical discolutions. Strengthening also occurs due to longitudinal and transverse beams. The use of storage racks is relatively safe. Dumping bumps prevent shocking equipment. The repair of the deep complex is very simple. There are many other options that deserve attention. So, in the household sphere, racks are united with cabinets and doors. Such racking cabinets save useful space and are characterized by excellent capacity.

This solution is sometimes used in the kitchen. But you can use it in storage rooms.

Wiped format is often used in trade. It is no secret that in a number of pavilions, kiosks and even space boutiques are not too much. And it is quite logical that it is discharged to move employees and buyers in the first place. Products are grouped closer to the wall. But sometimes at home use similar solutions. Also racks are divided into unsaturable welded and prefabricated (collected from a number of blocks). The first type is usually more reliable and stronger. The second best is responsible for the criteria of mobility. It is constructed to the same without the use of flammable welding, and if necessary, it can be easily dismantled and delivered to another.

When using modern mounts, the premium modular option is little inferior to the traditional welded shelving. In office buildings often use storage systems with cells for documents, money and other similar things. But for a number of consumers it is even more convenient to be the rack on the metal frame with retractable boxes. Similar structures are widely used in library and archival. The boxes themselves may well be made not only from metal, but also from wood or plastic. As for models with baskets, they are mostly suitable for commercial institutions.

Variating the sizes (depth) baskets and their number on the shelves, adapt the storage system for their needs. Folding rack is used mainly if the download is strong and unpredictably change. Even in small rooms, they are very helping owners. Such models are used in hospitals and banks, in educational institutions and in separate warehouses.

Island racks find applied on extensive trading platforms. They vary greatly in their execution. Such designs are suitable for presenting promotional products, and to demonstrate new products and market hits. As in other cases, the equipment may vary. Outdoor format is used to place the heaviest cargo; The shelves attached on the walls are usually less spacious.


The magnitude is directly related to the number of tiers. So, a relatively small low rack, in which there are 3 shelves, can reach 150 cm. The same applies to designs comprising 4 shelves. 2-meter racks can accommodate and 5 shelves. Assembly of 6 shelves usually reaches 250 cm. How much weighs the concrete product depends on the width, length and thickness of the metal, because this moment is important to stipulate in advance.


Simple black rack is not bad in stock or industrial enterprise. But in offices, stores and private houses it is logical to use more elegant solutions. Therefore, the original workout approaches are popular. Coloring under gold looks exquisitely and noble. On large warehouses and in offices, racks can be painted in corporate colors. In warehouse practice, metal racks can be painted taking into account safety reasons. The main beams have an orange or red, which warns about danger.

At home often used embedded shelving structures. They are compact and well shown themselves in the kitchen or in office space. Direct standard product Looks like a simple cabinet, but devoid of facade doors. Unintelligible models of horizontal and vertical type are extremely popular. In addition to saving the area, they boast a minimalistic appearance. For a combination of capacity and compactness prases P-shaped systems. Thinking the performance of the metal rack, it is necessary to pay attention to the attention and their separation function.

Visual ease of construction is determined by the distance between the shelves and the level of transparency.

Other original options:

  • rack bed;
  • repository located around the column;
  • storage systems under stairs.

In domestic conditions, racks of white, milk, gray or beige color racks are widely demanded. Such decisions can be inscribed in a variety of interiors. In a solid atmosphere, it makes sense to use black or brown tones – they will immediately give a hint of high cost. More modern design implies the use of blue, green, yellow and red shades. Such a decision will allow to achieve visual positivity.


These brands deserve attention:

  • “Metal-Plant”;
  • “Atlas” (firm specializes in store and office equipment);
  • “Crocus M” (the company supplies an industrial equipping);
  • “Metavr”;
  • “Triana”;
  • Lasar.

Scope of application

In industrial and other spheres, racks are used:

  • for storage of products not finished production;
  • for the purpose of configuration;
  • when reserving parts or tools for production;
  • when accumulating things for subsequent processing, sorting or dispatch;
  • When warehousing (the most frequent area of ​​use, which is also characteristic of things in the apartment, for cottages and for the house);
  • during the acquisition of orders;
  • to save documents and other values;
  • in library, museum and archival industry.

The advantages of racks in the household sphere are the same as in organizations. First of all, they are economical and practical. The appearance depends on the place of application. So, in the storage room you can even put the simplest model. There in the first place will be practicality. In the interior of the living room planning requirements above, even if the design is drawn up in the spirit of the loft.

Guest space compatible with storage facilities built into a niche. But there will be a place and lightweight shelving partitions. Outdoor models are located predominantly along the walls. Console versions with non-strokes. In the hallways most often use built-in or suspended modifications.

Such structures show well when stored:

  • clothes and other textile products;
  • keys;
  • a variety of accessories;
  • other useful items.

In the bedrooms are widely used attachments or outdoor models. Among them are best suited for small angular structures for storing a small number of things. But the massive racks in the bedrooms are not installed. Under souvenirs and cosmetics need versions with glass doors. They look immanently and original.

How to choose?

First you need to decide whether these racks will keep in one place, or they are justified to relocate. Among unintellular structures, highly fixed and rolled on the wheels are highlighted. The choice between them depends on priorities. In any case, it is also necessary to pay attention to achievable capacity and dimensions. Additionally, take into account the load that the rack can be transferred in general and each part of it separately. The cost is not so important. Even with the same price, the method of connecting parts and sizes of cells can vary. The return on such investments in practice is also very different.

It is advisable to buy racks only from proven manufacturers who have proven themselves in practice. Color and geometry are selected purely under their requests, if there are no special technical standards in a particular case. Wall shelving are used to design a niche for televisions or aquariums. The lattice modifications are devoid of rear and side walls, in many cases have an asymmetrical configuration. Pallet models are chosen to accumulate the same type of cargo on pallets and pallets.

For home conditions, it is recommended to use racks no higher than 1.8 m. In offices need a height of 2-2.5 m.

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