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An important requirement for organizing the working space in the office is equipping the premises of functional furniture to which employees can have free access. In this case, we are not talking about tables and chairs, but about cabinets and racks where production materials can be stored. Today, collapsible metal structures are enjoying great popularity. They are characterized by functionality, practicality, reliability and durability.

When moving, metal racks can be disassembled and subsequently collect. If some element of the design comes into disrepair, it can be replaced with a new.


According to the approval of furniture manufacturers, the demand for metal racks and cabinets is growing every day. Some are confident that in the near future they will cost wooden structures and products made from chipboard. Metal racks are suitable for operation in many industrial premises. Especially often they are acquired to arrange offices.

Surely many noticed that almost all cabinets of large companies are equipped with metal racks. In accounting on metal shelves, archival and working documents are stored. In warehouses, metal racks are a way to store various goods and equipment.

The main distinguishing feature of office racks made of metal is the possibility of optimizing space. Unfortunately, not all office premises are ready to boast of decent squares, and if you install several metal structures, it will be possible to hide the necessary documentation on their shelves, to which employees may reach at any time.

Another distinctive feature of metal racks is at an acceptable value. And this is a very important argument that the company’s management is drawn to. Once by making an investment in the acquisition of a metal rack, you can forget for a long time about the need to update it. Even if some kind of design element failed, it is very easy to replace it with a new.

Another important plus of metal structures is the simplicity of dismantling and editing. It is extremely important, because if you need to move easier to disassemble the rack, rather than order a large-sized car and try to carry such heavy office furniture in the office.

Another remarkable fact is that the office racks made of metal, intended for storing documents, are made of the usual material, while cabinets, for example, from chipboard are treated with harmful substances.

No less important advantage is the stability of the metal structure to adverse effects of the external environment.

According to the information presented it becomes clear that metal racks are not only easy to handle, but also beneficial for permanent operation. Especially since this multifunctional furniture can be used in any room, even in the office of the Chef.


Today manufacturers of furniture products offer customers a wide range of metal racks. Each individual model has certain characteristics. Has many advantages to which it is extremely important to pay attention.

Modern models of metal racks are separated by the type of construction.

  • Universal. Such racks are mainly used to arrange warehouse and economic premises. They can be seen in the subsidies and rooms for storing archives. The average mass rate that can withstand such racks is 300 kg on each individual shelf. More advanced universal models are equipped with additional elements that allow increasing functionality of racks. Often such designs acquire courier companies engaged in small cargo transportation.

  • Mobile. They are equipped with a multitude of shelves for storage and have a mobile platform. Moving the rack is made on the installed rails. Such a furniture option is ideal for warehouses and archives. Each regiment of mobile design is able to withstand about 150-200 kg of loaded weight. This is enough to store the completed folders with documents.

  • Shelf. This variety of racks is suitable for accommodation in small offices. On their shelves, you can store office equipment, documents, minor loads. The distinctive feature of the shelf racks is in the premises of perforated racks, due to which shelves can be changed.

  • Freight. Such structures are often found in supermarkets. However, they are installed in the offices of companies engaged in the sale of massive aggregates. Maximum weight that can withstand each shelf is half a thin. The design is equipped with roll-out platforms that allow the client to inspect the purchased goods from different sides. Often, such structures are complexes consisting of 3, and sometimes from 4-racks.

It is worth noting that metal racks are divided not only by the type of designs. They are also divided at the place of operation.

To date, furniture manufacturers allocate several of the most common areas of applying metal cabinets.

  • Archive. Such designs are designed to install indoors where the archive is stored. They can be stationary and mobile. Stationary racks are most often adjacent to the walls, and mobile structures having wheels can be moved from place to place. Thus, employees of the company have more access to stored documents. A distinctive feature of archival racks is standard dimensions. Speaking with simple words, such structures have no height under the ceiling.

  • Storage. The presented variety of metal racks is designed for the premises and warehouses of industrial production. They differ in large sizes and capacity. Such designs are found in office warehouses of courier companies and in firms engaged in selling small equipment.

  • Office. This type of metal racks is distinguished by small sizes and involves storage exclusively documentation.

  • Exhibition. Such constructions are mainly established in the exhibition halls of companies engaged in the development and production of expensive goods. The distinctive feature of the exhibition racks is the main number of shelves and sections.

Any of the presented varieties of the designs of metal racks has a solid foundation, equipped with reliable fasteners.

According to these parameters, manufacturers of furniture products boldly argue that metal racks are universal, as they can keep in themselves different products and office waste.

Having understood with the varieties of metal racks, it can be concluded which shelves are for what are intended for. However, having come to the office as a client, often it can be seen on metal racks not only folded documents and paper, but also stationery. Often at the very top lie boxes with different attributes, technical equipment. On some shelves, they even manage to put water bottles.

Tips for choosing

To acquire an office rack, the head must be considered extremely serious. First of all it is necessary to determine the purpose of exploitation of the structure and location. For example, universal multi-filling racks are usually acquired for warehouse warehouses of courier companies, from which a whole complex is compiled. Each separate shelf is numbered by a specific city for sending (or country), so that it is possible to properly organize the storage system.

In fact, there are several parameters, on the basis of which it is possible to choose the most suitable metal rack.

  • Type of cargo. If the company is engaged in the production and implementation of specific equipment, it is necessary to consider racks that will be able to withstand the maximum mass of aggregates.

  • Dimensions of cargo. In this case, it is necessary to consider options for racks, where the distance between the shelves allows accommodation of the largest copies of the product being implemented.

  • Storage type. Few people know, but the storage type is divided into several categories, namely: universal, sheal, frame, drawer, cellular and special. Universal type involves the safety of products of different types, folded in boxes or on pallets. Half type – horizontal cavities fixed on the framework of the rack. Frame storage type assumes the presence of guide and removable horizontal crate. The box type is used to maintain single goods. Cheat type often install in banks to preserve securities and bills. On the shelves intended for a special type of storage, it is supposed to accommodate rolled large-sized products.

  • Specifications. In this case, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the metal used in the manufacture of the design. Clarify how the material is covered by the foundation. What is the complexity of installation, and which fasteners are used to connect.

  • Price. Someone may think that the price parameter of the product for the purchase of office furniture is in the first place. In fact, it is not. Serious companies of different fields of activity are primarily considering the ease of operation of furniture, and not its price indicator. Well, of course, no one is insured against the rapid wear of the metal structure acquired from a little-known firm for the minimum amount.

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