All about benches with a canopy

    Many people who have their own country houses with plots, organize outdoors large areas for recreation. Often, convenient benches with canopies are acquired for this. These designs may be of a variety of types. Today we will talk about the features of such shops.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Benches with a canopy for giving possess a number of important advantages.

    • Sun protection. Canopies are made of special durable materials that do not heat up and reflect the sun’s rays, which ensures maximum comfort.
    • Simple manufacturing technology. Canopy can be made independently. It does not take a lot of time and effort.
    • Takes the minimum number of space. Such structures will not take a large territory, in addition, it will not be necessary to place additional facilities for protection against the sun and rain.
    • Can serve as a landscape decor. Often such structures decorate summer cottages, they make them with various additional interesting details.

    Despite all the important advantages, garden benches with a canopy have some disadvantages.

    • Significant weight. As a rule, models with canopies, have a large mass, if necessary, they will be more difficult to rearrange and transport.
    • Large costs. If you want to make a similar design to relax with your own hands, then you will have to separately buy consumables and frames for the frame.

    Description of species

    Street shops with a canopy standing in the courtyard of the house can be performed in various versions. Consider the most common models.


    Such designs make without a bundle with other details. The frame side of the back at the same time climbs up and joins a small visor. It completely overlaps the seat.

    Single models can be placed in the depths of the garden, and near the house. Often out of such products form whole dining areas outdoors.


    Externally, such models resemble standard leisure gazebos. In this case, two benches are connected to each other using a frame base. It is trimmed with roofing material.

    Dual benches have an arched design. As a rule, shops are set opposite each other. Between them place a small table. Like the previous version, such models are used as a dining area in the yard.

    Bench swings

    Swinging models are strong structures in which the seat is hanging on a reliable canopy frame. Thus, it will be in suspension and can sway.


    These models are considered the most convenient and practical. They are a constructure with a back, which is equipped with a special mechanism. It allows you to fold the product in two benches and a small table.

    The transformers with the roof are arranged in such a way that when placing the reverse side of the back turns into a tabletop. The seat simply becomes divided into two halves. Canopy in this case will cover all the components of the elements at once.

    Detailed folding process you can see in the video below.


    Motity Materials can be used for making a back and seats. Most often tree is taken. In this case, the wooden basis should not even have small cracks and bitch.

    To create shops it is better to take carefully dry material. When choosing it is worth considering that the breed should be as resistant to different atmospheric influences. The most suitable will be such varieties like nuts, oak, larch.

    More affordable material, but at the same time less resistant to external environmental factors is pine. Children’s benches or decorative shops for placing flowers can be built of birch.

    Metal can also be used for the manufacture of the back and seat. Most often take profile durable pipe. This material is considered more reliable compared to the previous one, but at the same time it will heat up much faster even with a canopy.

    Often the metal pipe makes the frame of the benches. And to create the very seats and backs take wooden elements. Such models are considered sufficiently strong and reliable.

    Sport itself is recommended from polycarbonate. This material provides good protection against adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, such elements have a small mass, they are easy to mount.

    Polycarbonate is manufactured in different colors. The choice will depend on the person’s personal preferences. Material does not require special care, has an affordable cost.

    Where to locate?

    Before proceeding with the manufacture of a viscous garden shop, you should decide in advance with the location of its location. Such designs are recommended to be located near beautiful green plantations.

    The place should be well protected from wind streams to ensure maximum holidaymakers.

    Benches with roofs can be placed in the garden itself, and next to the buildings, with flower beds, with shadow high plants.

    How to make it yourself?

    If you do not want to buy such shops for your garden, you can do them and do it yourself. First you need to pick up a suitable drawing for the manufacture of the future product. You can find a ready-made scheme with all sizes on the Internet.

    When you find a suitable project, you need to prepare all the necessary materials.

    • First, Rama is manufactured. Support for the seat is made of four durable wooden bars. It will be at a distance of 45 centimeters from the earth’s surface. To connect components of parts, it is better to take screws made of stainless steel.

    • Then you need to make a fit for the seat support. First install the front pillars, later mounted and the back. It is better to recheck the height with the help level.

    • After that, you can start supporting the seat. For this, the perimeter has backs and armrests. These parts will make the design enough tough and sustainable.

    • Later set lamellas on the seat. They are driven by several centimeters. Planks are fixed using multiple stainless steel screws. Them should be placed through each 15 centimeters.

    • Next, it is worth starting to secure jumpers. For this, small grooves are neatly cut into them. Fastening produced in grooves. At the same time use special glue, clips and screws.

    • At the end, materials are covered with a protective transparent varnish. It is better to apply a brush thin layer. After that, the coating must dry. Simultaneously you can proceed to the production of canopy.

    • Depending on the size of the manufactured bench, pieces of polycarbonate are cut. The resulting segments are attached to a frame using fasteners.

    • For the manufacture of canopies used polycarbonate 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm. Too thin sheets are not worth using, since excessive load from atmospheric precipitation can deform the material.

    • As an additional support for a canopy, you can take a special fine-piece crate. In the manufacture of all metal parts should be treated with a special anti-corrosion protective.

    You can make a bench using another technology.

    • First you need to make support in the form of small columns. It is better to make parts with a cross section of 100×100 millimeters. To do this, it is better to take a circular or end saw.

    • After that, from one edge make a sample. At the same time perform markup in advance. Sliced ​​part of a wooden bar is removed. Further finalize the groove so that it can be able to purchase the necessary form.

    • Edges are recommended to immediately polish. This will avoid the title during operation. To pillars be sufficiently stable, separately make the basis, which should consist of horizontal material and voids located at an angle of 45 degrees. Details should be cut from the same bar.

    • Later with the help of a construction roulette, you need to find a place where the covers and support are connected. There put a small mark. Elements are attached to each other using selflessness.

    • Parts will be overded at the base using two wooden boards. After that, the details are cut off, all this is fixed with self-draws. At the same time, the fasteners with galvanized.

    • Next cut off the crossbar. You can take the same wooden bar. Compounds are formed in Poltera. It should be left a small decorative edge so as not to spoil the appearance of the product.

    • For the frame in the future could withstand all loads, you need to install covers on the upper corners. Next make a canopy. It is better to build a batch type. At the same time, a jumper from a wooden board will act as its foundation.

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