Which height door handles are installed?

Regardless of the modification, each door is considered to be the most complex design with its separate elements that perform certain functions. When installing the unit, all component parts are equipped with accessories, each individual product has a special place. Need to decide what height install the door handle.

What can affect?

The difficulty in making a decision, in a particular case, several factors affect several factors, which will be discussed below.

  • Variety of door design. On the interior door made of an array, the door handle can be placed anywhere. Only one criterion will remain important – convenience for households. If we talk about the panel models of the doors, then things are more complicated here, since such an interroom door is a frame with inserts that are often completed too thin. For example, such inserts can be plastic or glass. And in this case, it makes no sense to mount the door handle to the elements from such a material, because, firstly, it will simply hold it for a long time, and secondly, it can be absolutely impossible. The handle can only be fixed to the frame and place it will have to be above the door lock. Here are just locks cut in different ways – everything depends on the location of the horizontal jumper on the frame.

  • Type of door handle. All accessories for the opening may differ in the type of construction, the attachment method, form or size. This one more reason why the specific standards for calculating the height for fastening such an element in principle may not be, if we take into account the huge range of door structures.
  • Members of the family. During installation of the door handle, it is necessary to take into account the growth of every person living in the house, and even the youngest children, because to the handle that is located too high, the baby will hardly reach.
  • Pets. For some reason, such an indicator as the presence of pets, when installing door handles is not taken into account. And this, of course, in vain, because if the handle is installed on the right height, the dog, for example, can always open the door. The question is here in the other – whether the animals are allowed to enter all rooms at home.

As it turned out, some specific standard in the height, on which the handles should be attached to the interior door, no. You just need to be installed in such a way that at the time of opening or closing the interior door there were no inconvenience. Therefore, for each door, the place of attachment must be chosen individually, considering all the features of the opening and the canvas itself, where the door handle will be mounted.

Exceptions are considered ready-made models of door structures with already produced and applied with marking for each element of fittings. In this case, only consolidate all the necessary elements in a special sector will remain.

With a budget door or homemade construction, which was purchased in retail, the installation of the door handle to decide the owner independently.

How to determine the height?

In the first version, we consider the possibility of orientation on family members, that is, to the growth of household, which is considered to be average of all living in the house. Deciding with those who in the family has an average height, you need to put this family member right to the sash with omitted hands. Right at the wrist level plus an additional 200 mm up and should be placed the point of acceptable height on which the handle on the interior door will be installed.

A second option to solve the issue with the mounting of the door handle, will be the following: It is necessary to make the same actions that were described above for the first option (you need to choose from all households of one with an average growth and put it to the door sash). However, perform a mark this time you need not at a distance from the floor to its wrist, and to the level of the elbow joint. Additional shift from the marked markup in this case do not have to do.

Measurements can be performed first and second way – as a result, it will be almost the same result, but with a small difference.

Useful advice

Usually on the door to the children’s room, the handle put a little lower, so that the kids are more convenient to use the door. However, children grow pretty rapidly, and to replace the doors every 3-4 years and not practical. In addition, high-quality interior structures are not cheap, and drill a constantly fresh holes to reinstall the fittings every time no one wants to. In some cases, it is advisable to install a push door handle, and then tie to it some beautiful decorative lace – you can solve the problem of opening the door for a small child. After 5 years, the lace can be removed – the child will grow up and will be free to get to the door handle.

When for any reason, the plot under the accessories determined by the manufacturer is completely not suitable, it is necessary to shift the door knob below, above or sob. Here it is necessary to take into account the standard width of all frame cutters of the panel door design (its size is 100 mm). It is for this reason that in such a canvas holes are categorically impossible.

Also should be taken into account features of the fastener of the door design. Sometimes the interroom door specially lifted. For example, this is necessary when you need to increase the ventilation intensity or, on the contrary, to install decorative bridges. Such a shift up to consider should be required at the time of the calculation of the height indicator for the future mounting of the door handles.

The gap from the handle to the floor should not change and can be only one meter.


The whole process of installing door opening accessories produced in several stages.

  1. Start work follows from marking points, which, after drilling, will turn into the required hole. The first height that needs to be measured is for the future attachment of accessories on the interroom door design. Make marking horizontal lines and very neat. But the vertical lines are usually noted by the center, where the fitness itself will be located. In the line intersection of the lines drill holes for mounting the lock mechanism and door handles.
  2. Immediately after drilling, go to the installation of fittings. Usually in the instructions manufacturer indicate all the necessary actions to make installation correctly and efficiently.

After fixing the handle, you should make sure and check the reliability of the installed fittings. The result of the manipulations done – the lock must easily close and open, like the door herself, without any problems.

As practice shows when all the necessary nuances are taken into account, calculate the correct height for attaching the handle is completely simple.

Read more about what height you need to install a door handle, you will learn from the following video.

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