Veneered Doors: Pros and Cons

Doors are a very important element of the interior. But it is not necessary to choose the product only in appearance, since its quality and durability plays a big role. Doors with veneer today in trend. They attract attention to a beautiful design, affordable cost and long service life.

What is it and how to produce?

Veneered doors consist of two main parts: the basics of wood or MDF and a veneer, which is represented as thin sheets of natural wood.

Veneer thickness usually varies from 0.5 to 1 centimeter.

Sampling is the process of sticking the veneer to the door.

It is carried out in several stages:

  • Creating a framework product. When choosing a material it is worth considering that its humidity should not be more than 8 percent. This requirement allows to prevent the occurrence of cracks, drying or deformation of the door. Wood is reliably protected from the possibility of the development of mold or the appearance of rot. For this reason, an array of pine is very often applied.
  • The frame is sewn on one side with the help of MDF panel. Its thickness is only 4 millimeters. Next, use a filler in the form of polystyrene or cardboard, then glued the second panel.

  • Preparation of the material for finishing is to choose a strip similar to both color and drawing. It should be borne in mind that the width of the panels has no more than 30 centimeters.
  • Selected blanks are located on a special machine where their gluing is performed using a zigzag thread thread.
  • Next, there is cleaning sheets on the seam, the remnants of glue are removed, and the sheets are scratched due to the use of the door web template.

  • Prepared veneer sheets should be pasted on each flap of the product. To speed up the process of drying the adhesive applies a hot press. This method occurs when each side occurs, after which the door sash is polished to obtain a smooth and smooth surface.
  • To improve operational and aesthetic functions, the product is covered with special varnish.
  • This technology can also be used to make hollow models, while brushes glued together for the formation of a single web, which further led by screwing.

Cons and pros

In the appearance of the door with a veneer, it is very difficult to distinguish from the analogues made of wood, as they are covered with a natural cut of a tree.

Such doors have many advantages:

  • The product of 99% is natural, since it includes an array of wood and a cut of a valuable tree of wood outside.
  • Doors with veneer are made of environmentally friendly materials, so often apply not only for bedrooms or living rooms, but also for children’s rooms.
  • Attractive product appearance is achieved due to the use of natural wood, which is characterized by an original and unique print and texture.

Today, natural veneer can be replaced by artificial, but the difference is always noticeable.

  • Wooden doors with veneer allow you to create a good indoor microclimate. They skip air perfectly through micropores.
  • Lightness of veneered models allows them to install even on very thin walls. If the doors are installed correctly, they can be saved in rare cases.
  • Good combination of quality and price products. If you compare the cost of a veneered and wooden model, then the version with a veneer is much cheaper. If a model with a natural veneer is also expensive, then you can pay attention to options with an eco-clone or other artificial coating.
  • Models with veneer very often transmit a valuable texture. Beautifully looks veneer cherry, pine, wenge, mahogany or ash. To expensive species of trees belong such as black walnut, Mandra.

  • Veneered models can be repaired if the web was damaged during transport or operation. It is necessary to apply a special composition for staining of the veneer or produce a damaged location.
  • The product with a veneer is characterized by excellent insulating properties, as well as the ability to hold heat superbly, if we talk about embodiments made of solid pine massif.
  • Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of veneered doors, among which you can choose not only the material, but also the color execution and the necessary dimensions. Doors are presented in natural colors. To make a color depth veneer, it is often carried out by staining.
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Doors with veneer have some drawbacks with which it is worth familiar with the choice of doors:

  • Natural materials are always expensive, so veneered models are expensive. The price of the door also affects the fame of the manufacturer.
  • Natural veneer is practically no different from artificial, which allows fraudsters to issue a poor-quality veneer for natural.
  • To ensure long-term operation of the product, it is necessary to carry out care. For cleaning doors it is worth using special tools developed on the basis of wax.

Speaking about the advantages and minuses of a veneered door, it is impossible not to compare with other materials. Shpine products are better than laminated doors due to the naturalness of the material and high quality.

For the manufacture of laminated doors, a special laminate film is used. It perfectly conveys the texture of the array. Of course, such products are distinguished by affordable cost, increased wear resistance and reliable protection against moisture.

Types of veneer

Modern manufacturers in the manufacture of doors with veneer use various types of veneer to satisfy the requests of all buyers:

  • Natural veneer produced from wood. To obtain it applies planing, lunch or spill. Such a veneer perfectly conveys the texture of the real tree. Doors with natural veneer are more affordable for the price than wooden options, but cost more compared to chipboard.

Such models are characterized by environmental friendliness, beautiful appearance and original print.

  • A variety of natural veneer acts Fine Line, which is manufactured by the original methodology. This veneer type perfectly imitates the texture and colors of wood. To create this variety, those breeds of trees that are rapidly growing. Doors with veneer Final Line are represented by a wide selection of textures, and also characterized by the absence of bitch and cavities.

But Shpon Fine Line is characterized by fragility, high porosity and it is impossible to attribute to environmentally friendly materials.

  • Among the veins made from natural wood, attention attracts to itself Multisphon. This option can fit into any interior design thanks to the modern view. It is represented by various color solutions and geometric patterns. His advantages are in the uniqueness of drawings, lightness in care and long-term use.

  • EcoSpon transmits wood texture, while manufactured from artificial material. The main advantage is the affordable cost of the product. The ecoschpon is distinguished by resistance to temperature modes, is not afraid of high humidity, and is also more resistant to mechanical effects. In appearance, it exactly corresponds to a natural analogue. This option is made from sawdust and wood waste, which are further glued and pressed to create thin sheets.
  • Artificial Eurosphon presented in the form of synthetic multilayer material. It is made of wood waste and glue. A pressing is used to create it, but in comparison with the CCR, this process takes a longer time.

  • Another analogue of a natural veneer is ultrashpon. It is characterized by resistant to mechanical damage and high humidity, and also attracts attention to the available cost.
  • Self-adhesive veneer is an excellent choice for self decoration of doors. It resembles a sticker. Before sticking the veneer, you should familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Depending on the design, all the doors with a veneer can be divided into two large groups (hollow and solid). Hollow options include a wooden frame that connects to a veneer panels. Often applies a pine bar with a cross section of 3×3.3 cm.

If the doors are decorated with glass, then you need to use the perimeter of the glass package another frame. To create an additional element, horizontal strips are used, which are then fully closed by MDF panel. To fill the void uses cellular cardboard or polystyrene foam plates. After that, the installation of another MDF panel is required. Thus, a three-layer design is formed.

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After that, preparations for veneer veneer. Specialists pick up sheets that are identical in color and have a mirror pattern. All strips glued on the machine with a glue tape. Already ready-made sheets are customized under the door dimensions.

Next, veneer is attached to the MDF on the door canvase. Actions should be performed alternately: to frontal and end parts. The glue is applied on the MDF and the veneer is attached. In the production of doors with veneer, a hot pressing method is used. It remains to carry out the grinding of the product and on top to cover it with protective varnish.

Solid models are characterized by the fact that the wooden frame is filled with glued wood. Based on the model lies pine timber. For this design, a solid canvas is used, which is made of small bars. Next, milling, grinding and pasting panels MDF. After that, the process of veneer is performed, which occurs in the same way as to create hollow structures.

What do doors come out?

Modern models of veneered doors surprise a variety, which allows each buyer to choose the best option, given its wishes:

  • Enjoy in great demand Interroom woodenDoors. Modern manufacturers offer oak veneer options as an alternative for those who cannot afford to purchase doors from valuable trees due to their high cost. This option does not only completely repeat the texture of wood in appearance, but also has better characteristics than a natural tree.
  • Smooth doors with veneer are a kind of interroom options. They harmoniously combine affordable price and a stylish appearance that cannot be distinguished from natural wood.

  • For bedrooms, many buyers prefer Deaf models. They will help add the interior of the room, but the main thing is their purpose – close the room from prying eyes. They guarantee excellent sound insulation properties.
  • Bivalve models often installed for living rooms, because they are great for spacious premises. The presence of two parts of the door allows you to use only one half for everyday use. To put large items in the room, it is enough to open the second part of the door, and the problem will be solved.
  • Attractive and stylish look Written doors, which are decorated with fillets, wooden inserts of different widths and heights to create a fashion pattern. They can be used to add interiors in various style directions.


Veneer is made of various types of wood. The choice is wide enough, which allows you to choose the optimal option, depending on personal preferences, interior and other factors. Each breed of wood has its advantages, color features and drawing:

  • Many manufacturers are used nut, Since this wood is characterized by high quality, and also represented by a wide range of colors: from light to dark brown shade.
  • The most durable is oak, lined with veneer. Such an option of doors is not noone, but it has a long service life. The choice of shades also attracts buyers because it includes both beige tones and dark brown colors. For finishing of premium doors, a cherry is often used, the colors of which can vary from flame-orange to brick.

  • Veneer from mahogany gives products of sophistication and originality. It attracts attention to a unique texture and spectacular design. The drawing of a mahogany looks expressive, includes soft overflows, alternate glossy and matte areas.
  • Today, the doors are used in great demand, veneer veneer from ash. Thanks to the texture with a clear pattern, such doors differ from any other products. Shpon ash does not require additional processing because it looks spectacular, presentable and stylish.
  • Doors with stone veneer presented in various colors. They are popular due to surface irregularities, the original texture and natural beauty of the stone. Such doors are perfectly suitable for both residential premises and office or restaurant.


Doors with veneer are presented in a wide range of colors.

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They can be selected for any interior of the room:

  • For small rooms it is worth to give preference to light models. They will allow you to add light, make a room visually spacious.
  • White color is universal because it can be used in various styles. Doors with white veneer look elegant, give the design of soft and tenderness. Options veneered by white oak, look strictly and restrained.

  • Lovers of natural color solutions should look at Milan or Italian walnut color. These shades give pepper. Such doors are ideal for creating comfort and comfort in the interior of the room.
  • Wenge color doors are represented by a wide range of tones starting with golden and ending with dark brown. Models with veneer vendors are distinguished by canceled operational qualities and fashionable appearance.


Modern veneered doors are presented in different designs. Beautiful and ornate models with natural veneer look. Volumetric planks presented on the surface of the doors give them unusual and sophistication.

To visually increase the space, an excellent solution will be a veneer door, supplemented with glass. They can be used for the living room so that the room is bright and spacious. Also, the models with glass beautifully look in the bathroom. The main advantage is practical.

The doors with glass are in demand relatively recently, since the manufacturers began to use a matte glass that does not shine. Glass can be decorated with fusing. This technology is used to create volumetric elements in the form of a square, circle or water drops. The presence of such elements on the glass allows you to create luxurious drawings or patterns.

No less effectively look at models with painting polyurethane enamel. It is used to protect doors from various external factors. Such a door can be not only interior, but also outdoor.

Enamel protects wood from burnout in the sun, mechanical impacts and weather conditions.


Today, a variety of style directions requires a wide selection of veneered doors. Manufacturers offer a variety of models that will help emphasize one or another style of interior.

Doors with veneer are simply indispensable in the classics. The noble tree allows you to emphasize the comfort and beauty of the room in a classic style. For living rooms it is worth picking bright doors with a veneer of a light oak or ash. They will harmoniously look with blond walls and flooring.

No less popular today is a modern style, emphasized which will allow veneered doors in Wenge. Don’t forget about the game of contrast. Dark doors on the background of light walls look spectacular.

Wenge color should be used and when choosing furniture to give the interior of the completion.

How to care?

Veneered doors need care, like any other wooden furniture. Experts do not recommend washing the product, it is enough to clean with a wet cloth. If desired, a special solution can be used, which includes alcohol and water in the 1: 9 ratio.

To restore the veneer coating, it is necessary to use a polyrol, created on the basis of wax. It allows you to restore the color of the product, fill the small cracks and ensure reliable veneer protection from external factors.

Do not forget that small parasites may start in the tree. To protect the doors from different insects it is worth using an antiseptic. They can handle the doors once a few years.

When cleaning the veneered web, it is forbidden to use rigid abrasive particles. Care should be carried out with a soft tissue or sponge.

Ideas in the interior

Veneered doors can be represented in one color, but differ. Even in one corridor you can install a deaf and glaler door decorated with a luxurious print. Such models create an exquisite tandem.

For lovers of black and white color scheme, doors with black veneer, supplemented with matte glass inserts. They look rich and luxurious on the background of light gray walls. Dark furniture and bright interior elements are harmoniously combined with each other.

About what veneered doors are, see this video.

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