Tips for choosing accessories for doors

    No entrance or interroom door can do without additional fittings – locks, loops, as well as handles and closers. At the same time, not only the material from which all these elements are made on the functionality of the door, but also their technical features.

    Quite high demands are presented to the quality and practicality of fittings, it should also be attractive to externally and harmonize with a common stylistic interior solution.


    Door accessories is a set of special accessories, without which the normal functioning of the door canvase is unrealistic in principle. In addition, these beautiful elements can be stylish accents and finding the design concept of the room. Let us dwell on the main types of accessories that is used for wooden and iron doors.


    These elements are needed so that the door can be easily and just open and close. Consider the most popular models.

    • Pressure – They are directly related to the latch, so they are put to the action quite simple: to open the door, just just click on the button.

    • Swearing – They are also called the Nobies, such handles, as a rule, have the form of a cone or cylinder. To challenge the door with a similar handle, it must be checked. Usually, on the reverse side there is a hole for a key or a small button, thanks to this, the door mechanism can always be blocked, this is especially true if it comes to the door in the bathroom or shower room.

    • Stationary – The most standard varieties of pens that are not connected with the lock. To open the door, you need to push the handle, and to close – pull on yourself. These models can have a wide variety of forms and run from metals, alloys, wood, glass or plastics.

    Stationary handles are usually not only accessories, but also a stylish accessory, which emphasizes the thoughtful interior, so most often they are mounted on the doors in the living room or children’s. But for bedrooms and sanitary rooms, they are not suitable, because they do not protect the room from the visitors who came in.


    These accessories are used to fix the door leaf in the closed state. They are mounted in the end of the canvas, when closing the device, the latch is included in a special groove that crashes into a box, and so the door is held from unauthorized opening from the reverse side. Latch are produced in different masses and dimensions, and in each case the mechanism is selected individually.


    The loops are considered one of the most important door items. They are intended to make the canvas without free to move as much as possible. Depending on the design features, the loops distinguish between several types:

    • detachable – allow you to quickly and easily remove the door;
    • Dear – can be used on any models of interroom doors – and right-and left-sided, however, can actually remove the canvas only after dismantling such loops.

    By type of design, door loops are divided into:

    • Card – this is an option of loops, which are a couple of small plates fixed on one axis;
    • pin – consist of 2 paired parts with thread pin attached to them;
    • Secret – they are still known as hidden, characterized by a hinge device and “betented” in the canvas, thanks to which they are almost imperceptible, especially if they are masked by stylish pads in the tone of the canvase.

    When purchasing loops it is very important to take into account the size and mass of the doorway itself: if its weight is more than the one that can withstand the loops, then in a short time they will start to sign, and the door will not be able to close normally.


    The castle is the most important element of the fittings of the door design, which protects the door from the uninterested guests and unauthorized penetration. The quality requirements of such devices are largely dependent on where the door is installed. For example, the inlet lock should be most reliable as possible, because it is the main “guard” of the dwelling.

    And in the interior doors, the most simple and uncomplicated mechanisms, exceptions are, perhaps, only the doors of the cabinets, where safes are located, expensive collections or any confidential information is stored.


    These are additional items that are installed in order to securely fix the doors in the open state, and, in addition, so that the handle can not damage the interior decor and furniture located near the door. Typically, the need for such fittings arises in families where children live, because such a mechanism does not allow the door to slam and pinch your fingers.

    If there are pets in the apartment, and the owners love to keep windows and windows open, it is also worth it to take care of the installation of such elements, because with a severe draft, the door can slam and cause serious harm to the animal if it crossed the room threshold at that moment. Limiters can be installed both on the door itself and on the floor, more rarely found models fixed on the wall. Such accessories can be magnetic or mechanical, also highlight stationary and portable varieties.


    These are special design elements, thanks to which the door closes quietly, smoothly and very soft. In former times, they were used only in office offices, however, today, industrial enterprises have established the release of miniature models that are optimal for residential premises.

    Closers are:

    • overlaid with a drive of a sliding or toothed type;
    • hidden – in this case, they simply crash into the body of the web or box;
    • outdoor – fixed on pendulum doors and therefore quite rarely apply in apartments;
    • built into the door loops – this is a device that assumes a connection of the loops and the closer in a single mechanism, purely externally, no difference from the door loops, but act as closers, they are optimal for lightweight designs.

    Separate embodiments for swing structures have a feature to fix the door in different positions, so that you do not need to install the lock and latch simultaneously with them. In addition, most modern models have an option to adjust the effort that needs to be attached to closing the sash.

    All types of fittings must certainly be qualitative, since they cause a longer period of use of the door and contribute to the creation of the most secure and comfortable living conditions and, in particular, the use of the door.


    Modern door fittings market offers products of various manufacturers. Let us dwell on the most popular brands.

    • AGB. This is an Italian company that has proven itself as one of the leaders in its segment. The manufacturer’s assortment list includes not only the door, but also window fittings, as well as blinds. The company produces products for more than six decades and during which time managed to achieve recognition and confidence of buyers around the world.

    To date, AGB is engaged in the production of door locks, loops, as well as valves and various other fittings. All products are created only at the production facilities located in Italy itself, which distinguishes this company from many others in which most of the work is carried out in China, Malaysia and other Eastern countries. Holding has a certificate of compliance with ISO 2001, which serves as one more proof of the highest quality of products and the thoughtful management of the organization.

    • “Tiara”. This is a Russian manufacturer, which exists in the market for about two decades. All products are implemented under the brand “Gardian” and in its level are not inferior to Western counterparts.

    Production technology is based on the principles of stable quality improvement, compliance with the changing demand for the population and the release of durable and functional fittings. The company’s assortment list includes a huge number of phonework models – pens, closers, loops, locks, lining, and key blanks

    • Mandelli. This is another Italian brand known worldwide, which has received mass recognition due to exceptional quality and unique design. The designers of the enterprise are tirelessly working to improve the aesthetic attractiveness of their products, so the issue of exclusive products that can truly decorate any interior are only increasing with the release of each new collection. All products produced belong to the category of luxury, however, the price tag on it corresponding to.

    • Archie. Many believe that all products made in China are low-voltage products with a rather short term use. It is far from the way, and the door fittings of Archie serves this example. Chinese specialists are used in production only the most advanced equipment and offer a very wide range that during the democratic price makes buyers increasingly make a choice in favor of this brand.

    The company produces all kinds of fittings, however, the door handles of this brand got the greatest fame: such a large selection of these elements is no longer any other company. Despite the fact that the manufacturer is localized in the eastern country, the level of quality fully complies with European criteria and therefore is considered to be the highest.

    • Mottura. Another Italian company that works in the heart of the Industrial Part of the country – in Turin. The company is distinguished by the fact that the work uses the latest technologies that are most often developed by the staff of this concern. Such an approach, oriented on the daily improvement of the quality of products, and allowed the brand to entrenched on the positions of one of the world market leaders in its segment.

    Also in our country are popular products from Finnish manufacturers.

    How to choose?

    Usually, fittings are not included with the doorway, so it should be purchased separately. The quality of products directly depends on those materials from which they were completed. Most often, accessories produce from durable brass, stainless steel, zinc and aluminum alloys or plastics. Experts recommend purchasing power elements (such as locks, door hinges and closers) made of steel and brass, and all other parts can be whatever, even plastic.

    In addition to the material of execution, the type of coating of the door leaf elements differs. Depending on the type of surface treatment, it is distinguished:

    • polished;
    • chromed;
    • polished;
    • anodized;
    • oxidized;
    • Painted product powder.

    Accessories differs and in their appearance. Thus, products created for interior doors are much easier, more elegant and more strite than mechanisms intended for input analogues. For interior doors, you can use even forged elements of fittings that perfectly fit into the classic or romantic interior design.

    When buying, such factors should be taken into account:

    • The dimensions of the canvas itself;
    • The material from which the door is made;
    • Easy use;
    • functionality;
    • fortress;
    • resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage;
    • Aesthetic design and compatibility with interior of the room.

    Traditionally, the accessories are bought separately, so you need to think over it in advance. It is very important that all elements (knobs, loops, locks and latches, limiters and other designs) were performed in one style and shade.

    You should pay attention to the functionality. If you, for example, buy a lock, it matters wherever you plan to attach it: the locks for balcony doors are not suitable for interroom and even more so for the input, and ambar suspension and have a special design that will be unsuitable for any other Doors.

    How to install?

    In order to establish the necessary door accessories, Need a special worker inventory – Tool:

    • screwdriver either screwdriver;
    • Hand mill;
    • a hammer;
    • chisel;
    • knife;
    • marker;
    • ruler.

    The most important stage of installing any door fittings is the installation of a lock, as well as loops and door handle. It is customary to be considered done in due ability if the loops and all the necessary planks are fixed at a single level with the surface of the door itself. To make installation correctly, it is necessary to maximize the place to prepare space for all elements, the allowable gap according to the standards does not exceed 1 mm. Usually, a manual milling mill is used for this type of work, in the absence of such a simple chisel and hammer will rise.

    When installing, the loops of the action are carried out in the following sequence.

    • To begin with the definition of a plot for fixing loops. Standardly placed in 25-35 cm from the highest and lower part, hinges in the specified locations should be attached to the right places and circle.
    • In the marked areas using the chisel and a small hammer, it should be extremely thoroughly producing wood cutting to the desired depth, which should be equal to the thickness of the cooked loop.
    • When all sites are ready, you need to fix the loops on them and attach to ordinary self-draws.
    • If all actions are made correctly, the doors will open smoothly and quite silently, and the gap on the overall contour will not exceed 2-5 mm.

    When installing the lock and knobs, the procedure for a few other.

    • Usually they are attached at an altitude of 95-100 cm from the floor. In the desired place make markup with a pencil, and then at the end of the door canvase form small recesses for installing the side plank of constipation. For this, the drill creates several holes at the desired depth, and then remove all the wood. Here you can also use the chisel.
    • On the front side of the door form holes for fastening the handle and fixing the key well, it will take a ring drill to do this.
    • In advance prepared holes insert a locking mechanism and fix it with hardware. Then fasten directly the larva of the lock, as well as the rod and handles from all sides and fasten them with protective and decorative linings.

    Works on the attachment of accessories do not require special skills and professional instruments, the one that is in the arsenal of any home master, and even a person with a minimum idea of ​​the technological features of door structures may be cope with installation.

    How to adjust?

    The performance of the door fittings must be checked from time to time, because it is much easier to eliminate the problems that have to replace the elements in the event of a final failure. As a rule, any troubles are associated with one of the following problems:

    • disruption of the loop;
    • a strong blowing of the loops – in the event of the need to lift them up to the level of the door canvase, it is necessary to remove it and secure the plate below the plate;
    • protruding loops – in this situation the door will not be able to close enough tightly, so it’s best to unscrew all the loops and then deepen their landing sites;
    • Scrip – as it is known, all dust accumulates in the loops, as well as garbage, because of this, corrosion processes can begin, in which case special lubricants should be used;
    • Provisions – as a rule, such problems are due to the weakening of the fasteners to correct the situation, you should only twist them.

    Castles and handles should also be periodically checking, because over time the shutter and the rotary mechanism may fail. If trouble is found, it should be removed the part and repair it. If you care for the elements of the door design and eliminate the problems immediately after their appearance, the door will last for quite a long time, and all the elements of the accessories will regularly perform their functions.

    How to choose the right door hinges and handle for interior doors, see the following video.

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