Stickers on the door: design options

Being in the house, we are surrounded by doors heavy and boring. But still, without them, it is difficult to do without them, because each is important personal space. And if you can not give up the door, you can change the look at them. Stickers on the door allow you to decorate the construction of the autumn landscape, the stunning view of the night metropolis or simply supplement any interesting pattern or ornament. Application options today are infinite in their versatility.


Decorative stickers on the door are self-adhesive canvas with images in various subjects. Their size, as a rule, correspond to the size of standard doors, and if desired, can be individual and custom.

The following varieties of stickers are distinguished:

  • for glass;
  • containing vinyl;
  • in the form of posters;
  • Stickers corners;
  • Stained glass.

Glass doors are subjected to modified on both sides, thereby forming a complete and rich drawing. They can imitate stained glass glasses with a unique mosaic image. For glass doors today, fashionably use stickers-corners, allowing you to give the model a stylish look without destroying its airiness, transparency and weightlessness.

Mirror and matte stickers are also relevant for glass doors. They make the door multifunctional and turn the transparent surface into more intimate.

Vinyl stickers in the form of a photoster or abstraction glued on one side of the door and have a lot of advantages. For example, they can repeat any ornament or drawing of the tree of wood without too much effort. Plastic lining on the door this advantage can not boast, because to change the type of door you have to use adhesive compositions.

It is worth noting some features in sticker stickers. For such a designer solution, only the deaf doors are suitable, of course, if we are talking about modest stickers-corners.

Only on an ideally smooth and low-fat surface can be achieved a truly worthy result.

However, it is impossible not to say about the lack of stickers. It is unlikely that the luxurious interior with high-quality doors will suffer a salable of a similar film. Stickers can completely destroy the classic chain, luxurious interiors. However, it is worth noting that ordinary modern interiors this item makes better and original, and therefore to look at it is recommended to everyone.


Materials for high-quality stickers serves vinyl film or flizelin base. They differ fineness and possibility of transmitting any images. In addition, vinyl is not afraid of moisture and temperature drops, perfectly cleaned and resistant to detergents. All this allows you to use stickers for more than one year, but if you wish, you can do without effort or cross them to another place.

Unfortunately, the negligent suppliers are in no hurry to make high-quality coatings, limited to paper-based stickers. They are distinguished by a thicker layer and absolute impracticality. So, heavy layers gradually slide from the source places, and the drawing will burn out after a month of use. It is impossible to cross or wash stickers from such raw materials. Avoiding the purchase of paper stickers will help the order of coatings only in the proven companies.

Selection of scenes

Interroom and entrance doors with stickers can delight, soothe, give harmony, excite, and sometimes annoy. The last item is possible if the stickers are not suitable for the exist. Knowledge of the main directions in the choice will help prevent unsuccessful acquisition.

For kitchen

The kitchen is a heat source, comfort and delicious food. Unfortunately, such beautiful moments are always accompanied by stains not only on the stove, but also on the walls and even the doors, and therefore, before you think about choosing stylish images, it is important to choose the most strong stickers that are easy to wash away from pollution.

The theme for the kitchen may be different, however, designers offer to pay attention to such options as:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • berries;
  • serving;
  • flowers;
  • Landscapes.

Today, stickers with the image of fruits and vegetables in water are popular. Her bursts and bubbles gently cover the products familiar to us, turning them into artwork. As a rule, such stickers please the saturation of the color, and therefore the interior itself must be performed in monophonic or maximum calm colors.

If the kitchen is executed in nude shades of beige and chocolate gamut, the best solution will be an image on the doors of coffee beans, miniature cups or fresh baking, as if descended from the bakery showcases.

Landscapes and flowers are successful in the addition of romantic bright kitchen. So, Provence and Country without excess decor in detail are able to organically take the door with large but very delicate pastel flowers.

Bathroom and toilet

For bathroom and toilet, a good solution will be images of various textures. Here you can observe the waves of the ocean, multi-colored fibers on a dark tone, interlacing colors and dissolving them in each other. From 3D models and images leading in the distance, it is better to refuse, because it is impossible to estimate them in a small area.

Often for the bathroom applied sea topics. Palm trees, ocean, yachts and ships make you get away from the ordinary and plunge into sweet dreams or memories. However, it should also be remembered that small rooms and complex posters cannot complement each other.

For the living room

The living room has much more space when choosing an image.

Here are the following variations:

  • Mirror theme;
  • interiors;
  • Vintage wardrobe;
  • home library;
  • flowers;
  • landscapes;
  • Imitation window.

The size of the living room allows you to use the most complex images on the stickers, because by them, in most cases it will be possible to admire from afar. The mirror surface of the door looks originally, as if broken down into fragments, or landscapes, taking away the distance along the river or an old blocking. If in the interior there is a hint of Shebbi-Chic, country or other exquisite rustic directions, it is worth thinking about the imitation of a cabinet for books or clothes.

For children

For children’s room manufacturers prefer bright images. Even nature here pleases saturation and simplicity, because it displays landscapes drawn with cartoons. And on the door to the child’s room, your favorite characters can be depicted, which will certainly defend and lose the crumb from all adversity.

And if the aesthetics of stickers for kids are optimistic and accurate, then the models for the guys older can conquer their complexity. For teens today are relevant abstractions, uncompressed space with the beauties of the starry sky. Suitable for adolescent age and urban motifs who have thoughts about traveling.

At the front door

The door withdrawing from the apartment carries important psychological moments. Rainbow motives allow for some time to forget about the upcoming work day or sorting transport in the morning. Excellent landscapes are particularly popular here: summer, autumn or winter. They are fond of themselves, please in naturalness and realism.

Interesting here and solutions with images waiting at the door of cats and dogs. Such a simple, at first glance, the motive creates a solid installation that houses necessarily have one who waits and misses the owner of the dwelling.

In sleeping

The bedroom should not be subject to the riot of paints, sprayed gloss and a shown gloss. On the contrary, for this room it is better to choose muffled matte colors, such as, for example, languid colors of sunset or early, still unscrewed halftone dawn.

Also designers recommend to stop their choice on floral motifs or landscapes imitating the window. The fact is that the bedroom does not have a bedroom in some cases, and therefore the mention of it even as an image is able to noticeably revive the room.

Interesting options in the interior

The sticker in the marine subject, withdrawing to the pier, is organically combined with a relaxed atmosphere of neutral shades. Pictures and posters with the image of ships complement the uniform focus.

Gentle lilies in the snow-white and pure kitchen interior make a bright room very cozy and homemade.

City motifs and the door to the hallway are combined and form an amazing interior into English. Calm of tones does not make the door firmly, emphasizing the sophistication of the interior.

Delicate print for the door to the nursery accurately displays the magic world affordable only to children. Fairies, soft clouds, gentle grass and wildflowers will be a good addition to the children’s room for a girl.

Abstractions on interior doors of the living room become a bright accent, which does not violate the conciseness and restraint of general style.

In the video below you will see a detailed instruction how to glue a sticker on the door.

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