Replacing glass in interior door

Today there are a lot of different models of door canvases. Especially popular and in demand designs supplemented with glass inserts. However, there are cases when glass in the door must be replaced. Most often this is due to the low product quality or non-accurate handling.


Nowadays, consumers are completely unlimited in the choice of finishing materials, decor, furniture and door canvases for their home. Appropriate style and shade, the door can be purchased for any interior, whether it is a popular eternal classic or frightened baroque.

Currently, in many housing, you can meet beautiful and elegant doors with a glass insert. She can have a variety of sizes. So, in stores you can meet the structures in which the glass occupies almost all the door canvas or instances having glass inserts made in the form of narrow stripes. Both listed options look attractive and stylish in the corresponding settings.

Specialists recommend buying such doors only from proven and well-known manufacturers, so as not to stumble upon poor-quality and short-lived goods. Doors with low quality glasses are unlikely to serve long.

Often beautiful, but fragile inserts are broken into them, even with rather neat appeal. This can lead to very unpleasant consequences. For example, one of the households can seriously hurt the fragments of a glass insert.

Of course, the destruction of glass in the door canvase can occur not only due to low-quality raw materials. With inaccurate handling of such structures, fragile inserts in them can also crash. So, similar door, it is not recommended to slap sharply, as this most often leads to the deposits.

Especially neat should be with canvases having glass insertions if small children and pets live in a house or apartment.

Often they, having walked, sharply clap the doors or throw something that can get straight into the glass. This can lead to a very unpleasant outcome in the form of serious wounds.

Often glass in the door is still broken or cracking and requires replacement. With this work, you can quite cope with yourself. The main thing is competent and seriously approach this issue and stock all the necessary tools and materials.

Types of glasses

There are several varieties of glasses that are installed in the door canvases.

  • Stitched. These glasses are the most expensive. Replacing such inserts is more complicated, since without it the interior may seem very different and fad.
  • Normal. Classic glass surfaces can be supplemented with a special sticker in the form of a decorative film. Conventional glasses are transparent and matted.
  • Orcseklo. This material is not afraid of shocks and is more durable. It looks more like plastic, which is also often trummed by a decorative film.

How to change?

Before the direct replacement of the damaged part must be released the door from it.

To begin with, you should remove the door with the loops (for more convenient work) and get some devices to some devices.

  • Tight gloves To protect against cuts.
  • Split wide screwdriver. This tool you can pine wooden platbands, holding the glass in the door. If your web is a violent (folding), then the screwdriver may not be useful at all.
  • Chisel. Without this tool, do not do in working with such material like a tree.

  • Little hammer. The hammer will be needed in the work on fixing the strokes of small finish nails. If you work with a viper model, then it is better to buy a special rubber hammer to slightly drive the fillets during the assembly of the design.
  • Stationery knife. Such a knife will be needed to remove the former sealant at the installation site of the new glass.
  • Rubberized insert or sealant. Special seals not only provide high-quality shrinkage fragile inserts, but also warn the appearance of rattling during the operation of the door canvase. Weakly fixed design can also tap during use.
  • Building paper package, Cardboard box or thick paper. Paper will be needed in order to carefully and safely wrap and remove the fragments that remain from the former glass insert.

The following designs are used to install glazed interroom doors.

  • Shield. These are products where the glass is attached using special staps by lining.
  • With grooves for insertion on one of the sides (they are Tsard). These are models in which glass is installed in the cavity of the door flap.
  • Pilencated. In these models, glass is inserted into the grooves.


In order to fix the scribbled canvas, they must be almost completely disassembled to different parts. Many people scares a large number of parts that are part of such a door, but do not panic.

Design can not be disassembled, but just open access to the glass.

To do this, you need to know the design of such a door.

  • Support in a vertical position – side door racks;
  • Cross support – holds longitudinal parts and glass;
  • Pilenks – Thin components inserts located between transverse elements;
  • Baget item is the same transverse support, but performs the function of decorative insert.

Many panel doors are manufactured on the principle of spike grooves. They understand very easily and just. Faced with similar options, you do not have to clean the necessary sections from the old sealant. After removing a damaged insertion, a new glass is installed on the same place, and the door is collected in the reverse order, after which it can be installed on the previous place in the apartment.

After removing old and damaged glasses, it is necessary to immediately remove the fragments and any little things remaining from them. It is necessary in order to protect yourself and other households from serious wounds.


To replace the glass in the Cartig door, it is also removed from the loops and laid on a flat surface. After that, with the help of the line and the chisels, you need to remove all the plugs located on the edges of the base. Using a screwdriver, you should remove all fasteners. Now you need to take a small hammer and bar and with their help to separate the king over the entire surface of the canvas. Do it need from bottom to top.

After removing the kings, it is necessary to remove the old glass from the grooves along with silicone (naturally, putting the gloves). At the end, you can safely install a new glass sheet of suitable size in the grooves, put the king to the previous place, assemble the design and install it on the loop in the opening.


    As a rule, glass in such traditional canvases is installed on the sash using a stroke (fasteners of wood). For work on the replacement of inserts, these details are better to purchase new, as the former can be easily damaged at the time of installation or dismantling glass.

    To begin with, you need to slightly bother the clocks with a screwdriver and a small hammer. Need to release a little insert, but do not remove fasteners. Then you should remove the strokes at the top (only if the leaf is removed from the loops).

    After that, the remains of the old glass are removed. Do not forget about the removal of the former sealing composition from the door canvase.

    New glass insertion in such products is installed in the lumen, pre-treated with sealant. If necessary, you can use glass seal. From above are set by strokes.

    Fix the parts that hold the glass in the shield base can be using small carnations or scraps with silicone composition.

    What can be stuck?

    If the glass in the door did not crash and not cracked, but it became staggering, making unpleasant noises, then you can act differently.

    • Purchase a specialized “sanitary sealant” and apply it with a thin strip in the slits located between glass and wooden canvas;
    • Insert ordinary matches in the corners of the glass detail. Also for this will suit an acrylic putty, which must be applied to the edges of the glass;
    • Small pieces of traffic jams can be perfectly molded with universal glue and insert a glass insert in the slot;
    • Remove the fasteners of the strokes, apply the sealant on the glass and install them again, but closer to the panel.

    These simple work will allow you to resolve the problem when glass in the door canvase rolled and dangle. The main thing is to carry out all the actions as accurately as possible.

    How to hide a small crack?

    If the glass in the interior door cracked, then its repair and restoration of decorative functions can be made by following.

    • Glue a special adhesive composition for glass furniture;
    • Glue the affected part with epoxy glue;
    • Apply moldings on cracks if they are on the edges of the insert;
    • Reorganize with various films that close damage;
    • Hide stained glass films.

    You should consider more than one of the most common options for restoring the cracked glass in the interior door with your own hands.

    • First you need to stock with silicone glue, tassel, syringe and acetone, as well as detergent and transparent varnish;
    • Next, you need to carefully prepare a glass insert and make it a pretty wash it with a means for washing of glasses and warm water. Wash inserts are needed on both sides;

    • After their complete drying, you need to degrease the plot where the crack is. To do this, take a cotton swab and coherently mixed it in acetone. The glue will be applied to the degreasing surface, and the service life of the glass restored in this way will be much longer;
    • Also permissible to handle cracked with cotton chopsticks. However, when using such a device, you should pay attention, whether it leaves the fibers on the damaged section of the glass;
    • After careful and neat processing of damage, you must proceed to the cracking of the crack.

    • To do this, you need to dial in the syringe (of course, without a needle) silicone glue and most carefully fill them with a crack. Do not hurry, starting to work. It should be done slowly and confidently that the composition is evenly distributed over the damaged area.
    • Today in building materials stores you can find tubes with glue, equipped with very comfortable nozzles with tips, which helps to squeeze more impressive portions.

    • If damage to the glass is quite large, then after applying glue it is worth sealing it on both sides by the usual transparent scotch. Performed work should be left at 12 o’clock to complete drying.
    • At the end of this work, you need to cover the surface of the crack with colorless varnish. To do this, take a thin brush, to dip it into the composition and spend on the globe. After that, you need to wait for a complete drying of the applied varnish, and the work will be completed.

    Successful examples and options

    Doors with glass look organically in many interiors, and it does not matter at all, stained glass or ordinary inserts are present in them. The main thing is to choose the design of the appropriate style and color.

    Several organic and stylish ensembles, in which elegant doors having glass inserts are present.

    • Fashionable Tsargian door of black with glass transparent inserts will be spectacularly highlighted against the background of snow-white walls and glossy milk. Next to this detail you can put a small light chair and a metal floor lamp with a flanfer bell.
    • The design of a dense chocolate shade with a thin glass line in the middle can be installed in a white room with an accent wall close by shade to the door canvase. Paul in such an environment should also be separated by white materials and arrange furniture in it. Snow white and coffee tones.
    • The luxurious door of the color of bitter chocolate with a black long glass insert will look perfect in a white room with gray floor, decorated glossy tiles. Pour the dark canvas with wall shelves of a similar shade and a wooden table imitating weak processing.

    • Light wooden doors with glass details will look good in the corridor with gray-white walls and dark floor, decorated with laminate. To give the setting a special style and make it more original, you can use a diode illumination of a blue shade under the wall curbs and wall-mounted blue lamps near doors.
    • If you like modern and progressive ensembles, then you will have to moral a laconic chocolate door with a long strip in the form of glass located in the center. A similar model can be installed in a beige room with a floor trimmed with dark red laminate. Emphasize the modern ensemble with a metal lamp with red beflons, leather brown puff and a large corner sofa with an animal carpet on the floor.
    • A brown door with a beautiful glass of elegant form will look good in the room with saturated purple walls and a red floor, a parquet board. In such interiors, it is worth placing furniture and decor of neutral and classic colors so that the image does not seem too much. For example, it can be a snow-white couch sofa forms and wall patterns with white frames.

    • In a luxurious milk color corridor with a floor, trimmed tiled pale peach colors, there will be an organically white doors with elegant curved handles and large glass inserts of a soft blue color with beautiful patterns. Decorate such a presentable setting of a high light bright vase in an antique style with a floral pattern.
    • In a spacious room with pale yellow walls and caramel cafenel, good-quality doors made of natural wood brown with wave-like embossed tight glass inserts will be perfectly. Support such details with a wooden wardrobe like a similar shade.
    • The door of a gentle shade with a matted glass insert will look great on the background of the walls of the blue or blue and white glossy floor. Add a black table with a high blue vase for flowers, a glass outdoor vase with decorative “snaps” and a snow-white shop near one of the walls.

    Video will help you independently dismantle the glass from the door.

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