Metal plastic doors

To date, among all other types, the popularity of metal-plastic doors are gaining. Such models differ not only for their design, but also durability. This is due to the fact that the structure of the product includes a plastic profile, and metal inserts, as well as internal plastic partitions that form cameras.

Advantages and disadvantages

Metal-plastic door structures are allocated among all other types of above all with their diversity.

Positive aspects of such doors:

  • a variety of forms, designs, colors, models of execution;
  • do not allow noise and dust to penetrate the room;
  • High resistance to heat transfer between the room and the environment (maintains heat when it’s cold outside, and does not let the heat into the house when warm on the street);
  • Protect from drafts;

  • resistant to temperature and humidity drops;
  • hygienicity (simply wash them, there is no need to paint);
  • The correctly installed product retains its parameters during the entire period of operation;
  • Democratic price.

Of all the above advantages, the most significant is that you can make the product that you need. In accordance with the style in which your home is made, office, beauty salon, store or utility room. Material of manufacture allows you to implement any form of opening and competently organize the internal space. Doors with glazed can be performed in one style with windows.

In premises with insufficient ventilation, such doors can be transferred to ventilation mode without opening them. Or you can use special built-in air valves.

Despite all the advantages, there are deficiencies in such doors. For example:

  • Installation complexity. It is necessary to comply with the correct installation technology, only in this case noise, dirt and cold will not penetrate the room.
  • the rigidity of such a canvas is lower than that of the wooden, even with the reinforced frame, so they are easier to break them.


All metal-plastic doors can be divided into two large groups:

  • internal (or interroom);
  • Street (they include entrance, balcony, tambour, doors terraces, veranda and others).

Such door structures can:

  • sprinkle;
  • fold;
  • slide;
  • recline.

As a rule, external swing doors open outward. This is due to security considerations – it is easier to knock it out from the inside, but heavier outside. If we consider the doors indoors, depending on the type of loops, it is possible a pendulum opening.

By the number of sash, they may consist of one, two, three or more parts. For bivalve models, both sash are functioning, if there is a need to use only one sash, the second fixes fixators.

At the door with three or four sash, as a rule, only two are moving, the rest are a kind of continuation of the wall. Similar multi-storey designs can be found in shopping centers where they act as partitions between departments.

Metal-plastic doors can develop on the principle of harmonic. It is relevant for small or tightly formed furniture. Such door overlap consists of several cloths connected by hinges. Such material is suitable for this design, due to its small weight, so the doors will serve much longer.

Sliding models slide due to the upper and lower rails and installed directly on the canvas rollers. Folds can be opened in different directions or one way, hide behind the extreme fixed part (in which case two or more rails are installed). The material is very light, so it is possible to install a suspension model that will move only with the top profile.

Sliding doors can be installed:

  • in the already separated by the opening;
  • Change the opening, hiding the rails into the wall. The last option is more time-consuming, but the most effectively saves space. If the finish has already been completed, the door canvas will move along the wall, and the attachments can be closed with special panels.

Thanks to a special mechanism, by analogy with plastic windows, the door can be rejected into one of several positions and ensure the air vent.

All of the above models, in appearance can be:

  • deaf;
  • With glazed.

If the house is single, and access to it is additionally protected by a fence or alarm, even external doors can turn on the glass.

Glasses can be:

  • transparent or matte;
  • diverse texture (with convex pattern and decorative metal or plastic planets);
  • color or tinted;
  • with a pattern or without;
  • With a mirror surface.

Depending on the purpose of the door, glazing can be complete or partial. In the case of partial glazing the input door, there is no need to install eye.

In addition to conventional glass in external door structures, double-glazed windows can be installed – translucent designs of two or more glasses (double, triple). Compared to conventional glasses, they are better preserved heat due to the inner chambers with air or gases. Such a layer not only retains heat in the cold time, but also supports comfortable temperature in hot season. Glass accessories also provide good noise insulation.


The main function of the doors is the creation of short functional connections between two spaces. Depending on the fact that these spaces represent these spaces, lay the space of doorways, choose the material of the door canvase, the closing methods, shape and decor.

According to European parameters, depending on the width of the doorway, the door can be:

  • with one sash;
  • with two sash;
  • with three and more.

If the width of the doorway is up to 90 cm – one should be placed if from 100 to 180 cm – two, if more than 180 cm – three or more. The height of European standard doorways can be up to 2.3 m.

Double door can consist of:

  • from the same parts (for example, 70 cm);
  • from different widths (for example, 60 and 80 cm).

European sizes are usually indicated in modules. One module is 10 centimeters.

The size of the doorway, in accordance with the Russian Goste, may be like this:

  • width from 60 cm;
  • depth from 5 to 20cm;
  • Height 190-211 cm.

Not all modern houses are produced in accordance with construction standards. If your opening is non-standard, the door will be made to order on a special project. It will increase its cost.

By purchasing a ready-made door, it should be understood that if the doorway is lower, it can be corrected, scuffing it. But increase the finished product, if the cloth is less than the opening, is already unreal. In addition, determining the dimensions of your future door, consider the presence or absence of a threshold.


Modern technologies for the production of products from PVC practically do not limit their coloring and texture. Plastic doors with imitation texture of wood can be used in the same interior together with doors from other materials (array or MDF with veneer), but in different temperature conditions and humidity. Unlike products from natural materials, where in one batch, the color of the door may differ, all products made of plastic will be painted in one tone.

They acquire one or another color in two ways:

  • When the dye is added to the plastic (the color of all parts will be the same);
  • When plastic is laminated by the film (internal parts in this case will be unpainted).

Can be laminated with one or both sides. Thanks to special technology, under the influence of high temperatures, the durable polymer film falls smoothly. It is resistant to external influences.

Assortment of metal-plastic doors painted in more than 100 colors and shades allows you to select the most appropriate option. Matte and glossy, with a texture of a tree or stone – they will easily fit into the classic or modern interior. Extra image will help matte or shiny handles with a shade under gold, bronze or copper.


The production of metal-plastic structures are engaged in companies producing windows. It is, on the one hand, convenient, as you can order everything in one place. Products will be equipped with the same accessory. It is possible to perform everything in one style. On the other hand, special mechanisms are required for some models, and the production of inlets has its own characteristics.

Among the well-proven doors in the market can be allocated:

  • Veka;
  • KBE;
  • Rehau;
  • Kaleva;

  • Salamander;
  • Montblank;
  • Proplex;
  • Novatex;
  • “THE JUICE”.

Often when choosing can be heard about German, Belgian and Austrian technologies. This does not mean that your door is brought from Europe. Almost all of the above companies exercise their production in Russia or are branches of European concerns in our country. But machines, materials, fittings may well be imported.

Manufacturers with good reputation providing really high-quality products establish longer warranty service. Yes, and the service life in such cases will be more (from 25 to 60 years).

For large production requires a lot of raw materials. In well-known manufacturers, there are special laboratories, following the raw materials toxic, did not contain harmful substances and corresponded to quality standards. They also have more opportunities to develop new models with improved characteristics.

Solid companies can afford to provide a customer with free measurement, delivery, assembly and adjustment, as well as in their offices, using graphic programs, you can see how the final result of your order will look.

How to choose?

Pay attention to every little thing – then any door will work without problems.

  • Choosing a profile, pay attention to how many cameras in it. For input, tambour, or balcony doors, give preference to the profile with four or five cameras. Inside the premises of profiles can be less, but it will affect thermal insulation and sound permeability.
  • Reinforced insert inside the profile can be closed or open. It is preferable to a closed loop, as it gives strength and helps keep the geometric outlines of the door.

  • Accessive attention deserves accessories. Complex mechanisms and fasteners are often worth not less than the canvas itself. But, spending once, you will forget about additional costs for repairs and restoration. Plus, it will be possible to install additional elements (handles, closers, stupors, ventilation valves).
  • Better if all holes will be performed by special tools (for example, a mill), otherwise the door can argue, lose strength.

  • Glazing across the entire height of the canvas unreliable, give preference to the crossages that will not only strengthen, but also perform the element of the decor.
  • The number of cameras inside the glass. All outdoor doors are better supplemented by two-chamber windows. They are also energy-saving, noise-breeding and shockproofs, their names speak for themselves.

  • Low threshold (usually metallic) is more convenient, but high (from the frame) protects better from drafts.
  • To ensure that your home is safe, any locks can be used for metal-plastic barriers – with one constipation or with a system of constipation of different shapes and at different heights.
  • Follow the door when installing the door is well adjusted. Use the services of specialists. Independently perform all actions properly quite difficult.

Beautiful design ideas in the interior

A significant part of the modern doors market occupy metal-plastic models. If earlier they could be found in public areas, for example – in hospitals, shopping centers, then thanks to a new way of decorating and their positive properties, similar door canvases became an addition to residential interiors.

Initially, plastic doors were used to design facades of buildings, due to their insulating properties and high wear resistance.

If the private house is discharged, the model with double-glazed windows will not only allow you to admire landings or flowers, but will become the main source of natural lighting, give the room lightness and elegance.

It is believed that plastic doors, even even reinforced with metal frames, unreliable. Especially doors with glazing. In this case, you can add the door design with lattices. If such lattices are installed on the windows – it will not only be safe, but also aesthetic.

The door to the balcony or the loggia can also be doubled, approach in appearance to the windows, have a complete glazing and unusual shape.

The living room is better fit doors with glazing, they will perfectly complement both classic and modern interior. And modern opening systems will become a kind of highlight and allow you to place the furniture exactly as you want, competently using space.

In addition, they can be issued to the veranda, in the winter garden, swimming pool.

In the bedroom or children’s room it is better to install a door with a deaf cloth or matte glass. Excellent characteristics of noise insulation will help to relax and feel comfortable.

Plastic – the most practical option for the kitchen and bathroom. In the conditions of high humidity, the door canvas will not lose its aesthetic and practical properties.

From this video you will learn more about metal-plastic entrance doors Veka.

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