Locks for entrance doors: types, rating, selection and installation

    Each owner of housing is trying to reliably protect his “family nest” from unauthorized penetration of robbers, establishing various locking devices on the entrance doors. To date, the market is represented by a gorgeous choice of locks, but choosing them, it is necessary to take into account the device of the mechanism, the complexity of its opening and degree of protection. In addition, before making such an important purchase and fulfill its installation, it is important to also pay attention to the features of the doors and installation site.

    Types and their characteristics

    Door locks that are offered in a huge range of foreign and domestic manufacturers, have the same purpose, but depending on models and engineering structures, they may differ fundamentally from each other, and provide a different level of protection. For example, you can find devices with the presence or absence of handles and latches. The main components of any locking device are the housing, blocking and locking item. In addition, a set of keys must be included in the package. According to constructive characteristics, the following types of devices distinguish.


    This is the easiest and affordable view of the castle, whose protection class is minimal, it is usually installed on the entrance doors of the utility buildings. Installation of the product is carried out quickly and easily: in specially welded handles are inserted with eyelashes, and fixation in the position fixed on the sash. As for the additional details of protection, they are missing. Hinged locks are produced different by weight, size, level of secrecy and case material. Plus products – a large selection and minimum price, minus – unreliability.


    Ideal for installation both on wooden and metal doors, they are fixed from the inside of the sash. Due to this, the mechanism of the device is maximally distinguished from the outer part of the door canvase and guarantees greater reliability. Such locks are also distinguished by design, degree of safety and manufacturing material. The advantages of the products can be attributed to the simplicity of installation (even a novice specialist will easily cope with it, the possibility of opening the door from the inside without a key, installation does not require sampling of the door frame (on a wooden canvase). Disadvantages: Restriction in application, the presence of a double gunner, with the force of force on the sash, their discrepancy is possible.


    These models are considered the most universal, because when installing do not spoil the appearance of the doors, and are installed in a hidden way. In addition, mortise locks are sold not only with the key, but also with the original decor of the handle, which makes it easy to choose them under any door design. The main minus of the mortise products is that it is difficult to mount them, the installation works are volumetric, and require accurate calculations.

    Locking devices may also differ among themselves features of the internal mechanism. Depending on the schemes of this mechanism, the locks are the following types.


    Are the most simple products with low protection. They are often called racks, since the locking item looks like a metal bar, decorated with small slots. Rigel is controlled by the key that should accurately get into the groovers. As a rule, similar models prefer to put non-residential premises on the entrance doors.


    These locks are characterized by a more complex design of the internal mechanism, so they are recommended to be installed on any doors. The main advantage of the products is the high defense and complexity of the selection of the secret. Disadvantage – high price.


    The degree of protection and reliability of such locks is determined by the number of disks in the mechanism. The door opening occurs only with the exact coincidence of all internal details. There are no minuses.


    Such products are known entitled “English” castle. The principle of their work is largely similar to the disk model, only the mechanism in this case is located inside a special larva. Despite the available cost, there are disadvantages in these castles – the possibility of damage to the secret. Therefore, experts are recommended to additionally equip the system with treads.


    The main difference of these devices from the pins is believed that elements of the secrets that the door lock are plates are plates. The opening of the mechanism is performed when the protrusions are coincided with the slots in Suwalds. To protect the castle, also additionally put armoflastines, they provide doors high resistance to hacking. There are no cons.

    Electric (biometric)

    Represent a special intelligent type of mechanism, which includes all the elements of the bolt lock, but there is no key. The device is produced with remote control, code or magnetic card. In addition, the product can be equipped with a special scanner capable of reading lines on the fingers. The disadvantage of locks with fingerprint is that using the photos of the fingers of housing owners, the door can be easily opened.


    Are considered one of the varieties of electrical devices. Invisible lock opens the door using a special electromagnetic element, which is controlled by the controller. Often, such mechanisms are used at the entrance doors in the entrances of houses when installing intercoms. They also have a button closing sensor. That is, the key is externally equipped with a magnetic board, and inside – the panel with the button. To open the door from the street, you will need a special code or a magnetic unique key, and it is enough to press the button indoors.

    Choosing an electromagnetic model, it is also necessary to provide other housing options, since such devices are disconnected in the absence of electricity and do not work. This is their main drawback. To avoid this, you should put at least two different castle.

    Rating of the best manufacturers

    To date, the market amazes its huge range of locking devices. They all differ among themselves not only design, weight, size, level of protection, but also by the manufacturer. Among foreign trade marks, the following brands have proven well.

    • Cisa (Italy). This is the world famous leader in the release of locks on the entrance doors. In addition to standard models, the manufacturer also presented a smart lock and electronic devices that can be used for any type of door canvases. More in the package of products includes closers, antipicate handles and armored pavings. All locks are characterized by a high degree of protection against hacking, but the price of them is quite high.

    • MUL-T-LOCK (Israel). The company produces not only mechanisms with reliable secrecy, but also cylinders, machine tools for making locking devices. All moving elements and keys are produced from durable Melchior material, which provides products resistance to unauthorized hacking and negative effects of the environment. Products are characterized by high quality and acceptable price.

    • Kale Kilit (Turkey). The manufacturer manufactures all types of mounted, mortise and overhead locks with different opening mechanism. Turkish cylinder locks with alarm system and sound effect when selecting a key, hacking or tightening the castle are enjoy. Similar devices can afford any family with average.

    • EVVA (Austria). The company has many trade missions throughout Europe and specializes in the manufacture of cylinder locks equipped with special protection systems. By installing such products, you can be calm that copying the key and hacking the door is impossible. In addition, high-quality products are inexpensive, and has all the relevant certificates.

    • Abus (Germany). The manufacturer in a huge assortment produces mortise locks that are distinguished by durability, high hack resistance and excellent quality. Devices are provided with additional safety from drilling, hacking and knocking, the keys in all models are not copying.

    Chinese castles Xiaomi deserve separate attention. Such products are mainly designed for housing in which the smart home system is installed. The locking device allows you to include alarm about hacking, transmit and receive notifications. There is a special chip on the keys, the code to which is set by the owner of the house or apartment. Such modern technology has no equal, but it is very expensive.

    As for domestic producers, companies such as Methem, Polyvector and Elboring received good reviews. Their products are produced in a pleasant quality ratio and price. The choice of products is represented by suvalde and mortise locks that can be mounted both in wooden and metal doors.

    Which to choose?

    For many housing owners, the main problem is the selection of a good castle on the entrance doors to an apartment or a private house. Before you make such an important purchase, you need to pay attention to the characteristics of internal mechanisms. In addition, it is worth noting that various types of devices can be installed for metal and wooden doors. To purchase reliable locks, you must consider the following parameters.

    • Security class. Products that have 1 and 2 class of protection are considered the most weak and simple in hacking, since their design can be opened in a matter of minutes. As for the castles of 3 and 4th grade, they are reliable and absolutely safe, they cannot be discovered even if there are special equipment.
    • The level of secrecy. It indicates the number of available combinations for the mechanism in the larva. The more they are, the harder it is to hack. Small defense has 5 thousand. combinations, average-1 million, and high – more than 4 million. For iron doors, experts are recommended to acquire the last option because it is considered the best.

    • Place Installation. For country houses it is desirable to choose locks of foreign manufacturers, as they largely exceed the characteristics of domestic. Their cost is high, but also the defense is reliable. As for the apartments, they can choose the devices easier, it is explained by the fact that many entrances are equipped with durable metal doors, intercom, and nearby.
    • Ability to manufacture duplicate keys. Typically, the package includes from 3 to 5 keys, but often it can change, especially if small children live in the house. In the case when the configuration of the mechanism is complicated, then the copy of the key is difficult, and, as an option, the lock will have to dismantle by replacing the new. Therefore, purchasing products, it is important to focus not only on the bizarre forms of the key, but also on its practicality.
    • Price. Often, cheap devices are attracted by their low price, and many owners of housing, wanting to save, make a choice in their favor. But there is always a risk of buying a castle made of low-quality raw materials. Before purchasing, it is necessary to specify the steel brand, because the second-rate metal during operation can crack and cause a subsequent breakdown of brackets and springs.

    Tips for mounting

    Recently, most apartment owners and houses prefer to install locks on the entrance doors on their own. Of course, this process is complex, and requires a certain experience, but if you wish to cope with it for everyone. The following recommendations of experienced specialists will help beginner masters.

    • Before starting the installation of a new device, you need to remove and disassemble the old castle, as well as perform accurate marking. Cut hole best with a grinder with small disks. At the same time, the drilling must be started at the corners of the “future rectangle”, it will help to make a cutout. Since the Bulgarian will turn out to make only lines vertically, they will have to beat them horizontally with a hammer or chisel. At the end of operation, the resulting hole on the edges should be treated with a file, smoothing the pointed corners and jar.
    • To the castle did not break and served a long period, it should be fixed on the screws. Installation must be performed in such a way that the larva accurately got into the pre-prepared hole. Through the device fastened the pin, and attach the screw.

    • Rigel is tightly reproached, if it is lubricating it with a thin layer of watercolor paint before assembly.
    • Sometimes the locking device cannot be installed without parsing. Especially time consuming will be the process if the door leaf is made of metal. To perform work correctly and not damage the riglel, it is important to make accurate measurements and take into account the location of the guides.
    • At the entrance doors in the utility premises, it is best to install mounted locks. In order to carry out the installation on the wall of the building, in the box you need to fasten the eye in advance with solid screws.

    How to adjust?

    The main reason that causes a failure of a locking device is considered to be a doors. This is due to the fact that during the long exploitation of the canvas, its drawdown is possible, besides this, door handles and lock can wear out. As a result, the inner mechanism starts to clutch, and the tongue is tight and comes out of the hole in the door frame. To eliminate such problems, you need to adjust the lock.

    To do this, first determines the source of the mechanism malfunction. Metal lining remove, dismantle the handles, and penetrate into the inside of the castle. Then the key is inserted, and attempts are made to open and close the device, watching what exactly prevents its operation. Often to adjust, it is enough to adjust the exact coincidence of the door handle and the lock tongue with the metal lining. At the same time, if the door canvas is recently delivered, and its warranty period is not over, it is possible to call representatives of the manufacturer. They will quickly cope with problems.

    If the cause of the fault is the friction or jealing of the elements of the mechanism, then they are recommended to lubricate with machinery or special composition in the form of an aerosol. After coating the rolling parts of the oil, you should try to check the lock several times, it will help you quickly host the lubricant. In the case when the lubricated lock works without failures, you can smoothly start mounting the handle and planks.

    In some cases, it can be noted that the normal closure of the input door prevents the lack of the length of the tongue. This is a small problem, and to eliminate it, it is enough to remove the locking mechanism from the door, install the gasket, and put the lock to the previous place. In addition, the length of the tongue can be adjusted using a screwdriver, increasing the length of the output on the door handle.

    Quite often, with independent installation of locks, inexperienced masters, the problem of insufficient blocking of the mortise mechanism appears. As a result, the metal plank placed in the side of the canvas, begins to touch the box itself. To correct the situation, you need to remove the lock, re-make an in-depth recess, and put the device for your previous place. A similar problem occurs when the screws of the screws are lacking, which hold the side bar and locking mechanism. In this case, you just need to twist the mount.

    About how to install locks for entrance doors, see the following video.

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