How to repair the castle on the front iron door?

Castles have always been and remain weak places of iron doors. Their mechanisms often fail and require repair work. Of course, it is possible to cope with similar procedures and independently, not referring to the services of specialists. To do this, you need to know exactly, what type of lock is present in the entrance door. Only knowing about it, you can repair the mechanism yourself, without aggravating the situation.


There are several varieties of locking devices that can be installed in Iron entrance doors. Each of them has its own distinctive characteristics, features of the structure and service life. Repair of various models also differs in many stages.

These subtypes of locks may be present in metal entrance doors:

  • Breaker – similar types of mechanisms function, based on the linear movement of the key, and their main disadvantage are too large dimensions of the latter;

  • Electronic – these varieties of lock devices make it possible to unsubscribe iron entrance door with a special magnetic key or individual code;

  • Suwald – the maximum common and standard mechanisms, as part of which there are special plates and cores (the level of safety of such devices is determined by the number of slots on the veneer);

  • cylinder – The second in popularity of the types of locks (have a reliable steel case and steel pins in their design) for entrance doors, differ in a fairly high level of security, as well as practical and convenient key.

    In addition, locked designs are divided into:

    • Currency – These castles are customary to mount on the end half the door to the special fixing bar;

    • Overhead – these options are installed directly on the door cloth with its overlay from the inside;

    • contributable – Locks with such a design are installed in a web, referring to the disclosure of the inlet door, while the contributing device is fixed in a special pocket present in the steel sheet.


    If you want to change your own hands in the input iron door lock, then for this you will need to get acquainted with its device and the principle of work. Only learning all the necessary information about the existing locking mechanism, it will be possible to count on a good result when it is self-replaced.

    Features of the standard castle structures that are suitable for the input iron doors are in the presence of special blocking parts, such as cylinders, Suwald or disk plates. Cross variants of devices are very popular on cylinder, but they cannot be called high-strength and reliable, because they have a secret, hacking which will be able to even use a simple screwdriver.

    As stated earlier, there are still mortise and overhead options for castle systems for entrance doors. The easiest are installed and mounted, of course, the overhead specimens, because for this you do not have to carry out unnecessary manipulations. All you need from you – to dismantle the lining itself. As for the device of the mortise model – here to carry out independent work on installation and adjustment can be much more difficult. Do not take care of the repair of such devices, if you doubt your abilities.

    Different types of castle systems intended for iron entrance doors have a different structure and consist of various parts. Popular Suwald Castles can be collected from the following components:

    • keys;
    • hull;
    • front frame;
    • covers;
    • gracious;
    • shanks belonging to the Casov;
    • shank racks;
    • Suwald set;
    • Spring details of Suwald;
    • special plate;
    • Space Square.

    Also in the castles of iron doors there must be such structural elements as:

    • clamps;
    • Special metal box required for grazing;
    • catch;
    • key allowing the rigle to move.

    Depending on the specific model of a manufacturer, the internal device of the lock device may vary. Before you begin to independently repair such systems, it is important to get to know them closer to prevent serious mistakes in work.

    Causes of breakdowns

    Even the most expensive and high-quality lock of the metal entrance door is not immune from various types of breakdowns and troubleshooting. Cope with most of them perhaps independently. Many users do not address the services of experienced repairmen and make everything themselves.

      Before you consider how you can get rid of one or another problem, it should be understood that it can serve as a reason for breakdown inlet door lock. Consider the most common situations resulting in malfunctions in the work of the castle mechanisms.

      • Most users are faced with the fact that the key in the door lock is hired. In these circumstances, it is necessary to remember which key stuck in the device – duplicate or original element. Note that the duplicates of keys are most often stuck, which are not very high quality. If at least one of the mustache on the adaptation was damaged or its base is a curve, then, most likely, one day he simply gets stuck in the castle of the iron door.
      • Often and the castle itself fails. In many cases, the system simply encourages. If such a situation happened, then a lot of effort will have to open / closing the doorway (I must say that many users have made extra efforts when opening the door for many years, although it is necessary to simply change the available castle).
      • Specific elements of the locking system can also come to dissent. The most vulnerable and fragile are the details such as handles and fixing components. In order not to face similar problems, experts recommend buying only high-quality locking devices from well-known firms with a good reputation. Most likely, you will spend a lot of money for such options, but as a result, get a really reliable and durable product that will be less susceptible to breakdowns.
      • Quite often, the door tongue stops slamming. The most common cause of such a defect is an inappropriate response size. To exit the specified problem, it is necessary to settle or lightly shift the iron plate. To blocking the tongue may well lead to the lining of the device itself on the end half of the door canvase. In addition, there may be a skewer due to the frequent operation of the entrance door, which is why the mechanism inevitably begins to break out.
      • Many people face that the iron entrance door is quite difficult to open or close. To such troubles can bring the castle itself or the entire door frame. Allow these problems can only be regulated by damaged designs.
      • The key can not only dine, but not inserted into the well at all. With such breakdowns, at least once all owners of metal entrance doors were faced. The reason for these problems can be contaminated by the existing locking mechanism or the offset of its defined elements.
      • The lock may require repair, if any foreign bodies hit the keyhole. They will interfere with the opening and closing of the door.
      • Frequent repair of castle systems in many cases takes place due to the dubious quality of locking devices. That is why experts advise to buy only the highest quality branded products. They will not require frequent repairs and ambulance.
      • If the structure in which, for example, is an apartment, gives shrinkage and the walls in it began to inevitably move, the castle in the inlet metal door can also be seriously injured. This feature should be taken into account and in the event that you live in a private house (such buildings can also give shrinkage).
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      How to repair?

      Carnate the lock in the metal entrance door is blocked by their own hands. Many users who do not want to spend extra money to call specialists are resorted to independent repair of such systems. According to homemade masters, such work are simple and usually do not occupy a lot of free time. The main thing is to consider the type and device of the castle.

      Repair of this or that mechanism largely depends on the specific subtype of the larva, present in it. In many cases, it is this detail that becomes the main reason for most problems and breakdowns. Usually metal doors are equipped with cylinddered or sub-type secrets. So that the locking mechanism served as longer as possible, it should be replaced with a larva.

      In order to repair the cylinder lock, the following actions should be performed:

      • First you need to remove a special armored layout;
      • Then it will be necessary to unscrew the locking screw, which is in the end of the iron door leaf;
      • Then you need to withdraw the cylinder;
      • Now it can be safely changed to a new one, and then fix in its places and all other design elements.

      If we are talking about a widespread suvalden mechanism, then it is advisable to replace absolutely the entire lock, because with a high probability of this item will break again. If the tongue fought in such a design, you will need to disassemble the entire design, and then adjust its position.

      Other varieties of castle mechanisms are far from the most reliable. In addition, it is for sale it is difficult to find details for them. Mainly it refers to disk and cruciform secrets. For this reason, it is easier to put a new castle, rather than try to repair already damaged larva.

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      Completed are subject to situations in which a breakdown is subject to a passage mechanism. Here, at repair work, the canvas are removed from the loops and disassemble. The distinctive characteristic of such a lock lies in the fact that in the process of closing door cloths, additional riggers are put forward, and not only vertical, but also horizontal.

      If you inspected the state of the secret of the lock system and did not find reasons for the breakdown – there are all the elements of the whole and are located in their places, then, most likely, the problem is to clog the existing mechanism. This problem is not uncommon, especially if we are talking about a strong metal structure.

      According to experts, in such situations to repair the castle is the easiest way. First you need to promote the castle. Then it will be necessary to extract all elements of the mechanism. Scrupulously blow it. Then, using hard brushes, get rid of all the dust and dirt accumulated in the inside. Next, you need to gently wipe large components with a soft cloth. Make all actions as carefully in order not to harm the mechanism. Then you need to apply a small amount of material for lubrication on your cotton wand and thoroughly wrap all the elements of the lock device. After completing all cleaning events, the design will be necessary to collect back, and then fix in place. Be sure to check the quality of the lock after installation.

      Note that after such procedures for some time the key can get a lubricating composition.

      Often, fixing or replacement requires a hull available in the castle iron door. In this case, the following is the following actions of the Master:

      • First you need to unscrew the fasteners;
      • Then it will take to remove the lock itself (the invoice is easier, but the current can deliver some problems);
      • To remove the lock, you will need to unscrew the screw – the knob lock, and then the screw responsible for fixing the cylinder;
      • Then it will be necessary to pull the cylinder and sharpen the key at the same time so that the cylinder tongue is out of the housing;
      • Now you can remove bolts and handles;
      • Unscrew the screws that hold back the lock case, and then remove it;
      • Open the cabinet detail of the lock by removing the fastening screws;
      • Clean the device from any contamination using tweezers;
      • Try to find out what the cause of the lock failure (make sure that there are no missing and missing parts, the kneaded elements that impede the operation of the mechanism);
      • All broken parts must be changed, and the kneaded elements – straighten;
      • After completing all the work, do not forget to clean the existing device and process it with oil;
      • Now you can collect the case back and secure it with screws.

      If, with an open doorway, the locking mechanism functions without problems, but the door itself does not close or closes, only if it is strongly pressing, and the characteristic sounds of iron friction sounds, it may indicate the walls of the walls in the dwelling. This happens because of the shrinkage of the structure. In this case, the riglels stop entering the response component of the castle device. You can get rid of such troubles with the help of a boring of receiving holes using a file or special metal shags. To reveal the specific sizes of boring, you will need to miss the riglels, for example, paste to clean the teeth, shut the door leaf, and then bring the riglee until it stops. The resulting prints will become an excellent landmark in size and level of response component.

      If the metal door in your dwelling is equipped with a mortise lock, it will also be necessary to repair in the event of certain problems. This requires the following actions of the Master:

      • First of all, it is necessary to determine what is the fault of the structure and that it causes it;
      • After that, the mechanism must be carefully cleaned, but to be as accurate as possible;
      • Then it will be necessary to replace the parts subjected to significant wear, or completely replace the larva;
      • It will take the recoding of the castle, which is better to entrust the specialists;
      • After completing all the work, it is necessary to check the operation of the secret part of the design.
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      It should be borne in mind that the dismantling of mortise locking systems is rather complicated and takes a lot of time.

      Operating tips

      There are several varieties of castle systems. Most of them can be replaced or repaired independently, but specialists do not advise work to work home masters with electronic locks. Better entrust similar options to professionals.

      With independent repair of the metal door lock, it is necessary to be not only as accurate as possible, but also very attentive. Many components of the castle mechanisms have very small sizes, so it is easily lost. It is advisable to postpone all the elements in the designated place so as not to look for them later throughout the house.

      You do not need to simply disassemble the locking mechanism. It follows only on a certain occasion, because a frequent disassembly and assembly of such a system can negatively affect its durability and work in general.

      If you notice that the housing of your lock requires repair, then you will need to be equipped with a screwdriver. With this simple tool present in almost every home, it will be possible to easily and quickly reach the castle from the iron door.

      Do not think that castle devices in interroom and entrance doors are identical. In fact, the first are simpler. Their repair is very often very different from the repair of input locking structures – it is very important to keep in mind.

      Do not buy in stores cheap handles-locks. Such things do not inspire confidence even externally. They are fairly lightweight, fragile and distinguished by a primitive device. Such products have never inspired confidence. If there is such an opportunity, the metal door lock is better to spend and get as a result of high-quality and durable goods.

      Specialists strongly recommend purchasing Chinese-made lock systems in stores. Not the highest quality recognize many Russian products. Better contact the European goods. They are simpler repair, serve on and are more wear-resistant. Of course, such products will cost more, but it will not disappoint the owners with its quality and operational characteristics.

      If there is a serious breakage of the Suwalden Castle, then, most likely, you will have to fully change it. In such a situation, the replacement of the foundation will only be a temporary solution to the problem, since the next breakage can occur very soon.

      If you decide to fix yourself or replace the castle larva, then you should know that there is no need to open or completely disassemble the mechanism. Maximum that you have to do – unscrew the special armored layout.

      If the lock requires transcoding, it is better not to do it yourself. Conducting such procedures should trust professionals. You can also purchase special branded locks in which the independent encoding function is provided. These options are more expensive, it is easy and convenient to use them.

      It is not recommended to independently choose lubricant for cleaning the disassembled lock. Better contact a specialized outlet and consult a sales assistant. It will surely advise that the composition is best suited to your castle mechanism.

      There are often cases when the castle in the metal door is covered with rust. As a rule, in such cases, people acquire new locking designs and establish them instead of rusty, since the latter cease to be as reliable and durable, subject to corrosion.

      Repair and replacement of the castle of the metal door can be performed independently. If you are afraid to communicate with such works and absolutely do not understand the device of the existing lock system, it is better to trust her service to an experienced specialist, otherwise you can harm the designs by ignorance by making it absolutely useless.

      How to fix the door lock yourself, look in the video below.

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