How to remove the door with loops?

Each modern householder should be able to do a lot of them to be able to save money on professional masters services. For example, you need to know how to correctly remove the door with the loops, that is, to dismantle it. This simple skill is repeatedly useful in the future. First you need to determine the value of the main term.

What is disassembly?

Removing components from the location of their installation in order to further disassemble into components or improvements (repair or modernization) is called dismantling. In other words, the dismantling of the doors means the removal of them from the box by removing from the loops.

As a rule, dismantling door canvases are carried out in the following most common reasons:

  • the need to replace either lubrication of fasteners, loops, locks and other fittings;
  • the need to update outdated or worn out profile panels;
  • implementation in the repair work;
  • Transfer of furniture, household appliances or other large-sized things.

Required tools

At the initial stage of dismantling, the following minimum set of tools are prepared:

  • Hoven for metal;
  • scrap-fombus;
  • a hammer;
  • axe;
  • screwdriver;
  • set of screwdrivers;
  • construction knife;
  • Passatia;
  • a set of spatulas;
  • Wide Planck.

Types of loops

For competent and accurate dismantling, it is important to know which type of fasteners will have to work. Allocate the three most common types of loops:

  • CARD. The usual and inexpensive view, which, in turn, is also divided into categories:
    1. Overhead butterflies, immediately join the canvas;
    2. mortise fixed in slopes.

  • Output (scrape). Represent long studs connected by a hinge (or spring). One such a stud is entered on the door, and the other is a joint. Outlined loops are ideal for simple lightweight structures.
  • Hidden. A fairly popular and stylish variety, the winning feature of which is the absolute imperceptibility of the attachment.


Before disassembling the box and disassembly, you need to remove measurements so that you can then check the correct installation of the previous design to the place, and also competently choose a new one. Removal of measurements (widths and height of the opening, as well as the values ​​of deviations from a straight plane) is carried out by conventional roulette and construction level.

Measures are recorded on paper, or they are immediately applied to an arbitrary drawing.

How to disassemble?

Dismantling of any doors, especially disassembling from hidden loops (with Reheau), you should start with the parsing of the door frame and delete platbands. They will interfere with the removal of the canvas.

To remove the ticket, you need to do the following:

  • Take a scrap-fombu, with the help of a hammer carefully cover his head under the plinth;
  • pull the platband for yourself, carefully rumming it from the wall.

To dismantle the folding door-accordion, it is necessary to remove not only the side profiles, but also their guide, fixed on the upper disappearance of the opening. Sometimes there is a need to remove the sandwich panel with a balcony door in order to replace it with a new one. To do this, it is necessary to carefully remove the former profile.

This can be done as follows:

  • Take a flat screwdriver, shove it into a narrow groove between fixing staps and frames of the canvas;
  • Light movements to tear off the strokes, remove the sandwich panel.

From various materials

Any type of door canvases is exempt, first of all, from fittings: eyes, armored and decorative linings on the locking wells, handles. Further actions depend on the specifics of the design itself, the material from which it is fulfilled, and features. Double-glazed windows are taken from the doors from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is done by the method of pushing the head of the glass. Used knife.

Disassembly of glass cars can be spent on weight without removing the plastic door with loops.

Variants from fine fractions (MDF) disassemble more carefully. If there is a need to replace the outdoor profile, then the outer panel is removed from the door. From the iron door also remove front lining, but no longer primitive scrambled bag, and the angular grinding machine, which is cut off with welding seams. Steel disassemble the same.

To disassemble the panel door, you need to pull out the panel (decorative plywood plate or flat thin board) from a wooden frame where it is inserted with the help of special grooves, and further fastened by the strokes. A veneered model, the basis of which make up the fine fractions, disassemble the same as ordinary doors from MDF. However, caution and delicacy should be shown so as not to damage the thin and fragile outer coating.

To replace glass

All that is required from you – dismantle the old glass to put a new one in his place. As in the case of the doors from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is done quite simply, by pushing the records of fixing slats (strokes).

This work should be done carefully, putting the gloves, otherwise you can curtail about the side cuts of glass.

For insulation

Remember the technology of disassembling the design of fine fractions, as well as steel and iron varieties. All you need is to free the cloth from the fittings, and then remove the outer panels.

The process of dismantling step by step

All types of loops have a similar structure and work principle. They consist of a pair of plates fixed with each other with a hinge or spring, and attached to the door frame and the canvas using self-samples. However, for each type of fasteners, its individual algorithm is provided.

Dismantling Doors on Card Loops

Remove the cloth from overhead butterflies or mortise fasteners is easier than simple, but it is still better to perform this work with a partner.

  • Open and pave the door from below;
  • slightly lift, send the canvas up;
  • Take it a bit until the top half of the loop is removed from the screw.

That’s all. As can be seen, the dismantling process does not require much work.

Dismantling doors on the oiled loops

It is more difficult to master this algorithm:

  • close the door;
  • With the help of a screwdriver, add a thin pin located in the loop axis;
  • raise it, grab from the top with the passage;
  • pull the pin, slightly turning it as you move.
  • Remove the cloth.
  • Dismantling doors on hidden loops

This technology is more complex. There are two options for removing the cloth: “In the open” and “in the closed”.

To dismantle the canvas “in the open”, you need:

  • open the door;
  • determine the type of connection of the components of the loop;
  • pick up the appropriate tool (screwdriver or wrench);
  • Disassemble fastening, remove the cloth.

To dismantle the canvas “in the closed”, you need:

  • close the door;
  • Remove the protective caps with loops;
  • knock the connecting axes;
  • Remove the cloth.

Knowing the procedure for performing different types of dismantling, you can easily shoot with loops. Different doors: entrance and interior, wooden and metal, sliding, as well as plastic balcony door with double-glazed windows.

Removing the trim

As a rule, input models are usually trimmed. This is done in order to increase thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities, as well as to improve common aesthetic properties.

Replacing the old inner sewing occurs as follows:

  • take a dismantled canvas, put it horizontally;
  • Remove all accessories;
  • Remove nails mount fixing the decorative braid in the center (if it is);
  • Remove the wooden, adhesive or leather trim, pulling out the rubbing nails from the entire perimeter of the working surface.

If the sheet of plywood or lining is attached to the metal door with glue or liquid nails, then it is also removed by mont. The likelihood is that as a result of disassembly on the iron liner, traces of the fixing fluid and the remnants of the panel removed will remain, so that the work looks more careful, it is better to use a dismantled material for recycling.

Installation with your own hands

After you disassembled the frame, removed the design with the loops and produced the conversion you needed, the question of repeated installation.

For successful performance, it is necessary to strictly follow the technological procedure described below:

  • inspect the doorway on the availability of cracks, gaps and other irregularities;
  • If necessary, align the slopes with construction formulations;
  • Make tags in those places where loops, handles and locks will be;
  • Slide special holes in the canvas, install locks;
  • fasten the handles and loops;
  • proceed to the collection of the box;

  • adjust the length of the vertical frames of the frame under the desired size, cut them;
  • Attach the horizontal crossbar to the side parts of the frame, secure it with self-reversals;
  • If the width of the door is less than the width of the doorway, then with the help of dowels and screws, it is necessary to establish dobors – flat wooden strips with a width of 8-12 mm;
  • Insert the collected box in the opening, temporarily fixing it with wedges to check the installation of the frame, align it;
  • screwdriver to attach the box, screw the loops in pre-marked places;
  • hang a door;

  • Calculate the plinth by painting scotch;
  • Fill out the gap between the opening and the mounting foam box in 2-3 approaches;
  • Prepare platbands, trimming, confining them under the sizes taken at the beginning;
  • Fix the platbands around the perimeter, having killed in small nails, having them at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other.


Below are the recommendations, these professionals. They will help in work.

  • It is recommended to disassemble not only during the repair work, but also during the transportation of large-sized things, furniture and home appliances: for example, when transporting a large refrigerator. This measure will help to avoid the deformation of the door frame, as well as the appearance of scratches on the canvas.
  • Dismantling work is more convenient and safer starting from the bottom loop. So, you can be sure that you will not accidentally fall a removable design. Nevertheless, still do not need to neglect the help of a partner for insurance.

  • Start shooting platbands more conveniently below, carefully introducing scrap under the plinth.
  • One of the most frequently defined questionfathers is as follows: Is the redevelopment dismantling a balcony door? Definitely, yes, because after the implementation of such dismantling, the possibility of combining the room and the loggia appears, and the total area of ​​the room increases.
  • When removing a wooden or panel trim, it is recommended to put a wide board under the nail. This will reduce the risk of damage to the minimum.

  • The one who acquired an iron or steel copy will certainly think about how to remove the film from the metal door. Do not try to tear off the glued polyethylene – so you only damage the coating. Take advantage of a construction hairdryer or hot water. Under the influence of hot steam, the film will easily depart herself.
  • Trying on the box to the way, it is better to fix it with wedges of the same tree from which the frame is made.
  • To easily and quickly perform the installation, purchase models with a finished box.

Now you know how to dismantle, disassemble and re-install any door. It is worth remembering that not everyone is friends with a building tool and have at least the basic carpenter skills.

Those who are not confident in their own power, it is strongly recommended to appeal to professionals, confusting the necessary work of specialized companies.

What is included in the workset?

Your attention is a brief list of dismantling work, Based on which the estimate is made, the final cost of services of professional masters is calculated:

  • measured the doorway;
  • platbands are removed;
  • removed the canvas;
  • dismantled box;
  • The state of slopes is estimated;
  • The opening is aligned, adjusted;
  • A new canvas is installed;
  • Mounted visors and canopies at the request of the client.

If necessary, specialists can install a decorative lining, expand the opening, dismantling the wall, perform the redevelopment of the rooms and spend any other work.

Successful installation examples

  • Of course, the iron entrance door is a win-win option and demonstrates the great taste of the home owners.
  • Dear and stylish interroom models – auxiliary parts supporting interior in the apartment.

  • Pilented doors – fashionable and stylish option.
  • Lightweight and compact options from PVC look perfectly on the balcony or veranda.

About how to disassemble the interroom door, look in the following video.

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