How to make the door to the bath with your own hands?

The bath has many useful properties that have favorable affecting health, so everyone who has a country site, at least once thought about building her bath. It is possible to carry out this, not only using the services of builders and experienced masters, but also do it yourself.

What should be a self-made product

The entrance door to the block bath must be chosen to single-finger, unintelligible and low, it should not take a lot of space. Entrance doors to the bath, as a rule, have metal loops located within the room itself, and open outward. In addition, the threshold corresponding to the top edge of the floor surface is required. The role of the necessary hood plays a gap formed between the threshold and door.

Bath door is preferably installed from wood, Since it is characterized by low thermal conductivity, with the result that the heat loss and electricity consumption is significantly reduced. It is necessary to cut it with heat insulating material and be sure to treat dermatitin. In addition, the entrance door to the bath must comply with such requirements like heat-resistant, resistance to rotting and formation of mold, durability, environmental friendliness and, of course, high strength and good quality.

Installing the door to the pre-banker, preference should be given to such a design, in which the door from the steam will be opened in the pre-banner itself, and not vice versa, which will help avoid the accumulation of moisture. The door is to choose with a benchmark for high temperature and characteristic heat resistance, which is one of the most important aspects. It is better to bring it with a heater, who is not afraid of a couple, in order to ensure the greatest durability.


Doors for baths can be performed from various materials.


Glass doors are not popular in Turkish and other baths. This material easily withstands high temperatures, is not afraid of humidity and does not imply a whimsical panel care. The glass used for the manufacture of the door should be heat-resistant, shockproof and hardened. Silicone seals are always attached to the glass doors, which are necessary to provide tightness when closing.

In addition to the fact that the glass bath door looks fully beautiful and differs in its characteristic attractiveness, it has a practically unlimited useful life, which is not a characteristic feature of wooden doors. The glass is not inherent in the process of rotting, deforming and release of harmful substances, however, to independently install the glass door so that it corresponds to the safety standards, is very difficult and excessively expensive.


Another no less popular material used for the manufacture of bath doors and considered traditional and most functional – this is a tree. It is best able to withstand any temperature and humidity differences. The most reliable option when choosing a material for the door to a bath with your own hands and preferred by experienced masters is tightly shot down aspen boards and linden. Doors, distinguished by a special massiveness, are usually made from wide and tipped boards.

For doors that are installed at the entrance to the steam room, the mandatory elements are considered transverse bars or, as they are often called, the swords necessary for reliable bonding boards and prevent their deformation. They advise you to choose bars and distillation not from coniferous trees, and from deciduous, since otherwise resin will be released when heated. When finishing the door with lining, pay attention not only to the cost of its cost, the relative ease of trim, but also on low moisture resistance. As a result, periodic treatment with protective varnish coatings is inevitable.

Necessary materials

In order to build a bath of dreams with his own hands, the first thing that will need is Tools, without which no matter does not work during construction:

  • Chimmer, employee in order to trim the brick, and clog nails.
  • Korchka. The difference between the blades and the furnace hammer is that both of its end is sharp and serve to squeeze bricks.
  • Kelma is a blades with different canvases in their shape, necessary in order to recruit and lay a solution, giving it the most thick consistency and, if required, uniformity.
  • Urinary brush. Used for rubbing oven masonry, as well as its mop and the surface of a smoother species.
  • A plunder representing the ship in the form close to the cylinder. This tool is used to check how vertical chimney. In addition, the plumb is used to verify the size by a special cord.

  • Level. This tool has a view of a wooden, metal or steel bar. Handicapped with levels should be extremely careful, since the available glass tubes, that is, visiers constituting an integral part of the whole design, can be easily smashed.
  • Wooden paddle is used for mixing solutions.
  • Wooden shovel is used primarily to prepare a clay solution.
  • Steel shovel is mostly needed when cleaning from garbage and stirring solutions.
  • Cycle. This tool is made of steel, one of the sides of the plate is well sharpened, after which this sharp end turns into a durable material by type of rubber and leather for the purpose of.
  • Stukolza is a cut of round steel. It is convenient for them to strike the knife on the knife instead of a hammer to eliminate the possibility of misacle.
  • Concrete mixer will be excellent assistants for foundation.
  • Chainsaw – compulsory and indispensable because when working with logs.
  • Screwdriver – no less necessary tool in any business related to construction.

Determine the dimensions

Determine the dimensions – one of the first and most important steps in the construction of a bath. It is worth noting that universal sizes do not exist. It all depends only on your imagination and even more from preferences. This also includes the number of rooms that seems to be the most optimal, since the bath can be designed not only for the family, but also for a whole big company or one-sole person.

The prebator does not need a highlight for him, since staying in this room is not long, but the locker room is the largest room in the whole bath, which often takes almost half, and maybe more. From the total area, the washer most often takes about one third, but do not forget that the size of the premises depend largely on the total area of ​​the entire bath.

There will be enough 2 * 2 meters to the steam room, so that it easily fit 3 and even 4 people.

Step-by-step manufacture

The plan for which the bath is built, looks like this.

  • Any construction, as you know, originates from the construction of a foundation, which is the basis. When the required bath sizes are already calculated, testers are made and filled with everything necessary, after which the solution can already be kneaded.
  • The following and same important stage is the construction of walls, the material for which the tree is most often served. The logs are superimposed on each other exactly until the planned elevation of the structure is reached.

  • Next you can make a roof. This is a complex process that begins with the installation of ceiling beams, after the installation of the roof itself, which includes the trim, in which you need to make the boards, boarding, steamproofing, insulation and, finally, waterproofing.
  • After that, you can start installing the floor and the heating furnace. Installation of the floor, like the manufacture of the roof, is carried out on the beams. At the end of the construction of the floor is the time to go to the mounting of the furnace. It is best to pre-determine the place to install the boiler. In order to simplify temperature control, you should stop your choice on the adjacent wall between the pre-tribades and the steam.

How to install glass?

Installing a glass door to a bath is not a time-consuming process that requires a large number of knowledge necessary for that knowledge. You need to lift the web and insert, embed it in the doorway, securing the wedges, fasten the screws to the top of the door frame from the loop. So that the screws do not scatter, you can collect them on a magnet. So all the details will be in one place.

When the door leaf will be fixed in the opening, the distance between the wall and the door itself should be filled with a foam with the property of moisture resistance. Carefully seal pieces, while not allowing them to stick out. However, if this failed to avoid, just cut the surplus.

When installing a glass door you need to make a lower lumen up to 5 mm. Special silicone seal is an integral part of the installation door, if you expect good heat maintenance.

To avoid risk of mechanical damage to the edges of solid glass of the bath door should be remembered about the wooden planks that need to be put to fix the glass on both sides.

How to install a glass door, see the following video:

Warming Bath from Cold

Warm from the inside – a mandatory aspect in the construction of a bath. This step will help reduce heating costs, maintain the desired temperature and speed up the heating of the room.

Thermal insulation materials are customary to divide into two types:

  • organic origin;
  • inorganic origin.

A very important factor is not only the heat-insulating and moisture-resistant characteristics of the insulation material, but also its environmental friendliness. In order to prevent the heat output to the outside, the base is often trimmed with foam plates, fastening glue. For the insulation of the walls of the bath, a barn of bars is used. If necessary, the insulation is sometimes put in one layer, but immediately in several. Clapped lining – the last stage at which there is a small gap that prevents rotting material.

Ceiling insulation should not be ignored, otherwise 15% of all heat will be lost. The ceiling in the bath is insulating with a plate of a font footage that significantly reduces heat loss. After the seams are embedded with special foam and vapor insulation materials are used, you can proceed to the skin.

Finishing options

When equipping the bath should not forget about her finish and shelter it.

The material on which your choice will fall may be different and respond to a number of necessary requirements:

  • Hygienicity;
  • Strength;
  • Durability;
  • Confrontation of toxic discharge at high temperatures;
  • Good external characteristics.

Many are preferred with lining, as it possesses many positive qualities, for example, therapeutic properties and full safety of the material. Also for finishing the baths often use Fane. In addition to indisputable attractiveness, this material has a number of advantages. It is very durable, stronger drywall, has a low cost and does not hit the wallet, and also has soundproof properties and little weighs. At the plywood sheet one of the parameters is the Crowded, divided into 4 types. If the inner trim of plywood is performed correctly, it will not deliver any trouble for a very long time.

What and how to paint?

When choosing paint should be aware of whether the selected product is responsible for certain evaluation criteria. Paint should protect the surface of wood from aggressive mechanical impacts, while maintaining integrity, withstand the prevailing high temperatures and, in addition, provide aesthetic appearance of surfaces. Also when choosing paint, it is necessary to consider the breed of wood used.

  • Before starting staining, prepare a zone for work, prepare the necessary for that brushes, stepladders, stools and other necessary things.
  • Collect wood to such an extent to carry out the palm on it, the surface was so smooth so that your hand is not injured.
  • Apply a non-body layer of selected paint and, waiting for a complete drying, re-seize the surface with the sandpaper.
  • Now you can cover the wall by the second final layer, for which it is preferable to use the sprayer.

Instead of paint, you can also use a special varnish that has its own distinctive features and advantages. For lovers of wood texture, this option will be preferable, since the lacquer surface is characterized by the property of its underscore. In addition, if you use lacquer to cover the walls, the possibility of planing, fungi and bacteria will significantly decrease significantly. Additional convenience is that it can be applied to a new layer without preliminary cleaning from the previous.


Specialists have prepared several useful recommendations.

  • For the greatest comfortable room of the bathroom, you should pay attention to some recommendations of experienced masters. For example, the bath is better to install on the south side, as in winter, when sometimes she wants to get across, it will be easier to go to the entrance because of the fastest melting of snow on the side closer to the south. In addition, it will be preferable if the windows go to the West, because in the evening the room will be much longer covered with rays.
  • Also for constant circulation of air and excellent heat maintenance is recommended to build a bath from wooden logs. When building a foundation, it is better to give preference to the tape structure, since, having the highest strength, it is able to withstand not only lungs that differ in compactness, but also massive structures.
  • In no case should not cover the tree with varnish or paint, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell.

To avoid the risk of getting a burn, cover nails from above so that they are deeply planted. In this case, when the self-tapping screws are warm, you will not negate.

Interesting ideas for bath

The interior of the bath is a complex question, requiring a special approach and good fantasy. To the most popular idea for banquet design include a purely Russian style with a massive table and round wooden logs. To decorate the walls, resort to a variety of forged elements or oak, birch brooms. This will add a significant flavor to the interior of the bath, bringing her view to the face of the old. Lovers of modernity can install a billiard table, equip a “smoking room” or even a swimming pool that directly depends on the total bath area.

For the trim, there are a whole variety of materials that must meet the following requirements:

  • Resistance to temperature and high humidity drops, which is the most important aspect when choosing any materials for building and arrangement of bathrooms.
  • Hypoallergenicity, Health Safety. Materials need to choose those that will not leave burns on the skin, damaging, and distinguish toxic substances.
  • Attractive. Aesthetic design of the premises and a competently selected interior will attract views, glad.
  • Hygienic. The selected material should be easily bred by the actions of cleaning agents, while not entering them into chemical reactions.
  • Strength and durability. Materials must be expensive and high quality so that the bath stay in an excellent external and functional state is still a long period of time.

As for the steam room, it is recommended primarily for her decoration that do not split so that it is easy to get a burn. In addition, they dry quickly, as a result of which the fungus on the surface does not develop.

  • A good example serves Linden. This material is characterized by a relatively low heat capacity and as a result, it is quickly heated, but it is impossible to burn with skin with the skin.
  • Aspen – Durable, durable and high-quality material, which is characterized by bactericidal properties.
  • Alder very pleasant on tactile sensations, it is resistant to water of different temperatures – both cold and hot. This material is not inclined to react with alkaline, nor with acid cleaning means, so it can be called unpretentious in care.
  • Another recommended material – Abash. This tree comes from hot Africa, from its most her tropics. Abash is practically not inclined to heat up even at a very high temperature and becomes darker under the influence of various factors.

For door doors, coniferous rocks will serve as a friendly material, as the room is non-regulating, but preserving heat.

  • For example, one of the most popular materials used to arrange carved doors in the pre-banker – Pine. Even if it is capable of changing a little over time, its advantages will remain efficiency, high strength and environmental friendliness.
  • Fir and fir – practical not differing materials. One of the general features, in addition to durability, is the fact that the resin does not stand out.

The interior of the peasant bath is also well fit and fillety doors, which are one of the most popular types of doors. Pilenka is part of the door leaf, which is characterized by a width or material. For the manufacture of this type of doors, any wood will not fit. You should use birch, oak or maple, characterized by the highest quality among wood materials.

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