How to insulate the entrance door?

The main purpose of the entrance door is considered to ensure the safety of housing from unnecessary guests. But it should also remove from the cold falling into the house. Whatever design does not possess the door, it will still need auxiliary heat insulation. Today we will consider in detail how it is true to insulate the virgin, which of the thermal insulation materials is better and as possible, using various materials.

Why do it?

It is not so important where the door is located – in the apartment of a multi-storey building or in a private house. In all cases, the canvas must have The following features and elements:

  • high-strength structures that protect against unwanted visitors;
  • thermal and sound insulation;
  • the presence of eyes or video surveillance to be able to monitor what happens behind the door;
  • external beauty, because the door is a business card of any housing.

As you can see, thermal insulation is a substantial component of a good door. Especially important to warm the cloth for the winter. Below we will talk about the right heat insulation of the input design.

Necessary materials

Maximum heat transfer comes from windows and input systems. Based on this, many insulate the doors of themselves. For this work, you may need:

  • Seal. It is used to enhance dense adjacent.
  • Materials for thermal insulation:
  • Porolon is cheap, practical, but very soon deteriorating, turning into a crumb.
  • It is better to use isolon, it is better, but it is more expensive.
  • Also common is the minvat, which is simply attached, sounds perfectly and does not rot, but over time is going to lumps.
  • Polyfoam is light and easy to use.
  • Rubber gasket, batting and rollers from foamed polyethylene can also come in handy.
  • Plywood, wooden bars for internal works.
  • Upholstery. It may be leather or dermatin.
  • Drill, screwdriver, liquid nails, hammer, screws and screws.
  • Building stapler and set of brackets.
  • Mounting foam, spatulas, plaster or putty.
  • Scissors, knife, roulette.

What insulation is better?

Nowadays there are many insulation that can be used for a wide variety of cauldons, whether it is a simple street door, a model for a attic or design in a rural house. Consider each individually:

  • mineral wool – This is a heater, characterized by excellent noise insulating and insulating qualities. The absolute plus it is low cost and safety. In addition, it is moisture-proof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. The main minus of the presented material is looseness at which it sends and forms cold bridges.

To prevent such flaws when insulation, rains are installed that do not allow

  • Corrugated cardboard – second prevalence insulation. Due to its structure, like bee honeycombs, it is strong enough. Also corrugated cardon has good sound insulation and significantly reduces heat loss. It is still easy and has a low price.

  • Styrofoam – Survived thermal insulation material, which is inexpensive and has a significant density and durability. Because of a homogeneous structure, the foam has low heat resistance. The only minus of this material is that he is a fuel.
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  • Foamed polyurethane Contains a lot of excellence. It has a small weight needed hardness and safety. Significant high cost justifies itself due to excellent thermal and sound insulation. He is also moisture resistant, not a fuel and strong. These characteristics are inherent in this material due to its special structure consisting of the slightest cells.

  • Penropopy panels Usually used for insulation of expensive doors. Among the thermal insulators listed above, they have the best properties of moisture resistance and noise insulation, and also the smallest percentage of heat resistance. Also, such plates are able to resist during stretching and compression.

  • Wood fiber – Famous insulation, which is made from coniferous trees. It has guaranteed heatproof due to a special tool added during production. This material has excellent noise insulation due to the required density. It is very strong and after installation does not sit down.

Wood fiber has a special quality to capture moisture from the room, if the humidity is increased and returning it when the humidity is reduced. Essential minus is the high cost of such a fiber due to the complexity of manufacture.

  • Porolon – Not bad hydro, noise and thermal insulator, which is often used as insulation in iron entrance doors. He is very elastic and elastic. The main defects of the foam rubber is the briefness. Service period it is about 3 years. Also, this material flammable and in combustion is distinguished by poisonous substances, since toxic components are used in its production.

  • Isolon much more expensive foam rubber, but its characteristics are much better. It is moisture-resistant and has good sound insulation. This material does not depend on changes in temperature, and also cannot be chemically influences. Isolon is completely harmless to others.

Based on this, when acquiring a heater for the door, all its qualities should be taken into account.

No need to choose insulating material due to low cost, because excellent characteristics are directly dependent on its price.

Ways of insulation

Warming of metal doors

As a rule, an iron door is put on the entrance. It can be purchased or made with your own hands from the corner. Nowadays, already insulated door systems are sold, but there are those who pass the cold to the room, because the design without insulation does not hold heat.

There are no special rules for thermal insulation of the front iron door, everything is quite simple and no need to have any specific abilities and special tools. It is possible to do everything yourself and budget:

  • If the design is disassembled, you need to remove the cladding from the apartment.
  • Then to the outer plane paste the insulation using liquid nails or glue.
  • After installing and fix the inner canvas doors.

In case the door is unbelievable, you will have to do somewhat differently:

  • From the inside, around the perimeter of the canvas will have to fasten the bars from the tree to get the box. Note that its height should be no more height of the insulation.
  • Attach the heat insulator between the bars and close using the Fiberboard sheet. It is important and properly screwed it from the bottom to be released perfectly smooth surface.
  • At the end, you can paint the door to paint or decorate upholstery. Permissible to use laminated fiberboard.

For thermal insulation of the metal door, it is recommended to use foam.

Warming wooden doors

The wooden door looks very effectively and is much better kept heat than iron. But over time, the tree is breathing, and the cold air can penetrate the house. If you have aspirations and abilities, it is possible to fix these defects with their own hands. You will need a seal that needs to be glued throughout the perimeter to eliminate the lumen.

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Previously, it was quite often used method of insulation of inlet wooden doors using upholstery materials: leather or dermatine.

Now this method is used very rarely, but if you still want to cover your door exactly as you need to buy upholstery material. The size of the canvase must be larger than the door size by 25-30 cm. The following actions:

  • Further remove the door and put it on the straight plane.
  • Remove the lock, handle and eyes and on the door surface decompose the heat insulator. You can use syntheps, foam rubber, felt or cotton.
  • In the center and in the corners of the door, attach it with a nail or stapler for furniture.
  • Top to put the upholstery and flexing it inside around the perimeter, carefully approach. From the carnation to the carnation recommended to retreat about 20 cm.
  • To make the door more beautiful, tension between them ribbon to form a diamond-shaped.

Warming of plastic doors

The entrance door is also a plastic balcony door, which can also skip cold. It may occur for several reasons, when recognizing which it is possible to decide which method you need to warm it.

The main reason for getting cold to the apartment is the lack of mounting foam around the door frame and at the place of the thresholds. You can get rid of such a defect it is elementary – you just need to remove the old foam and close the slit foam.

Next reason is a damaged door sealing due to its sagging. In this case, regulation is carried out by professionals, but you can try it yourself. To do this, you will need an adjusting hex key.

To align the top corner, remove the cap from the top loop and twist the screw using the key. Do the same for leveling lower angle. In case you need to raise the entire door, tighten the screws of the lower hinge group.

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How to make it beautiful?

The entrance door is an almost visiting card of any housing. She shows the tastes of the owner and its material state. The door can be decorated differently on both sides, so that on one side it successfully looked with the interior, and outside – with the trim.

Entrance doors can be made of wood, plastic, metal, and can also have glass inserts. More unusual options are finished using leatherette, slices of genuine leather or stone. Some lovers of glamor adorn their canvas with precious stones and crystals.

In addition to external attractiveness, entrance doors must have such a necessary factor as wear resistance. For the design of the private sector, reliability and durability are fundamental, and anti-vandal coating is important for apartment buildings.

Make the door more attractive and beautiful, using certain finishing materials.

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Viniplast and laminate

Most often, Viniplast is used to finish the entrance doors. This is a two-layer panel made of DVP, with PVC film applied to it. Over the years Viniplast fades because it is easily exposed to ultraviolet. Also, it is practical Does not save the cloth from external influences. At a temperature of less than 20 degrees, the film flaps and covered by cracks. But the main plus of the viniplast is a huge number of drawings and shades.

Some Vinyplast manufacturers use coping from anti-vandal plastic. In this case, a large number of advantages appear: the material almost does not scratch, does not fade and becomes a moistureproof. Due to this, it is possible to use the doors with this coverage in private houses. Also, the anti-vandal coating can simulate literally every surface.

Another common plastic coating is laminate (organic panels, with a thin film applied to them). It is simple and unpretentious to use.

Having a huge selection of tones and various textures, the laminate is suitable for any intimate finish. A sufficiently weighty minus is his fragility, so many refuse to use doors with such a coating in country houses.


Wood coating does not need a presentation. It stands out by its reliability, and it always looks elitely and relevant. Some types of similar finishes can make a real masterpiece from the door. For decorating use various types of wood, such as oak, wenge, nut and t. D.

Cheaper doors are called veneer. This is the basis of MDF or chipboard, covered with a thin wood layer – veneer. His texture is quite attractive and the shades of natural wood often give him. Doors with wooden or plastic finish have auxiliary thermal insulation, so they are frightened in rare cases.

Also very elegantly and extraordinary, entrance doors in the mosaic.

General recommendations

By making the decision to insulate the entrance doors, take into account all the subtleties:

  • Find the place of the enclosure.
  • After that, decide which method of insulation you will use: the upholstery of the door, or the sealing of holes. Best apply both ways.
  • Inspect the entire door. It is probably necessary to replace the canvase.
  • When insulation, doors do not miss the other design elements.
  • In case you made the decision to put a second door for insulation, take care of its beauty.
  • Taking into account these steps focused on the heat insulation of doors, in your home will always be warm and cozy.

Successful examples and options

Let’s look at the ideas of insulation of the entrance doors described in this article:

  • Door insulation with dermantine decorated with rhombuses.
  • Natural Wood Door Option for Country Houses.

  • This model is also suitable for a country house. Differs on its elegance and high cost. Made of veneer, and decorated with glass insert.

  • Genuine leather used for warming doors. Very beautiful and harmonious option.
  • And finally, the doors trimmed with laminate. They look good enough and reliably.

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