How to connect doorbell?

No housing can do without such a small and inconspicuous thing as a doorbell. This device is notified by the owners of housing that guests came. At the same time, the guest after pressing the key, as a rule, hears a certain sound and knows that the owners are already notified of his arrival. If some bells were previously used on a rope, then today the electrical and wireless models of door calls are used. In this article we will tell about the nuances of connecting such devices with their own hands.

Required tools

Before starting consideration of the connection of wired calls, you should specify which things and tools will be required for this so that the whole process is implemented correctly. So, for this it will be necessary to have at hand:

  • directly the call, which usually consists of internal and external blocks;
  • Dowel and screws, which will be required to fix the device on the wall;
  • button;
  • transformer;
  • cable – required for low-voltage connections;
  • Drill and screwdriver;
  • Stripper for stripping wires;
  • tape, plastic clamps and roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • Pliers with long nose and ordinary;
  • boxes;
  • drill;
  • level.

In addition, it should be said that another preparatory point will be that if earlier the call was not installed, then the most appropriately suitable for installation.

The diagram can be present on the instrument itself, which shows how it should be fixed.

Connecting wired calls

Now let’s start the analysis, how to connect the wired type doorbell. It should be said that the instruction below will describe the connection of the simplest call. Quite rare, but there are models with two buttons. In this case, the model may not have 2, and 4 wires. But such models on the market are not very much and they are connected almost the same as ordinary. You just need to take into account a slightly complicated design of such a model. Typically, the first stage of this process is the installation of the dynamics.

Setting the speaker

This is the initial stage as part of the call to the connection of the call in the apartment or house. Most of the models of speakers, which come complete with the device, have special holes for fastening, as well as the entry of the wire, which will supply electrical energy. First, it is mounted on the wall, after which they do a hole for conductors. To set it as soon as possible, you can use the level.

When the hole is done, you should insert the wire there, after which it is planned to hold it to the area where the button is planned.

Mounting buttons

To mount the call keys, you will need to do a hole for the conductor in the wall where it will be installed. Now it is necessary to turn the wire in the hole so that from the outside it comes out of the wall about 15 centimeters. After that, it should be cleaned cable. Usually this can be done with a stripper or some other tool. It should be cleaned by a plot of no more than 20 millimeters.

By the way, it should be said that the best height for mounting the button is 150 centimeters. This is a universal parameter, calculated for convenient use by a middle-height person.

Compound of electropride

To carry out the electrical connection, 2 wires are shown, which were cleaned, dilute in different directions. Now the tips should be installed in the special facilities that are usually located on the back of the key. Before this, it will be better to bend the cable so that they seem to be around the clamp.

Now it should be tightened. This is done by a regular screwdriver. It will make it possible to carry out a reliable fixation of the electrocable and not be afraid that it will fall out during the use of the doorbell. When the wires are securely secured, you can attach the button to the wall of the dowels, drill and bolts. Should not be forgotten and put it in terms of level.

Masking and wiring

Now you should consolidate and disguise wiring. This is performed using clamps made of plastic. They wrap the wire and attach to the wall with bolts and a drill.

And mask wiring easily different inserts of decorative character and plinths.

Connecting the main block

Next Stage – Connecting the main part. It usually goes a wire of 2 cables. One carries out the system, and the second is the transmission of the signal when the guest is calling on the call. It will be better to somehow distinguish these wires. For example, mark them with different colors, if suddenly they have one-color insulation.

Wire, which comes from the key, should be folded twice and insert into the hole in the wall, after which it is to turn through the hole in the main part and output from there. It is required to leave about 25 cable centimeters as a stock.

Here you should not forget one important point – one tip of the wire, folded previously twice, will go to the key, and the second will join the power. therefore It is required to correctly calculate its length.

Now you can hang the main block on the wall. Here you can use a drill. As a result of all the actions, we will have an open box that attached to the wall. From it will be the cable that was previously folded twice.

Both tips of the wire will enter the hole and place behind the wall.

After that, it should be divided into two wires in the main part, after which cut one. After that, it will turn out two tips of the electrical cable, which should be divorced by clamps located inside the main part of the device.

Now you should clean the tips from the insulation stripper or the knife. One tip is inserted into the clamp that goes to the transformer. He will be responsible for the transmission of current on it, and the second is responsible for the key.

When everything is carried out, the excess cable can be carefully hidden into the box of the main part.

An important point of which should be said about is that if the clamp is made in the form of a bolt, then you should carry out the wires of the wire clockwise and the subsequent fixation of the bolt. This will make contact with high-quality, and the connection is durable.

How to connect to nutrition?

To connect an electrical bell that feeds from the network 220 V to the panel, it follows in the panel to make a technological hole and install a special transformer there, which usually comes complete with a call. It should be fixed with the help of screws so that the fixation is as reliable as possible. After that we attach the wire that goes from the call to the transformer from the outside. Usually he has 2 end and there is no difference, how to fix them. That is the question of the phase and zero here is completely unimportant. The reason for this is that after the transformer, they both will be phase. Fix them as hard as possible in the clips.

It is important to say that after the transformer, the voltage in the wires will be no more than 20 in, which will make it the most secure as possible.

After that, the transformer cables are attached to the shield. In this case, the phase will be brown, grounding – green, and neutral – blue. If suddenly from the transformer, cables come out with a low length and there is no possibility to fix them on the panel, you will have to increase their length.


The final stage of connecting the wired door law will be the inspection of the installed mechanism. If the call works, as it should be, then you can wear the protection cover to the main part. You should not forget to close the shield and at the place of connection of the transformer make a mark and write, for the work of what he answers. To turn off the doorbell first, turn off the power supply in the machine, after which the lid disassembly, the disconnection of the cables, turning off the transformer and disassembling the parts of the call.

How to install wireless?

If we talk about installing a wireless analog, then everything is essential. Especially when it comes to models that work straight from the outlet. Then enough call key to put on the door or on the wall. Depending on the location of the key and the main unit, you can use to secure a dowel or self-tapping screw.

Also, quite often the models that work from the battery, have a simple adhesive base and you can simply stick onto the wall or door.

First, the button should be applied to the surface and through the holes on which it will be fixed, make tags for future fasteners. After that With the help of the perforator, the holes in which dowels are clogged. Now you should attach and fasten the key where the energy source is inserted. If the installation is made on the surface made of wood, then it will be enough to use the screws.

Now include the main unit into the outlet, which should be located close to the hallway. In general, how it will be closer, the better, because the call has a limited range.

The characteristics of the model will also be the fact that the wireless doorbell is usually musical. That is, he instead of some call reproduces the melody.

Usually there are several such melodies, and you can configure the playback of one or other using a special slave that is on the main unit of the device.

Sometimes apartment owners carry out a small upgrade and connect the wireless call to the motion sensor. This allows you to make a spare mechanism in case the button does not work. Wireless calls it happens if there are some serious obstacles between the button and the main unit. For example, concrete walls. True, the non-displacement of the call is still rare. But this option allows you to be more confident that the call will work, and sometimes there is no need to press on the key. True, this method has a minus. If someone just passed on the playground at the door, then the call will work, what will bother the owners of the dwelling without need. For this reason, the need to think as much as possible.

Precautionary measures

The first thing I should say – the need to turn off the power from the old call before installing the new model. Sometimes users when installing with their own hands neglected by this rule. The natural result of this is the blow to the current.

At the same time, we should not forget that even if the voltage is small, then the installation work should be carried out in rubber gloves. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of shock.

Before mounting the doorbell, you must conduct the necessary calculations and make sure that all consumables are at hand in the right amount. Sometimes it happens that the user begins to install, and then it does not have the right amount of dowels, screws or necessary tools. For this reason, he loses money and time.

It is important to think about how the electrical cable of the call is laid and hidden, if this option is used. In no case should you neglect the hide cable in a box or some decorative elements. Otherwise, if it is laid on the floor, then there is a risk of its deformation. It also should not be laid on top of some other wire.

Important moment is to use the correct type of wires for door calls. Considering that the current in such devices is relatively small, then with almost any cable, which has insulation, can be used when connected in the apartment. It is even about the Internet cable, twisted pair or a wire for a telephone connection.

But if you need to stretch the power cable on the street, then there you already need to use the power wire – Vggling or NYM with a minimum cross section.

You can even apply for these purposes a wire in a polyvinyl chloride or rubber sheath. But then their gasket should be carried out in a protective corrugated hose.


Now let’s say a little about the recommendations for installing the doorbell in the apartment and in a private house. In the apartment, installation can be done literally in a couple of hours. It is better to do it by pressing 20 centimeters from the door of the door at an altitude of 150 centimeters. The inner part is usually located near the entrance, but at a higher level. If the device is wired, then the wires that connect both parts are carried out through a hole made in the door frame. You can still drill the wall itself, to start the hole cables and smeared on both sides. But here it all depends on the desire of the owner of the dwelling.

When installing a wireless analogue, the key is simply fixed in a convenient location within the receiver action radius, after which it is installed and the inner part is connected.

When installing a call in a private house, it can be one from another pretty far. The button is set at the goal of entry or input, and the inner part is located in the building. If you need to install a wired call, you need to increase the length of the cable in contrast to the standard accommodation option in the house.

And if you want to put a wireless model, you should select such that the radius of the button is in the main unit reception area.

If a wired call option is connected, the wires will be drawn either by air or under the ground. In the first case, the cable will be fixed on all possible supports. And in the second case there are a number of requirements that the trench must match. Its depth must be about 75 centimeters, it should be covered with a protective tape from above. To supply power to 12 or 24 volts, you can lay the wire in the corrugation to a depth of about 40 centimeters. But there is a risk of damage to the shovel during earthworks.

In the case of a wireless device, too, everything is not easy. For example, the fence is solid and made from the professionalist. Professional sheet screes a signal, due to which he just does not work. Then you can just make a hole in the fence so that the button is available. But this option is not suitable.

Another option consists in a certain intervention in the design. The key with the transmitter is installed from the inside of the fence with the preliminary soldering of the wire to the input and output. And from the outside of the fence, a regular button is set, which is connected sequentially.

How to connect the doorbell, look next.

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