How to choose glass doors for bath?

At the entrance to a steaming Russian bathhouse for a long time we used to meet a deaf, squat wooden door – Reliable guard of the useful hot steam and heat oven, thanks to which the health effect of bath procedures is fully manifested. With the advent of modern solutions in the market for the arrangement of steam baths and shower corners – the door of the glass, the problem of choice faced the consumer.

Is it worth abandoning the old traditions of the organization of a bunny space and is it true that the installation of glass structures in the parley guarantees the transition to a new level of comfort – questions that are interested in those who are puzzled by the choice of doors for the bath. From this article you will learn how to choose glass doors for a bath, what is the benefit of such an acquisition and what to pay attention to when buying to avoid disappointments.


Glass doors classified by several main criteria. The designs differ in the opening mechanism and come:

  • Swing – Standard models with side loops and canvas opened by / from themselves.
  • Reloading – models with special guides that are mounted on the wall or ceiling, providing the ability to move the cloth to the side.
  • Pendulum – Must with special hinges at two points: to the top and bottom of the go. Work similarly to the pendulum, opens on the principle of “there and here” in the arbitrary side.
  • Sliding – Meet the interior of great wellness baths. In the paired, such structures are not appropriate.
  • Radial – If we talk about the bath, then such products can most often be seen in compact home saunas. In the interior with their help, radius zoning is performed.

There are models with a box and without. Box is metallic or wooden. Doors for a bathhouse with a box of wood is allowed to be installed both in front of finishing works, and at their end, which is very convenient. If the box is metallic, then the installation is made before the finish finish.

According to the method of execution, products distinguish:

  • with all-glass web;
  • In a combined version with windows made of glass.


An 8-millimeter tempered glass goes to the manufacture of doors by default. With conventional glass it combines the external similarity and similar manufacturing technology, with the exception of additional processing under the influence of high temperature regime. The ordering procedure is reduced to heat heating to 500-600 ° C and a sharp decrease in temperature, when the creation of compressive stresses inside the particles helps to increase its strength.

What gives heat treatment:

  • Increased mechanical resistance.
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations in the range -70 ° C-250 ° C.
  • Safety for health. In disruption of the integrity of the canvas, the risk of injury is minimal, since the fragments of a large size with without sharp edges is quite difficult to cut down.

On the lighting ability and optical properties of glass heat treatment is not reflected.

The service life of the doors largely depends on the quality of the supporting structure, which, in turn, affects the material of the manufacture.

Boxes produce from different wood wood:

  • Linden Srophrenica, With low density, high strength, ease and external softness. It smells very pleasant, does not contain a resin, it has a beautiful bright color.
  • Osina – This is the best solution for exploitation in conditions of intensive vaporization and high temperatures. It has a high density, low content of resinous substances, ensures a disinfecting effect and over the years does not lose its useful properties. The strength characteristics of the aspen are practically similar to the oak.
  • Pines – Pine boxes are found in products of Scandinavian manufacturers. It has high resinness than its immunity to wood diseases, heat-resistant, durable and durable.


In most cases, the size of glass doors is selected individually, however, there are standard dimensions that serve as a choice when choosing. Optimal sizes can be found in the table below.


In height

By width

By box

From 1900 to 2100 mm

From 600 to 800 mm

By the canvas

From 1850 to 2030 mm

From 520 to 720 mm


During the production of doors for the bath, the use of a different type braid is practiced, but the differences between them relate only to the appearance, and not performance characteristics.

All-glass canvas happens:

  • Transparent;
  • Matte;
  • With drawing;
  • Painted.

The glass decorated with the help of various methods and technologies, namely:

  • Silkographic when the images are applied using a special screen grid.
  • Sandblasting to create all sorts of engraving.
  • Matte etching acids.
  • Molding for giving glasses of curvilinear forms.
  • Flowilation to create bevelled faces at the edges.
  • Fusing. To achieve a decorative effect, multi-colored glass fragments are connected at high temperatures and withstand the resulting composition in the furnace with certain thermal parameters.
  • Photo printing.



Pros and cons

Glass doors for wage – product, when creating a generation experience of bath masters, combined with the latest developments in the field of bath technologies.

Arguments for their purchase:

  • Excellent strength indicators are a guarantee of long-term operation in conditions of elevated loads.
  • Perfectly hold steam and heat generated by bath equipment, as completely sealed. The perimeter of the box is equipped with a high-temperature silicone seal without memory effect: its form remains unchanged.
  • The low coefficient of linear thermal expansion eliminates the need for a large ventilation gap, which means that heat loss will be less than when installing the door from the massif.
  • Increase the volume of natural illumination from outside, which contributes to the illusory expansion of the internal space.

  • Immunity to moisture, constant intensive vaporization and biological defeats.
  • Ability to control the state of users Parling through a transparent canvas.
  • Psychological Comfort. In a soft twilight, created by a door with a glass, many are much nicer than in a brightly lit roomy with a deaf door.
  • Easy to maintain, as their structure is 90% consists of glass. From the point of view of sanitary safety doors with an absolutely smooth surface are more beneficial than wooden.
  • Lack of difficulties. The presence of minimal construction skills is already a supply for self-installation.
  • Aesthetics and interesting design. Doors with originally treated glass allow you to realize the most unusual interior solutions of the bath. You can simultaneously give the tribute to the old traditions and demonstrate that you follow the fashion.

The minuses of glass models include:

  • Large thermal conductivity compared to wooden products, which increases heat loss.
  • Condensate accumulation on the surface of the glass provided that a powerful stove is not enough or when such a door is equipped with a traditional bath with high humidity. One of the solutions of the problem is to buy expensive doors with the heating function, which can afford not every.
  • Strong heating of the canvas. For the Russian bath, this is not critical, since it is warmed on average up to 70-80 ° C, tick fans – maximum up to 100 ° C. The Finnish sauna characterizes the temperature of 130-150 ° C, in such conditions touched the glass, can be strongly burning.
  • There is a lot of weighs, so when installing without assistant and special tapes in the form of a sucker for working with glass can not do.

Interested in the acquisition of glass doors in a pair, be prepared to part with a round sum. A high price cannot be attributed to disadvantages, since it fully justifies the benefits of such structures.

Tips for choosing

When buying glass doors, in addition to the material from which the box is made, you need to consider the quality:

  • Profile – In a good box, the thickness of the rectangular profile is 4-4.2 cm, and the depth is at least 7-7.2 cm. Narrow boxes and those where the figure profile is less resistant to deformation during temperature fluctuations and high humidity mode.
  • Accessories (loops). Despite the assurances of manufacturers of doors on the use of loops produced by famous European brands, including fittings with marking Fiskars or Abloy, their homeland – China. But it does not mean no quality. It is only necessary to understand that different Chinese manufacturers the quality of the loops can be very different. The most reliable loops of FL-75 and their modifications: FL-75 ABLOY / FL-75 AKMA, which provide the opening of the cloth 180 °. FL-710 – Outdated looped loop from China, which uses stable demand due to chrome housing. FL-715 – the cheapest loop, frequently used in budgetary doors.
  • Door handles. Here is the material of the manufacture, the design of the handle and that is whether there are protruding parts capable of injury. The best options are made of beech, ash, oak, allowed from aspen and linden, extremely undesirable birch, which threatens fast loss of appearance. Compared with popular handles on a magnet located on the ledge, traditional models are safer, since they have no parts protruding for the canvas.

Keep in mind that the patterns with a pattern or matte glass are not only beautiful, but also make a visit to the steam safer. There are quite a few cases when bath loungers, “ignoring” a transparent canvas at the entrance, tried to enter inside.

Successful examples and options

Secret of the Success of Glass Doors – a combination of beauty and reliability. A variety of methods for processing thermally reinforced brakes allows you to become the owner of both an exclusive copy, and no less stylish finished solution with unusual glazing. We offer for examples to make sure in excellent decorative quality of glass doors.

  • Doors with tinted glazing under bronze. The glass is pleasant to the eye of a warm shade contributes to the creation of a comfortable scattered light inside the pair. Such lighting acts as peaceful and harmonizes emotions.
  • Stylish Matte Glazing Silhouette Doors Once again proves that simplicity is the essence of elegance. The interior of the bathroom from it only wins.
  • Pay attention to the perfect colorful duet of shades of glass web and mosaic wall decoration. The wide palette of the color solutions of the tempered glass allows you to implement this idea without any problems without the help of a professional designer.

  • Evolution Bani. Ultra-modern steam room with a glass partition and, of course, a door of tempered glass with a stylish thematic pattern.
  • Photo printing options are infinite. This method allows you to apply any images on the glass. Preference is still given to landscapes, animal, floristic compositions.
  • Fusing technique that changes the structure of glass in a specific zone (sometimes over the entire surface), extends door design capabilities. Color dialing elements or transparent non-invalid base can be used. Such models are included in the ART series.
  • Decorating artwork with sandblasting allows you to create drawings of any complexity. Such a door will decorate the entrance to the steam room and will give a sea of ​​aesthetic pleasure.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

How not to guess with the choice of glass door – there is no unambiguous answer to this question, but there are universal recommendations. Learn Reviews – Once, do not forget about your consumer rights and require sellers quality certificates – two, try to deal with well-proven companies in the market – three.

Top 5 manufacturers of glass doors:

  1. Harvia. (Finland). Finnish doors will delight with stylish design, reliability and functionality. Boxes are made of alder and pines, color solutions of glasses – bronze and satin.
  2. Aldo (Russia). For the manufacture of boxes are used valuable wood. Wide assortment ruler, large selection of color solutions and textures of the canvas. Products distinguishes high quality in combination with a democratic price.
  3. Andres (Estonia). Baltic glass doors combine impeccable performance and safety. In addition to steam products, there are many interesting models of internal glass doors.
  4. TYLO (Sweden). Aesthetic, reliable ready-made solutions for baths and saunas from heat-resistant glass and with magnetic locks. Box Materials – Multilayer Wood Ospen and Pines, Clotting Design – Satin / Bronze Glazing.
  5. AKMA – one of the major Russian glass processing companies. Here you can pick up a standard door with tinted / matte glass or an original model from an ART series with engraving, fusing, monochrome / full-color pattern.

Listed brands are most often mentioned in customer reviews, most of which do not regret buying the doors from heat-resistant glass.

As the advantages of glass doors holders note:

  • Smooth door opening, do not need to make efforts.
  • Constructions without problems withstand the conditions of active operation.
  • The quality of reinforced fasteners and ergonomics of the handles in products from Tylo.
  • Universal opening mechanisms to the right / left, which is implemented in models of many shopping brands.
  • Behind the glasses it is easy to care and maintain clean.
  • Stylish design that does not bother and please guests.

As for the high cost, then those who purchased the premium doors from famous brands believe that the quality thing and exclusive performance are spent money. Buyers of less expensive products mainly from Russian manufacturers noted that their quality is no worse, so there is no point in overpaying for the “name”.

Video review of glass doors for a bath will help you make the right choice.

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